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  1. A Hornby executive HST finished at £572 on ebay tonight. What an absolute joke. Why oh why will Hornby not release more Executive and Swallow liveried HSTs, that is what people want, not obscure liveries carried by one or two power cars for a few weeks. Please please Hornby, lets see some intercity liveried HSTs with sound to stop people selling their models for ridiculous money........
  2. Right i think I've managed to sort it, I have adjusted a pickup that wasn't quite touching a wheel properly and that seems to have cured things. Just seems strange as generally when poor supply is the issue the stopping is usually more inconsistent in nature whereas with this engine it was very consistent , move for 2 seconds and stop, move for 2 seconds and stop. Anyway , fingers crossed that's solved the problem, thanks for the replies....
  3. I am having some trouble with a class 47 tts from Hornby. All of a sudden it began running strangely it moves for about 2 seconds, stops, then moves for another 2 seconds ,stops, and so on. The stopping is in a regular consistent pattern, unlike when it is dirty wheels etc. My first thought was decoder issue, so I reset it to factory settings but to no avail. I then sent the decoder to Hornby believing it faulty but when they replaced it with a brand new one the problem has persisted and does so when I fit a DCC blanking plate. Does anyone have any suggestions what is
  4. Firstly, apologies this may seem a daft question, but one that is bugging me! The Hornby current HST and the current class 87 are both powered by 5 pole skew wound motors. HOWEVER, whilst the HST runs a lovely scale 125mph and then some, the 87 I have found far far slower. This isn't an isolated example or a dodgy motor, so my question is why if they have the same motor is one so slow compared to the other? My guess would be gearing, but just thought I'd put it on here, as I find the slowness of the WCML racehorses disappointing on my high speed layout. Finally, is
  5. Yes 86235 novelty is a Chinese 5 pole motored model.
  6. Yep done several moves over the years turning a power car with an 08 via plymouth Station, the 08 often struggles a bit heading up into North Rd Station, up the bank if the power car isn't powering!!!
  7. Tend to agree, much as I like driving 57s , a HST sleeper would make sense and be more reliable, plus far easier to crew (fewer and fewer drivers with 57 knowledge these days and Covid certainly doesn't help!)
  8. I believe that's what the barrier vehicle is for. Coupling compatibility definitely isn't the issue as like I said I have seen lots of footage of cl47 + mk1 barrier + power car, so just trying to work out if the power car ever did the hauling and the 47 dead on the back....
  9. During the 1990s I have seen plenty of footage of class 47s dragging a HST power car plus barrier vehicle between depots for maintenance purposes, but I dont recall seeing a Power car dragging a 47. Does anyone have a picture of this happening or is there a technical reason why it didn't happen??? (I know in later times there have been pairs of power cars rescuing stuff but im more interested in the light engine moves....) Many thanks in advance..
  10. I am trying to asertain what rolling stock would have run with the cardiff allocated class 37s in the late 80s and early 90s on the cardiff to liverpool and southport to manchester workings . Im guessing mk1 and mk2 , but what depot was the stock allocated to? Looking in Platform 5 books for both 1990 and 1992 I cannot find any mention whatsoever of the coaching stock that would have worked these services so hopefully someone out there can help????
  11. I'm after the above lima loco, not fussed on a box , but preferably loco in decent condition. Only after 833 in swallow please, not any of the other lima IC releases . If anyone can help please get in touch. Thanks
  12. The taunton database is very good. Unfortunately where there was HST data it confirmed 100 percent of WCML services where in the hands of ER sets. The only question mark was an 0700 from Glasgow to Plymouth which was a WR set, but i think this may be via the ECML, though if anyone can confirm I'd be grateful.... Also surprised to see an ER set working a 1935 Padd to Plymouth in 1993 I think, I cant imagine that would happen all too often, and vice versa with WR sets kings cross workings.....
  13. Hi mike thanks very much for your informative post. You have confirmed the pertinent facts, that it went ECML to Queen st Not Central, and very interesting to note it didn't stop New st! Can't imagine that nowadays! Thanks again!
  14. I am a 125 group member myself and have had a look through my back catalogue of magazines, admittedly not with a fine tooth comb, so may have missed something, but certainly couldn't find anything in any of the ones I consulted. I did put a similar question on a HST forum ( and i suspect 5454 responded to me on there too, and was helpful ) however ot does seem the gen isn't out there or maybe it just didn't happen!
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