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  1. Currently Hattons have 372 different buying options listed for the genesis coaches. Add in the Hornby range and possible batch 3 liveries from Hattons and market must be well covered... https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklist/1484058/1000588/1000636/0/hattons_originals_oo_gauge_1_76_scale_coaches/prodlist.aspx?pageid=5
  2. Bucolic view across the watercresse farm at Hackney station in 1851 a year after the E&WID&BJR opened
  3. Further up the NLR at Bow shed in 1900. Note how clean those doors are...
  4. I suppose it was a bit ambitious trying to find a photo.. Early photographers seem more drawn to the GWR. Nemesis was buit in 1855 and Weymouth station photographed in 1857. Argus built 1842 served to 1873.
  5. Has anyone got a photo of the locos used on the E&WID&BJR which started in 1850? Google images didn't seem to come up with much for the East & West India Docks & Birmingham Junction Railway 1850-1853 It's amazing how clean everything looks in the docks. Poplar 1898
  6. He has an affilate link with Hattons and makes small amounts on superchat. Review videos tend to get a lot of hit and run views, for example people scrolling to the conclusion which will impact earnings. I look at the close up and motor shots on Sam's trains and ignore the rest. I've still got a few films and docos up where the copyright holder allow uploads. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZhGa2wRjLm7IH1jQKwtpFw The M.R James ghost story "a view from a hill" got a respectable av­er­age view dur­a­tion of 16:21min and av­er­age per­cent­age viewed 41.9%.
  7. Unless it's similar to RAL 5013 cobolt blue I refuse to buy...
  8. One of Sam's aims is to cover the cost of his collection. Looking at how much he is making per video suggests that is not the case anymore. For example, his latest purchase of a Bachmann 10000 was over £150. He would probably have to sell it on after the review to make money. See https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/mrsamstrains In the early days of youtube, it was easy to monetize a channel and make a bit of money. I used to have a channel of old documentaries and British films out of copyright. If a social influencer linked to it I could get 400,000 views overnight Globally. Those
  9. 25 pence in 1975 was the equivalent of £2.11 in 2019 according to the BOE inflation calculator. However, Since 1975 average earnings for full-time employees have more than doubled after accounting for inflation.
  10. The B12 I bought last year is in it and that wasn't a 2021 release, and the coaches slated for Q2 2021 aren't ! I just assumed it was a full range catalogue when I bought it like the Trix one I get.
  11. The new tool Coronation Scot coaches seem to be missing from it although they are still on the website.
  12. Same thing happens with the curent Trix-C track wide radius curved turnouts on the inner track.. The standard curved turnout are fine. If you observe closely you can see the wheels are hitting the point of the metal frog because the plastic guard rail gap is too wide for non Marklin-Trix models. The solution is to glue a thin strip of plastic onto the guardrail which moves the wheel outwards. A simple fix. See: https://railway.zone/post/fixing-derailments-on-trix-c-track-large-radius-curved-turnouts
  13. Trix have been making various large torpedo wagons on and off for years in Ho and N. I would imagine there is a market for an OO one. https://www.trix.de/de/suche/?q=Torpedopfannenwagen.
  14. Perhaps a Romney Hythe and Dymchurch armoured train wagon ?
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