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  1. Why did Beeching and BR sell the tracks? Seems shortsighted to have not mothballed them or leased the land on a leasehold basis with the right to repossess.
  2. Use the 12mm plywood for the framing - Look at Iain Rice's books on how he uses the framing to form L girder support. It can't warp since you are using the straight edge of the frame to keep the baseboard flat.
  3. George Dixon? For the first couple of years I was at Five Ways we were still using our old playing fields at the back of there. Used the 11 to get back to Harborne after games afternoon. Yes, it was George Dixon Grammar School for Boys, 1954 to 1959. Great rugby and cricket teams in those days. Several of us had quite an interest in model railways.
  4. I have just come across this posting and I will have to get one for if only for the memories. When I was little my mother put me and my brother on the Outer Circle from the "Swan - Yardley" to amuse us for much of an afternoon. How long did it take to do the full circle? When I attended school, I took the Number 11 from Kings Heath to City Road. One afternoon after school, three or four of us had been training with the athletics team and we saw a Number 11 at the bus stop. We ran towards the stop but the bus did not wait and started off. We sprinted after the bus, caught up with it easily and jumped on, one after the other. Then there was the boy who would climb the stairs and shout "Tickets, please" and almost everyone would display their tickets, then nothing happened. One person said it was a great route for meeting girls. For us, it was a good place to start on the homework or writing one hundred lines.
  5. Neoprene is a great choice. Iain Rice recommended it many years ago and I used it on my layout. The lack of noise through the baseboard is wonderful and it is in great shape after 11 years of use.
  6. Back to the canine in question. When I was a teenager back in the 1950s, there was a programme on BBC radio called 'Round Britain Quiz" in which really bright people tried to answer remarkably vague and difficult questions. They failed miserably on: "What do the following have in common other than beings breeds of dogs - greyhounds, terriers, and bulldogs?"
  7. We recently took a Viking River Cruise on the River Rhone and were delighted to travel on the Vivarais line from Tournant. Apart from enjoying the sounds and the smell of coal, smoke and engine oil for the first time in years (we live in Utah USA), I commend Viking for supporting a steam railway.
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