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  1. There are a few textures on the Scalescenes website which may work... https://scalescenes.com/scratchbuilders-yard/ They have Red Ashlar, Red Coursed Rubble, and Red Squared Rubble. If you're up for making your own, give textures.com a try - I use that site for some of my builds.
  2. It's been a long while since my last update, but I have finally finished this works/factory building for Chandwell. This is a complete scratch-build, and it is the first time I have built a building completely from scratch. It's made from card and uses a technique similar to that of Scalescenes buildings. I lit it with warm-white LEDs. They look a lot more yellow than they are in reality because the lighting in my room is very blue. I think they are still a bit bright though and need toning down a little bit. I used the free software Inkscape
  3. I finished the bridge. The starlings (cutwaters) were a real pain to do and I am not too happy with them. From a normal viewing angle they look ok though, and on the whole, I am happy with how the bridge has turned out. It suits the character of the layout.
  4. That's right, I guess. There was never any waterside industry up in Wharfedale so there was no navigation. I found an exellent document about the bridge including its history. I never realised that it is one of the oldest bridges in England - built in 1228 and then widened in 1776. If you look underneath it, you can clearly make out the two halves. The 18th century half has a ribbed underside. The walkway was added in the 1950s, cantilevered into the main structure. Fascinating stuff - I've driven over it so many times and never given it a thought.
  5. Hahah! It does flood a lot! It’s a really low bridge. It made modelling it a real challenge as it looks waaaaay too small. But I’ve double checked the measurements and it’s right. Maybe I should model the water up to the parapets!
  6. I have finished the road and I think it has worked really well... I am pleasantly surprised because I just made it up as I went along. The overall effect looks great to the naked eye. It even works from different angles, albeit to a lesser extent... You can see the technique when looked at from above: As part of this build, I also made a start on the backscene itself, which I made from layers of buildings: I made a video of the build as usual, and it is here.
  7. I hope I am not jumping the gun, but I think this just might work... ”Real” building on the left (Scalescenes) followed by a 50mm deep montage of three pieces of folded card with photos wrapped around them. Road is just a straight piece which curves round to a point and goes up hill by 2cm to give the impression of distance.
  8. This week I had intended to carry on building the road bridge, but it dawned on me that before I can add the road surface to the bridge, I would need to know how I would get the road off scene into the backscene. And to work that out, I would need to know what I was doing with the backscene! I did a lot of reading around here, and watched a few YouTube videos, and eventually settled on something that I think may work. A draft mock up certainly looks the business through the arch: Moving through the arch and from side to side, a true 3D effect can be seen. It’s
  9. Just had a read through of this - the layout looks wonderful - a perfect capture of the part of the world in which it is set. Can we have a closer look at the river, and how you did it, please?
  10. So after finishing the viaduct build last week, my attention has turned to the next project. I want to get the river finished this year, so it makes sense to move onto the next bridge. This one will be an old road bridge that will carry the road that passes under the skew arch in the viaduct, here: I am going to base the bridge on one in a town near me, Otley. It was built in the 11th century and has a lot of character. It is a very low bridge which will suit my layout well as I want the road to be lower than the bases of the arch workshops to the right, and to ascend
  11. Thank you Simon! I'm pleased the feel is of the area I was aiming for. Up to now I've just been using old locos and stock that have survived the 25-30 years since my layout as a teenager, but my thoughts are starting to turn to updating things a little. I remember travelling the Settle-Carlisle in blue & grey coaches hauled by a class 31, so I've got one of those and a rake of Mk 1's on order, as a start. I have an ancient large logo Class 47 so a rake of mk 2s would look great behind that.
  12. Thanks for the good comments, everyone! It keeps me going. The station end is a bit up in the air at the moment. But broad plans include a lot of tall warehousing/industry behind the station. I am torn between one long mill/works-type building like you see behind the station at Doncaster, or more individual buildings all crammed together in layers to give the impression of a large complex that may have grown up over time, or then again... something akin to the faded grandeur of the Little Germany quarter in Bradford. Then... the station building itself will be ultra low-relief on
  13. Another week has gone past and I have finally finished the building of the viaduct... It has taken me seven months, but I am really pleased with how it turned out. Here is a couple of pictures of the completed last three arches: I had a bit of a disaster with the varnish this week. I use enamel brush-on varnish. I always give it a coat of gloss followed by matt, as I find that adding matt first leaves the matting agent as a dusty covering. Anyway, this time I must have had some smudged PVA on the surface of something as it left a light blob clearly visible on
  14. Like most people, I love the Minories plan. You have some neat components there. Looking forward to seeing more!
  15. I’ve not had much time on the layout this week, but I have made some progress on the last three arches. For the first time, the viaduct now spans all the way from the station to the hillside. The cores are in and the face is on. Just the inner walls, buttresses, sills, ledge, and walls to go. I always think it looks scruffy at this stage, but it usually works out in the end. I’m not happy with the way the tops of the arches look, but I am hoping that once the finishing bits are on it won’t look too bad. I have also downloaded a new app for editing vide
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