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  1. Firstly thanks very much for the responses it sounds that Is likely the problem. As someone who is still very much a DCC novice, how would i go about disabling cv 29 and DC mode? Obviously all controllers are different but if someone could give me a rough idea I'd be grateful as changing CVs isn't really something I've dabbled in much. My controller is a ct electronic if that's relevant? Any help much appreciated...thanks
  2. I have a Hornby 47 TTS sound loco that I bought on Ebay that is behaving rather erratically. When it is at speed it randomly changes direction and goes into reverse. Once it builds up speed in reverse it comes to a stand and then accelerates up to full speed in the opposite direction and then vice versa . Any advice on what may be causing this or how to remedy it much appreciated! Thanks
  3. Just to clarify that isn't the speedway curve (which is just about visible in the background). That is the line between Lipson Junction and Plymouth Friary used by stock going to and from Laira depot via Mount Gould wash plant. Nice photo.
  4. I was also researching similar stuff but more 1992 to 1994. A surprising number of 47s where booked to work throughout on the Paddington / Dover / Plymouth to Liverpool workings. The 86s seemed to be mainly used on the stuff going to Scotland or originating in the Birmingham area as opposed to the stuff coming from further south bound for Liverpool. Although some of the workings to lime st where 86s , so I'd say from a modelling point of view you can definitely justify 47s on your part of the wcml.
  5. Jesus, I apologise on behalf of GWR drivers for the actions of 1 percent who seem to think nobody should be outside but them. I have seen countless people lineside these past few days (admittedly families and not enthusiasts) and I have tooted at each and everyone who waved at me. I can't believe this mentality of a tiny minority that a bloke standing alone in a field with a camera is some kind of a threat. I think I speak for most train drivers when I say most of us have absolutely no issue with this PROVIDED you are acting safely and it is a part of your daily exercise.
  6. Not your area I know as you point out you dealt with the freight side of things, but would i be right in thinking that the WR intercity fleet manager at Swindon would also have taken responsibility for the XC allocation to depots like Laira and Bath Rd in the period up UNTIL 1994 ...Thanks.
  7. Fantastic, thanks for this very informative ! :-).
  8. Also at what point did the individual TOUs take over fleet management from the regional controllers? Would it be 1994 once the Roscos got involved? Thanks
  9. Thanks this is very much what i was looking for. So if I understand correctly, there would be a (for example) western region fleet man who essentially controlled the fleet whilst liasing with a counterpart in intercity control who would ask for a certain service provision?
  10. Can anyone help me with at what point did fleet responsibility changeover from BRs western region to Intercity? Early 90s I'm guessing. But did intercity have it's own fleet or did it "hire it" so to speak from the various regions. I am referring to the period prior to the leading Roscos coming about in 1994.
  11. Ok, this is a rather specific nerdy question , chances are no one will still have memory of the answer. I am trying to find out about allocations of the intercity class 47s in the period 1994-1995. So, all ILRA engines were I believe allocated to Bath rd until summer 1995. So in this period 94 -95 whilst technically there were separate TOUs (cross-country and great western) the locos where in the same pool. So where the engines all allocated to all services? Also who was essentially responsible for them, cross-country TOU or Great western TOU? If anyone can help I'd be interested to know the answers , but recognise it's a long shot!
  12. I have some locos with superglue patches around where nameplates are fitted. Is there anything anyone can suggest that gets off superglue without taking off the paint work?? Thanks.
  13. Can anyone shed any light on the South Wales to Paddington working mentioned in the above post in the early 90s? Also, would any of the fishguard to padd services have been 47 hauled in the early 90s? Been researching loco history and strangely the great western allocated 47s appear to be allocated to Bristol SPM during 1995. Would this have been a paper exercise or would they likely have had workings to and from old oak common etc for sleeper work?
  14. Many thanks for all the replies , does anyone have any recollections of any day time stuff the 47s worked out of Paddington in the mid 90s period, specifically just before privatisation whilst still intercity, in the years 93, 94, 95 ,96. If anyone even has one example service they used to run that'd be brilliant. Also did they run at all into south Wales or on the Cotswold in that 1993-1996 period? Thanks again for the responses so far...
  15. If anyone has a Hornby mk3 sleeper coach in intercity swallow livery would pay 75 pounds per coach. Not fussed about box etc and would consider condition that is less than perfect .
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