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  1. Wikipedia gives some numbers by region. There were 25 6-wheelers in Northern Island available for booking pre-war for example, 64 in GWR land, 100+ LNER https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camping_coach
  2. Quite a few of the older stock seems to have ended up as camping carriages https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/22nd-june-1936-a-family-holiday-in-a-fitted-lner-railway-news-photo/51239878
  3. It looks like the LED strip electronics are mounted in the space between the interior roof lining and roof ?
  4. I don't use it myself, but the current range of Rocoline track scores with things like R9 to R10 turnouts available with or without ballast. In the Roco-Fleischmann press release they said 2 machines used to make Profi track had broken down. Both probably date from the 1980s when Fleischmann ho Profi was introduced, so although it still sells, and has nice things like shallow angle express points with floating live frogs, it's pretty clear they want people to transition to Rocoline track. Roco Geoline track has also been discontinued.
  5. Trix 62922 makes joining to Fleischmann Profi track seemless. I also use one to join to Peco Streamline 100 in a storage area. Piko A track make something similar.
  6. I would of thought code 83 is popular Worldwide in Ho train-set packs. Rocoline, Kato unitrack and Trix C-track etc. are 2.1mm code 83. Fleischmann Profi track is code 100 2.5mm and is quite popular in Germany but was discontinued at the start of this year.
  7. Well, my profile page says: Community Reputation 476 Good 0 warning points No restrictions being applied
  8. You mean known unknowns. We know Hattons don't stock Bachmann but the reason is unknown.
  9. Lots of rich lining on these, even cattle class travelled like Royalty...
  10. Stephen Lea, your estimate of the measurements are bang on! One thing to note is the middle axle ends are held firmly in the axle boxes, there is no additional play. The wheelbase of the 2 axle carriages is 70mm
  11. The freight car in my Trix Palatine Railroad pack around era 1900 has the middle axle mounted into a sliding cage. Total lateral movement is 4mm
  12. maico

    Hornby W1 Hush Hush

    That slot looks like a drawbar pivot point
  13. German 3rd class types seem to have had less suffering... 2 or 3 wc per clerestory coach
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