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  1. Well i just rechecked and like Royaloak i get the £89 etc price set. I suspect that its all about tax and where the website thinks you are. Perhaps John is seeing a price without uk vat (20%) but with austrailian sales tax? interestingly i am at present cruising off the NZ coast, but using a maritime link, so my ipad probably rembers where i usually access the site from.
  2. Hey john, useful post, thanks. I just checked Hornby website and the rrp still seems in line with your original list ( eg £89 for two coach set etc) i see some resellers are offering discounts, but cpuld not see any lower direct Hornby pricing, or working discount vouchers ( today or when i ordered mine!) have i missed something?
  3. Well hopefully a low res of one side of the pullout is attached, the other side is various articles. The whole thing is 5.7mb.
  4. Hey Guarded is this the one?
  5. I was looking through the br leaflets for the prototype and found one that shows an 8 car set with two ndm's a tf and a ts in addition to the two tbf's and two dts. Which as an 8 car set might run on more layouts. But does not show on the apt-p website configurations, does anyone know if thismactually ran or was it just in the promo leaflets? similarly a 6 car half set and, interestingly a 9 car full set that is marked up as having a single power car with one dts and one brake coach " no public access" any better info would be appreciated.
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