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  1. It really is a clever little thing. I presume it was invented by some engineer in the 50s, makes my generation look stupid with all our computers. Just clever problem solving,
  2. Thats not how you use it. The instructions state the flangeway guide sets the rail,the jig is like a extra pair of hands and really clever. The jig is about 0.5mm thick.
  3. My 1st attempt. Still waiting delivery of copper clad strip and a set of metric feeler gauges so it was a bit guess work and the brass strip was a bit thin really. The wing rails are not in the correct position, i will re solder them next week. Off to walk some of the old Somerset and Dorset railway for the next few days, hopefully the pubs will be open. The EMGS common crossing jig is a work of genius, so simple. Thanks for all the advice.
  4. I re did a few vs this morning, much better to the side rather than butted. I have not finish filed these yet or cut the nose. Just experimenting really but each one is getting better.(i think). I also made up my common crossing jig.
  5. Hi James, That is pretty much what i have been doing this year, buying bits off different companies and see what suits me best. Peco BH and C&L thick base will all work together so nothing will be wasted. I ended up going for the Legacy track as it is a really good price on Hattons, i dont find it a problem to solder but it does have a thin base. The EMGS Peco track is really good but they only do flexi and LH / RH B6 points. I am currently building 2 layouts, one in EM and the other 00, so i am enjoying both worlds. Paul.
  6. Morning, i am heading up to the loft to do some bending and filing. Will post results later if any improvement.
  7. This was going to be my next question. I am stuggling to find something 1.2mm for 00 gauge.
  8. Thanks Dubs, That is really helpful. I saw the instructions mentioned bending the rail, was not sure what that meant.
  9. I am going to have to experiment. I am following the EMGS instructions, both rails filed on the inside edge, 1 halfway and the other fully. Any advice welcome.
  10. The EMGS jigs arrived this morning so i have started with the v jig. this is my 2nd and 3rd attempt, i got the filing wrong on the 1st one. I have plenty of stainless steel rail and was surprised how easy it was to solder, mind you i am using some pretty beefy acid flux. Going to put the common crossing jig together this evening.
  11. Models like that, weathered up will look great, Nice to see something different.
  12. I joined the EMGS this year, well worth the money for data sheets and products.
  13. You make it look so easy. I have ordered these jigs plus a switch blade jig from EMGS today. Going to practice on making common crossings for a while. Wish me luck.
  14. Nice photos, Multi layer with about 25 different focal points is how pro model photographers do it i believe. Nice thread on here somewhere all about that using Photoshop. I am like you and prefer standard shots, never got them as good as yours here. I have a modern smart phone than takes better depth photos than my oldish Canon SLR, amazing how far phone cameras have developed.
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