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  1. Haven`t posted in a while . but i`m sure . I am one of many keeping a close eye on each post you make . Then occasionally letting you know . We are still here . Keep up the good work sir .
  2. Great work on the boiler . The skill involved is inspiring . Looking forward to more progress , now you are back on track . ( Sorry couldn`t resist ) Keep the updates coming . John
  3. What great skill on view . At both ends of the processes required . Keep these updates coming .
  4. Hi Phil , i have just messaged you on your kind offer . Let me know if you don`t receive it . And so as not to hijack or reroute this thread ..... Hi Pete , for my own curiosity . What software was used to draw and render above manifold ? And you are correct it is a work of art . Cheers both for now , John .
  5. Hi Pete , Thanks for the swift response . Hope i`m not dragging you away from important stuff . And i think we all know i`m not talking about the kitchen . The internals of the boiler are not on my original idea , but who knows... The full motion of valves and all cylinders is the main draw for me . That much steel moving that fast is just mind boggling to me . Even more so when you read the weights and RPM`s involved . From what you are saying . I believe that initially the Doncaster set , will be the way to start , and see how i get on . As for time period . The thirties period engine . Seems to be the one i instantly see in my minds eye . But i really like the green main wheel rims . So we shall have to see . When i have something to show . I will share it here . I hope you don`t regret your offer of knowledge when i need it . But that is probably a ways down the track yet . Now you`d best get back to that ..... important stuff . Cheers for now, John .
  6. Hi Pete . Linked to an earlier post while searching for pictures and drawings of this great locomotive .Have since read every page with a smile on my face . I am an industrial sewing and quilting machine engineer . Now self- employed , praise the lord . I have a mad plan to accurately model and to a degree . Animate the Flying Scotsman . I am purely an amateur when it comes to 3D modelling , but i have been dabbling for a good few years now . I can find no shortage of photographic reference material for the finished locomotive . I have purchased both the Haynes books . One on the Scotman and the other on the Tornado . What i really would like . Is a set of accurate drawings . I am a stickler for things being right . Probably a good thing when most of my time is spent re-setting and repairing , pretty intricate timing mechanisms . I have already been in touch with the NRM . About getting a copy of the relevant engineering drawings copied . The other option i am considering , having been engrossed by this very blog . Is wondering whether a set of just as accurate scale drawings would be enough to achieve the end result . Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated . I have checked out the drawing set available from AJ Reeves . Are there other sets available to your knowledge which i should also be looking into ? As i said , this may well be viewed as a mad thing to want to do . It is purely for my own pleasure and no timescale applies . Any info or thoughts would be greatly received . Not just from yourself but anyone reading this . All that is left to say is . What a great job you have done so far and i am another person who will be eagerly following your progress . Cheers for now , John .
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