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  1. How about the Dublo Dinky range? Morris Cowley pick-up, Morris Minor van, Commer van etc. I remember having a Matchbox catalogue with scales in the '70s, Johann, best I've got now is the Maurice Hammond book 'Lesney Matchbox 1-75 Series Diecasts'. Steve
  2. Afternoon everyone, Some fine examples of Land Rovery on display here! Does anyone know of a model of a 130 in 1/76? I'd imagine a JB/Airfix lengthened would be the best way to go. I was inspired by the limber used for Duke of Edinburgh's funeral. Steve
  3. Neil, That's the book I have... lol I wonder if other volumes ever appeared. Steve
  4. Thanks chaps, That's a very interesting read. The photo of the one in Southampton looks as if it's a Mark 1 profile. Steve
  5. Good evening, I'm trying to find some info on BR heater vans but internet searches haven't turned anything up. The photo I've found shows one being shunted outside Southampton Dock by a Class 07 but I can't make out the number. Can anyone help with dimensions please? Steve
  6. Thanks David, I'm not planning to run diesel locos fast anyway so that's not a problem. Steve
  7. Anyone got any photos of the aforementioned tractor with a steel buffering plate welded on?
  8. Hi everyone, Great thread. I seem to have built a collection of green Scottish diesels but I wonder if any photos exist of a Clayton and either Class 21 or preferably 29 working in multiple.
  9. That's a very strange decision! Well, I guess Rule 1 will have to apply, lol. Thanks Russ,
  10. Hi Russ, Yes they were originally Red Diamond, while the 21/29 was originally Red Circle. I haven't worked out whether the re-engined ones were rebuilt as Blue Star. Steve
  11. Morning, I've just found this thread. In theory is it possible for Blue Star fitted Claytons to work in multiple with Blue Star fitted Class 29s? Steve
  12. David, I have a computer PSU with both 12v and 5v outputs and wondered about using this for model railways but I've been told it's not as simple as it sounds. Can you advise, please? Steve
  13. Hi everyone, I've just found this great thread, curiously whilst trying to find another on Prototype Question forum! The one I was looking for was about cement works traffic at Southerham. Steve
  14. Evening all, This is a brilliant thread! I remember hearing about a Newhaven based driver who was shunting the van train and ended up spilling Transits all over the yard! C126 mentioned Motorail flats, there used to be a Newhaven-Stirling service. As for the excellent track diagrams, I remember seeing a turntable well in Seaford yard, there's a brick wall but it could be seen from the top deck of the bus. This would have been around '84 but it had gone by '87 when I began working in Seaford. The yard has been built over. I'm going to Seaford tomorrow I'll have a look from the train. Brilliant thread, Steve
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