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  1. Interesting, I hadn't realised it was the eastern regions ones that made it to the south coast. I know that the western also had a XC allocation in the early 90s allocated I think to Laira or Bristol, would they ever make it onto the Bournemouth services say if there was a shortage of eastern sets? Where there any western XC diagrams booked on the Borinemouth route at all?? Back then a HST was a HST to me, region allocation was irrelevant!
  2. Thanks for the responses, food for thought. Out of interest @railtec would you consider doing the commission minus the Crest?
  3. I am looking to do an intercity power car 43188 , however to the best of my knowledge the "City of Plymouth" HST nameplates dont exist for 00 gauge. In the past I have used railtec transfers, however according to the website it isnt doing custom nameplates at present and this has been the case since at least January so can anyone reccomend anyone who would be able to do such plates as a custom job? Thanks
  4. And just to add, what an insult when train drivers where putting our lives on the line back in the heart of the pandemic, wondering if we would pick up the virus and potentially spread it to our loved ones whilst the country was in lockdown. What a way to repay that loyalty. Train drivers are key workers too. Maybe not as "sexy" as NHS but key workers none the less!!!
  5. The day I did it in 2013 there where about 40 people on the platform waiting for the "boat train" off fishguard (in this case sadly a 150). I think a fast service stopping only at Cardiff, and Bristol (for onward connections) or even better onto paddington would help to improve the market, provided there are adequate connections on the irish side too, tonDublin, and preferably also onto Cork.
  6. One of the main reasons the boats should be flourishing are environmental. Flying is frowned upon more and more these days and in some cases the airlines have either folded (flybe) or reduced flights dramatically. This will only intensify as folk attempt to make there journey as carbon neutral as possible. It's a shame that the rail link to rosslare was removed as when I last did the ferry to fishguard in 2013 it was packed , and many people where continuing on the train into the UK. One of the other benefits of the ferry provided you are not rushed for time is being able to sit back with a pint of something nice , and gaze out at the irish sea for a few hours or so. A far better way to enter Ireland / the UK in my view...
  7. Just to clarify it is always on curves. I shall look at the suggestions you have made and will report back, thanks.
  8. I have a problem with 2 separate TTS 47s. Both seem to derail , but only when hauling stock and only when the driven bogie is trailing (ie next to the stock). It is not an issue light engine or if the driven bogie is leading. The problem is inflicting 2 locos which leads me to think it's some sort of design fault which may be correctable as I have a couple more Hornby 47 tts which run normally. Anyone else experienced this or know a possible fix??
  9. Interesting conclusion to draw, I must admit that I had suspected by this time XC sets could be used on these workings and from your deductions it does look like a distinct possibility.! Many thanks again for all your help and assistance!
  10. You would think with the picture in question being the loco hauled finale on the cotswold line that somewhere the stock identities would be recorded.....???
  11. Right found a good photo that illustrates what I'm after specifically . It is working a padd to Hereford service in 1993. The stock is clearly MK2s. Looking at the list kindly provided by bigp I'm not sure OC seemed to have enough mk2s allocated at this time to build a set like this. Would this likely be set OM290? Or any other suggestions?
  12. Interesting. Would Laira also have been responsible for any of the mk2 rakes that did the XC workings in this early 90s period also?
  13. And a further observation, according to the coaches listed above I don't see any sleeper coaches. I had assumed the western region sleeper sets where allocated to old oak, does this mean they were not??? Laira or long rock maybe?????
  14. Just to clarify something, am I right in thinking om290 is a diagram code as opposed to a set of coaching stock???
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