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  1. Thanks Mike - you beat me to it and probably did a better job too! I do the same but use Path > Difference as I find it slightly easier to understand what’s going on if I accidentally try it with too many overlapping parts. Stuart - really pleased you’re getting there!
  2. The Visit Chandwell Tourist Board has a new slogan for 1994. “Chandwell. A lovely pace to leave”. I did! And if you watch my next video, you may even see it! Should be on YouTube in the next few days. Thank you. I love the units. The railway is in my garage which is also the office where I work all day so I needed it to be tidy and attractive in its own right. We also needed extra kitchen storage space so we had a joiner build the cabinets from basic MDF. I chose a dark colour (“Mid Azure Green” ) to set the whole thing off and I think it worked. Took
  3. Exactly that. Yes. Will get something together for you in next few days, work permitting.
  4. Hi Stuart. Well done for getting that far. I’ll take some screenshots and give you a step-by-step. You can only cut holes from shapes so you need to cut the holes from the basic shape, move it on top of the bricks and then clip the bricks to the shape. You can’t remove holes from the bricks themselves. If that makes no sense, I’ll do you a tutorial tomorrow.
  5. I’ve finally started looking at the backscene. I walked to the top of Ilkley Moor, 300 metres above my house over a 3.5 mile walk and just used my phone to take a few panoramas of the sky. I printed these onto A4 sticky labels (finally found a cheap brand that takes the printer ink really well). These were stuck to 0.5mm card and then this was stuck directly to the wall. The end result is great. You can see the joins when you look closely. But these are easy to edit away if you want to cheat.
  6. I think your problem is likely the lintel and sills as they are part of your window. You can apply a bitmap (the bricks) to a shape via clipping like I show in the videos. However, they will only clip to a basic single shape. Try it with a basic rectangle. Draw a rectangle and make sure it is on top of the bricks. Select the rectangle. Shift-click the bricks to select them too, right click and do the clip like on the video. That should work. So you then need to make a simple shape with holes for the windows. Just white rectangles on top of your wall will work of c
  7. Hi Stuart, It's hard for me to tell which part you're trying to add the texture to. Is it the black rectangle? I.e you want the bricks to fill the rectangle, but miss out the holes for the windows?
  8. Oh I love those. The dark brown brick is so effective. Superb. I wonder if I could do a video to show how to do something similar to what you want. Maybe even offer to email a file to people to follow along. A kind of add your own texture thing. May be worth exploring that as an idea...?
  9. Apologies for the links. I’m not meaning to hijack a thread, but these videos may be relevant to helping you. This one includes a sequence of how I used Inkscape as a planning tool for my station build: This is a playlist of all my Inkscape-specific videos, starting with an absolute beginner’s video: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_zJxqOqiTyefmgOeZnLtQ8kaNMMyGiQR And this is an example of the kind of building you can ultimately achieve using only Inkscape, which might hopefully inspire you to give it a go.
  10. Hello everyone. Like others have said above, I use Inkscape to good effect with downloaded textures and also Scalescenes ones. I still like to cut out arches and lintels individually though to give a little bit of relief: I like the idea above of having a library of bits to arrange into buildings. I worked a little bit like that to design my station on Inkscape by arranging standard-sized rectangles until I had an arrangement that I liked: I’m more than happy to answer any questions about Inkscape either here or on YouTube as I think it is a
  11. I thought you may like this tongue-in-cheek look at Chandwell in its current state. Here is a Visit Chandwell Tourist Board video from 1993 in which local celebrity Britney Scroggins shows you exactly what you are missing out on by not being in Chandwell right now.
  12. Quick update to show my plans for the side of the station. This is intended to have a look like Sheffield Victoria with bits of Darlington, Bingley, and Sheffield Midland. All quite low so as not to obscure the view into the station. I’m starting to build it this weekend.
  13. Thank you, everyone, for your excellent suggestions of things I could use to improve/replace my columns. I like the plastic tube idea, although the wrapped-paper round the end approach is definitely in line with my approach to things generally! I am going to leave them for now and see what I think in a week or two. They do grate a little with me, but maybe I will stop noticing them once my attention is turned to the next build. If you're interested, I have completed the video of the build, and it's here.
  14. I think that the canopy is finally finished! On the whole I am really pleased with how it looks. The LEDs I managed to install along the main girders have worked well. I used standard 7/0.2 (I think) wire which once painted matt black is well-enough hidden along the girders. I have posted about the glazing already. It is my own design printed onto inkjet acetate. It was way too shiny at first and looked like it was made from sunglasses. My experiment of varnishing it with acrylic matt varnish worked out really well, thankfully. It took the shine aw
  15. Thank you Graham. I never told you but Smithdown Road was a huge inspiration to me years ago, and I still think of it when I think of building a tail-chaser. The track plan must have been some kind of dark magic because despite your excellent video tours, I never really fully understood it!
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