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  1. down the sdjr

    S&DJR wagons!

    Lovely little loco that is, i really like your web site as well.
  2. They look great, looking forward to seeing some paint. I have just recently got into kit wagon building and i love all the extra bits that people do to the kits.
  3. Great work, really interesting. It looks much better. Thank you.
  4. Link works fine, must have been a problem at my end. Great film, nice to see close up workings and safety measures. Some lovely shots of 53810 thanks for posting.
  5. Love the vanishing Dorset page, i remember Stur like that in the 1980s. 2nd link does not work for me. Hope you are well Jack. Paul.
  6. I have one of those on its way from TMC all weathered etc, be nice to know how you do the upgrade.
  7. Some of the work i see on this forum on improving wagon kits is stunning, really nice modelling. But yes, some really nice RTR stuff as well. What i like about the Parkside models ive built is the brake detail, cant really see it on the layout but you know its there.
  8. I have only just recently started building wagon kits, before it was all RTR Baccy, Dapol etc. Got to say Parkside stuff is really nice but i also like the Dapol old Airfix ones as well. Steep learning curve.
  9. I used to go to gigs at The Joiners in the 80s and 90s. There was a really good guitar shop just up the road if i remember correctly. Be nice to see a model of The Joiners.
  10. Thanks ess1uk. See DWSHARPE1 post above, he was doing the same thing in the 1970s.
  11. That could be a really interesting model. I am so focused on the line between Blandford and Templecombe that i forget all about that old spur and the Wimbourne station on the LSWR , what a shame its all gone.
  12. The Ratio crane in 00 gauge looks perfect, really annoying they dont do it in 0 gauge. I have the opposite problem, been looking for S&D style water columns in 00, plenty about in 0, i cant find any in 00. Not to mention tablet catchers. Scratch build it will have to be.
  13. I would love to see that layout. I think its amazing you were thinking the same modelling ideas nearly 50 years ago, not long after the S&D had closed. I hope the house was nice. Heres a couple of pictures (bad quality) of a class 150 pulling into Shillingstone and Stourpaine and Durweston Halt sometime in the late 80s.
  14. Some really nice footage here, something for everyone almost, goods trains, 4Fs, 7Fs, standards, panniers, 2251s even a Whickham trolly. Sorry if posted elsewhere, 1st time ive seen it. https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-somerset-dorset-railway-1962-online
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