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  1. Hi David, All points taken on board. There is a coal conveyor on the coal stage just out of shot and dont worry about the work load on the coal men, mine are well paid, watered and fed. I am trying to use up lots of left over bits i already have but building a larger shed is not off the plan. Paul.
  2. Yes that has been on my mind, i thought a medium or large point would make it work, not the short one as in the photo. Also i must say the CJ Freezer model design railway manual says the design is of LMS origin but no sheds were built to the design, just some licked into shape.
  3. Thanks Tony / Harlequin. I will change the LH point, going to use electrofrog with motor, polarity switch etc, the old points in the photo are insulfrog so you have both made my mind up on that. I agree on the size of the turntable and would love to have the skills to scratch or kit build a smaller type like what was at Templecombe sdjr shed, but i decided on the Peco for ease, it is massive though. I had thought about building a 2 road shed building but that may have to be a later project. I was wondering the best way to achieve that oily ballast look, what do you suggest? Here are a couple more (bad quality) pictures after working on it over the weekend. I moved 1 track to get 2 closer together and fixed the track to improve the straight sections, cut in the turntable and added a few other details for testing positions including the all important water tower. Thank you both for your input. Paul.
  4. down the sdjr

    A beginning

    Awesome track work, everytime i see a photo like that it makes me realise how close together 00 gauge rails are.
  5. Hi all, I am re building part of my loft layout, it was a section i first did when the base boards went in, rushed it and made a bit of a mess really. The 1st shed was just 3 sidings that was pretty useless so i bought a Peco turntable and have been doing my research. I thought with the turntable at the end gives me the most running options, 3 roads to the table and 1 siding for coal, based on a LMS plan in CJ Freezers model railway manual. I thought i would post up my basic plan and ask anyone if they could see any improvements i could make with what i have? I would like to use what products i already have but buying more points etc is an option. Sorry the photos are not the best quality. Thanks Paul.
  6. Really nice, great attention to detail overall, love the point rodding and the fence post wires.
  7. Looks really good, i love the veg plot with the rhubarb.
  8. Or just take the building away. Why are the best solutions right under our noses but we cant see them?
  9. I have been working on the goods shed and Northern approach into the station. Had some great help from posters on the Somerset and Dorset RMWEB forum, including photos and advice on point rodding. Ballasting and weathering next, I really must make a sky scene to cover the other station building above the bridge, so much to do.
  10. I took this photo at Cliff bridge cutting near Gains Cross south of Shillingstone June 21st 2019. Different ferns been growing for years on the old railway line in between the old ballast, you could have entered that in Chelsea flower show and won a award.
  11. Hi Chris, I need educating on point rodding, is it one rod for the point and another for the lock? 2 per point. Also you will have to explain the diamond to me as well. Thanks Paul.
  12. Thats awesome, love the wooden floorboards, how did you do that?
  13. Hi Jack, The furniture sales room was / is the building behind the goods shed, only thing left, goods shed long since demolished. I dont know about rail milk for the creamery im afraid. Paul.
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