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  1. The name of the shop in Nelson is The Model Train Centre. It's above Clarks Hardware on Every Street. It is doing nicely so far, with a lot more planned for the future.
  2. Thanks Nick, I will keep my eyes peeled tomorrow night to see if they return and try to get their names & numbers. As said above, a really unusual sound. I actually thought it was a helicopter hovering above the house.
  3. Quite an interesting and unusual sight passing my house last night and tonight at 7.45pm. Two class 50 ' Hoover's' pulling a rake of coal wagons. Didn't get thier numbers ( I thought one was 50190, but that doesn't exist) but had DC frieght with a grey livery. The sound is the most unusual sound I have heard from a loco.
  4. Just a quick message to announce that we have added the DCC Concept's brilliant range of products to our portfolio of track accessories.
  5. Hi all, I can't believe it was early May when I made that first post to announce our intention to open a new model railway shop. Well, we are more or less finally there. A few little glitches along the way, but that was to be expected. Now open and ready to steam. No website yet ( one of the glitches) but ready to greet customers, browsers & the curious. Address is ;- The Model Train Centre at Clarks Hardware, Every Street, Nelson, BB97LS.
  6. Hi everyone, My first post on here. I'm Les, the owner of Clarks Hardware in Nelson, Lancs. I would like to use this opportunity to inform members of the forthcoming opening of our new train department within the existing shop. We are almost there. Stock is arriving daily,the paint is drying, coffee machine due to be plugged in etc. I will give an update on the actual day asap. In the meantime we are looking for additional staff, either full or part time. Email address for anyone interested is :[email protected] Thanks Les.
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