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  1. Just a quick update, on doing further investigations and talking to a local group, it looks like the Engine is Gauge F.
  2. Further update on the Bizzare Engine. After leaving it to cool down, I had another look at it. On removing the Pistons from the cylinders, I noticed that they are not solid Brass. It would appear that their is a Solid Brass Conecting Rod, but the Conecting Rod goes in to a thin Brass Tube and it is held in the Tube with some sort of Resin, all most like Fiberglass Resin. I understand how the person who made it, was planning on it working. But I am struggling to work out why they went about it, in the way they have done. Solder appears to be Hard Solder, wheels are Solid Machined Brass, so they had some Engineering knolege/Ability, but why make a Piston out of Resin. I am thinking that I am going to blank off the 2 outlets from the Boiler. I can remove the wisle and replace it with controle valve, feeding the cylinders. That way I would have some controle.
  3. Hi, just a quick update, yes their is a solid fuel Burner under the boiler. This afternoon, after it stoped raining, I took it in to the garden. I had some Mamod solid fuel blocks, but unfortunatly they are old and would not light. So I resorted on the old cotton wool and Metholated Spirits. Not shore what gauge of tube the boiler is made from, but it took a eternity for it to get up to temperature. I got it to whistle, but I did not have enough fuel to get it to run and I ran out of time.
  4. Hi, I can see why the wheels look plastic, but I can assure you they are cast. It is a strange/bizzar machine, but still their is some thing about it that I find that I like and would like to see if I can get her to steam, even if it is just on her own (Not pulling any thing). As for the idea of it running along the carpet, I think that idea would be a major house fire, i would never try or suggest to any one that they try to fire up any live steam unit in a house. As for it being soft or hard soldered, I think that only time will tell. I am not expecting to get much out of her.
  5. Thanks for all the commentts about the Engine, I should say that I was involved with a Model Engineering group about 30 years ago and them I was in Engineering (Aviation) for about 20 years, I only purchased the Engine as their was some thing I liked about it, despite its numerous issues, I was worried about the lack of a presher release valve, but I be live that it should release presher (if it ever gets up presher) at the cylinders, their is No form of speed controle and the cylinders are oscilate independent independently, I think it is some sort coppy of a Mamod.
  6. Yes, I do plan to have the boiler tested, I would never try to fire up any thing with out testing the boiler first. I have no idea why any one would have assembled it with so many Screws. I would have expected it to be put together with Rivets like the early Mamods. If I get the boiler sorted out I might look in to sorting out the Screw issue. All so I am not happy with the pipe work.
  7. Yes, thanks, that is prity much what I thought, the cylinders do oscillate, I know it is hard to work out the technical stuff out, with one photo, it is very much like a Major, but it has been made to a very crude level of ability, soldering is not up to my standard, but who ever build it had a level of engineering ability, as the machining is fair. I found it at a Car Boot and I just liked it, the person I bought it off thought it was a Major Boiler with Mecano frame, but I do not think that it is a Major Boiler or Mecano, it is far to crude for that, I am going to Strip it down, Rebuild it and then see if it will Steam.
  8. Hi, I have come in to posesion of a O Gauge Live Steam Loco. It does appear to be scratch built from a Kit, but I have not been able to identify the producer of the original kit. The loco would appear to have been made by some one with some knolege if Modeling/Engineering, all though their are aspects of it that I know I would have done better my self. I am planning on trying to get it up and running, but first I wanted to see if I could find out any thing about it. So if any one recognises the loco, could they please let me know. Thanks
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