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  1. Just need to find a decent AC electric Gen site now to get hold of the 86 that worked this.
  2. That'll be the one! Mystery solved!!! Thanks so much! If only there was a way of working out the electric, id guess an 86 the most likely option. Thanks again, 47817 can go into the book now!!!
  3. Just had a further thought. I had assumed that writing 1711 onto the ticket was the arrival time, however it is of course possible that 1711 was the departure time? So was there anything leaving Wigan Nw for Banbury at 1711???? Thanks.
  4. Hmmm this isn't quite fitting , I forgot to mention the reservation ticket was from Wigan North Western to Banbury. Very strange! Unless it was a one off ammendment for that day perhaps with it being a Sunday???
  5. Request here, if anyone has access to the summer timetable from 1994 (specifically on a Sunday 28th august) , would you mind having a look what XC train arrived into Banbury at 1711? Only i have found an old reservation ticket from a family trip back then and am trying to piece together the likely service and or traction . If anyone can help or point me in direction of a site with timetables on id be extremely grateful.
  6. Just incase anyone is interested.....a little further research reveals the train was 47 hauled throughout from may 1994. And it passed Banbury 0939! Happy memories....
  7. A couple of rather specific questions on the above service if anyone can help?? I know it was booked to be worked by a 47/8 from at least 1999 until voyagerisation throughout (ie no change to an electric at BNS). I know that it WAS worked by an electric from BNS in 1992 , but at what point did it begin to be worked by a 47 throughout? Secondly, does anyone know what time it called at Banbury? Many thanks if anyone can help???
  8. If anyone has a Hornby class 86 in swallow livery , specifically 86235 "Novelty" and they are willing to part with it, please let me know your asking price. If it has been renamed or remunbered that's fine, just so long as the livery is the correct version of IC swallow of the original Hornby model of Novelty.
  9. The cross over has been removed between the up and down mainlines between Keyham and the junction to the docks. I've no idea if this is permanent or not. The trains could still reverse at St Budeaux Victoria Rd of course, but the removal of the crossing 6 months or so ago is a little worrying perhaps....
  10. Interesting I had made the assumption that everything on the railway has a home, but that would make sense frankly for wagons not too. Many thanks.
  11. So depot wise, would these sorts of wagons be allocated to say Westbury or Cardiff Canton? Maybe even Old Oak?
  12. Very informative as ever thank you. I am modelling the era where (as I understand it from previous posts you have made) the crossover from Western region fleet control to Intercity western region fleet control was occurring. Which depots would these type of wagons be assigned to on the WR at this time?
  13. Question about the Intercity infrastructure fleet during the early 1990s. I know IC had locomotives (mainly 37 47 and 31s ) allocated to its sector for infrastructure duties. My question is did IC also have wagons owned by the IC sector for this work? Or where the wagons owned by the freight sector? I'm sure I recall once seeing a wagon or possibly a tamper (?) that had intercity italic wording on it though can't find anything on the net.....
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