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  1. Mine certainly took a bit of running in but it got there. Eventually it was smooth and steady. For a while in reverse there was a noticeable rattle/groan from the motor (I think) but this disappeared after a while.
  2. Sorry for getting your hopes up! Turns out it was the post-pres 70013 image from a few posts back. That will teach me to not read back far enough. And it seems we're back to square one with the running plate debate...
  3. A much-appreciated prompt reply from Hornby this morning about my two Clan-related qualms. Despite giving them the product code for Clan MacDonald, I think they were replying about Clan Stewart. They attached an old colour photo which does suggest a green running plate underneath the grime. I'm still not convinced this applies to 72004 though but really appreciated their time to make their case. They did also tell me they wouldn't be able to provide a spare lamp iron and that the model would need to be returned. I appreciate that may be the policy but it does seem bizzare to send a perfectly-working product back because it's missing a tiny detail. The one I get in replacement might be worse! Henry
  4. I spoke with my preferred retailer this morning who advised that I send it back to them as they don't hold spares. A shame as it runs well and seems a bit OTT to send the whole thing back because of a tiny missing piece. They were very understanding and helpful though and said that I could wait for my reply from Hornby about the missing lamp iron before I decide what to do. On a more positive note, I ran the Clan in fully yesterday on a simple fourth-radius loop and it's now very smooth and free-running. It's going back in its box now until the missing lamp iron debacle progresses further. Henry
  5. And while I absolutely value your guidance (genuinely - thank you - I can use this for kit building and second hand stuff), I'm sure we are all in agreement that I shouldn't need to put staples or drills anywhere near a brand-new £200 product. Henry
  6. Mine's here (72004). Currently running in and seems fairly smooth. Good weight to it. Green is okay I think. I can live with the running plate lining - I think it's more finely printed than earlier releases of the 6MT and 7MT. Still not convinced about the green running plate though - I'd never heard about any running plates being anything other than black until this debate started! Missing its top lamp iron. Not one floating around in the box either. Am I likely to get a replacement lamp iron now that I've emailed Hornby? It looks good. It looks like it could have been nearly £200-worth of brilliance. But the jury's still out. Henry
  7. When were we expecting these to arrive? The most recent updates from Hornby suggested they were imminent. I'm sure the 'coming soon' page had them listed as August arrivals; the product pages for both said 'summer'. I now see that they say 'autumn' and don't feature on the coming soon page at all. It's not a huge problem - mostly just impatience. I've been waiting for one of these since 2009!
  8. https://www.Dapol.co.uk/OO-Gauge-78xx-Manor-Locomotive-Decorated-Samples-Under-Review Decorated samples out. Very interesting update and good to see the manufacturer transparent about the production process and what they would like to improve. Reasonable RRP too!
  9. Unexpected (but not surprising) and very good news. I'm really pleased to hear about the improved gearing which, in my opinion, was the major let down of the first batch. I'll put an order in when I decide whether or not I'd like some lining on my black paint. Dapol really shaping up as a major player in the 4mm world. I do wonder if there is scope for Dapol to offer an upgrade service for those who took the plunge with the first batch. A small fee to send my 6364 away to have it fitted with the same gearing as its new shedmate?
  10. Thanks for your response. I'm glad I've ordered the correct transfers to fade into the paintwork. Black she will be then. Much appreciated, Henry
  11. Thank you for your insight. I do seem to remember a photo caption somewhere of 2906 described to be in 'austerity black'. I wonder then if the G W R lettering I have ordered is incorrect and should be the non-shaded variation using during the war. Much appreciated, Henry
  12. Thanks all for the links to photos. There are a handful out there of 2906 in her BR days and I think I might have accumulated many hours over the last few weeks trying to work out whether she was green or black! Anymore suggestions as to what colour I should have on her would be much appreciated. Outside steam pipes arrived today!
  13. Thank you. One of the few photos of what I believe was its final day. Green or black though - what do you think? Much appreciated, Henry
  14. Hi all, I'm looking to determine the paintwork applied to 2906 'Lady of Lynn' between the years of 1948 and 1952. I'm in the final stages of fusing together an SE Finecast Saint body with the chassis of a Hall and the wheelsets of a Castle to create 2906 'Lady of Lynn'. I've modified the running plate under the cab and have some outside steam pipes on order. I'd like to model 2906 in her short stint under British Railways. From the few photos out there, I have been under the impression that 2906 was work-worn and grubby enough to be considered black - was the paint also black underneath the grime? If so, was 2906 black for the entirety of its BR career? I can also determine, from some pictures, that the Canton cleaners polished her up for her final day/s in traffic, revealing a faded G W R on the tender. I'm really looking for an excuse to get the green paint out but hope someone can confirm that my understanding of the plain black is correct. Thank you for reading, Henry
  15. There hasn't been any mention of this so I assume not although, like you, I hope they do! Not only is it a fiddly decoder fit but also removing the ballast makes the loco quite light. I actually reverted my Hall to analogue because its haulage capacity was poor after the decoder went in. I did have some success with another Hall and a nano decoder which just about fit under the cab floor. Let's see what Bachmann come up with but I'm really pleased to see them rectify this model. A great move. Henry
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