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  1. Hi Arun, I took these at Rudgewick Steam and Country Fair a few years ago. Steve
  2. No, sorry, needs to be a Verona hatchback in Juice Green Metallic, latterly with grey primed bumpers. When I told the missus what colour it was she said I'm not driving a lime green car! Steve
  3. Great pictures, Have you seen this book? It's mainly about A and C class locos with a section about BR Co-Bos (they were Metro-Vick too!). I also found this flyer on the floor of Botanic station in Belfast in 1978, that loco would have been interesting! Steve
  4. Hi chaps, I've just found this thread, but have been following Hunslet 102s layout for some time. Great work! I lived in Craigavon for a few years in the 70s and the usual fare was 80 class DEMUs with the odd 70 class. I do remember, however, my train being formed of a Hunslet and mk2s on the run to Portadown once. I also have a photo, somewhere, of a Hunslet at Lisburn taken either in '81 or '85. I'll try and dig it out. I've just come home from a holiday in NI and was glad to see a Hunslet in maroon around the turntable in Cultra. As for the books, I bought the one o
  5. Love this, I mainly travelled on the 80 class but sometimes one of these would deputise. The very odd time, there would be a Hunslet with exBR mk2s... this was so smooth!
  6. Great work chaps, I haven't been on this thread for a while. A question for Merfyn, a chap on Facebook was asking about BR Road Vehicles and I immediately thought of you but I don't know if you're on Facebook. He's got the Ian Allan book, I'm sure we all have, but wanted info on newer vehicles. Steve
  7. Hi all, I remember a rental firm using Viva HB or HC estates with the rear side windows being opaque and their logo on the panel. I don't know if they were just ordinary estates or factory produced vans. I can't remember if it was one of the big boys (RR, Granada) or a local firm. I've seen Escorts done the same way. Steve
  8. Hi Phil, I have that article, is it ok to post here? Steve
  9. Brilliant photo Mike, and thank you Roja for the original question! Anyone have any ideas on colours for these wagons? I have 3 Tri-Ang ones primed and awaiting paint... Steve
  10. I love your cars Quicksilver, the Humbers remind me of my dad's. He had 2 Hawks, as in your pics, and a Super Snipe estate, all in navy blue with a pale blue roof. I hadn't seen the R.Parker one in the flesh as it were, looks good, but our Hawks had HUMBER in chrome letters across the bonnet just like your Super Snipes. He also had a Sceptre, but in green with a lighter green roof. Be nice to get a model of that too... Great work! Steve
  11. Hi, I wonder can anyone help. I have a spare, brand new, pc Power supply and am trying to find out if it can be used in a Model Railway environment. It is the type with both 12v and 5v (for USB) outputs. The idea is to use the 5v for lighting circuits. Any help appreciated. Steve
  12. Hi, Just browsing through this reminded me I have a Ford Consul Mk2 made by a firm called OGDI. It's to a similar scale as the Corgi Zephyr estates of the '60s but the box is decidedly based upon Dinky. It has no windows or interior, and is bright blue. I'll dig it out of the loft, meanwhile, has anyone else come across it? Steve
  13. Evening all, Matchbox did one as a fire tender many years ago which scales at 1/77, also, Oxford do a similar vehicle. Steve
  14. Hi all, Big thanks to Mike for getting me an EA van at Detling. They are great castings, maybe someone else will take up the mantle but I fear that anyone interested is more likely to concentrate on military models, similar sort of thing happened when Barry from BW Models retired. Thanks again, Mike, Steve
  15. I was just going to ask about ERDIC, the Railway used BARDIC lamps and I wondered if there was a connection. Having re-read your post, I guess not. As for making your own cones, someone suggested appropriately coloured crayons in a pencil sharpener... some locations had blue ones as I recall. Steve
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