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  1. Started with this first but had to go back because of a few niggles.
  2. Thought long and hard about buying something o gauge and as i love the 50s I jumped in with this beautiful model
  3. Hi rob let me look after work this morning I've got a Bachmann 66 and never looked to see if it has a spares pack
  4. I'm sure everyone will say great news guys looking forward to them .
  5. Hi smallman 28 the circle of track is a good idear to keep the locos running smooth it's one of the reason I didnt want to build a end to end in the garden room and I'm going to build a two part roundy roundy I did buy a rolling road but isn't the same as a good thrash round a circuit of track , glad you sorted your track problems .
  6. Small amount of work done to layout lots of ballasting flock grassing and adding detail like people and cars Next job add wire to fence posts .
  7. If you want it your welcome to it just pm me your details but I think it's the other side you need .
  8. This is a pic of the spare one it has a split tail end with two lugs on that just clips in. The spring goes over the shaft and then the sleeve goes over the spring
  9. Which side is it from think I have a spare one . They have a c shaped clasp on the loco end did you find the shaft that goes around the spring too?
  10. CCTV cameras look really good neil great use of scrap .have you copied them from cameras you've seen around mate .
  11. Not as yet neil few projects to finish around the house first matey.
  12. Any look with trouble shooting the lighting problem ?
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