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  1. I asked a question and don't need to be patronized thanks.
  2. Well Germany is, cases from French hotspot are being flown to German hospitals which have spare capacity. The UK on the other hand is exporting COVID-19 around the World https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/01/africa/watoto-childrens-choir-coronavirus-intl/index.html Many of the new cases in China are students returning from the West with many from the UK testing positive but being asymptomatic
  3. Talking of autopsies, here's a German Doctor at work on suspected COVID-19 victims. I'm surprised that he is not wearing a N95 or FPP3 grade mask rather than a general issue tissue type. The rib cage requires considerable force to open up to inspect the lungs which are huge in size, hence the tools including chisels and spreader. The virus must still be alive in the body? https://www.bild.de/bild-plus/regional/hamburg/hamburg-aktuell/koryphaee-prof-dr-klaus-pueschel-ich-untersuche-die-corona-leichen-69776182,view=conversionToLogin.bild.html
  4. Post-mortem examinations are testing for COVID -19, pathologists want to know the spread of an infectious disease
  5. Unlikely given all autopsies in the UK test for COVID-19.
  6. Worldometer updates the UK figures late afternoon and the French and Italian early evening. US figures seem to updated hourly or so. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  7. On the 24th I listed the daily number of deaths in the EU countries and UK being just over a thousand for the first time. Some modelling was predicting a doubling of the daily total in 3 days. This has turned out to be accurate, today's total is 2237. It's worth pointing out that the UK's total COVID-19 deaths per capita is still only 11 per million. Italy has the highest rate at 151 and Germany at low end with 4 deaths per million people.
  8. Here's the latest deaths per 1 million people in Europe, 10 highest (Source Worldometers) Italy 124 Spain 74 Netherlands 21 France 20 Switzerland 18 Belgium 15 Luxembourg 13 UK 7 Denmark 6 Sweden 6 (USA 3, China 2) (San Marino, the tax haven for Italy, that is not in the EU, has a population of 33,000 and 21 deaths = 619)
  9. Some more positive news from the latest Imperial Collage modelling. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/nhs-now-likely-to-cope-with-coronavirus-says-key-scientist-rn5m6nggk
  10. What's frightening is you can't read. My post was about 1000+ people dying in ONE day in the EU for the first time!
  11. Yesterday I noticed the daily 24h death toll had gone over 1000 for the first time for the EU and UK. Makes grim reading. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries Italy 627 Spain 219 France 78 UK 33 Netherlands 30 Germany 23 Belgium 16 Switzerland 13 Greece 4 Hungary 3 Denmark 3 Portugal 2 ---------------- 1056
  12. If you want to avoid crowds at the supermarket go later. My local Tesco is open till 10pm. I went at 8pm and there were only 4 other customers there. No fresh meat at all but most other things in stock including shelves groaning under the weight of kitchen and bog roll. The night shift were refilling stuff. I wore a mask, just a normal FFP1 grade you use for DIY with basic filtration valve. Health professionals use FP3 or breathing gear, even so, a basic mask is very good at stopping atomization of your coughs and sneezes. That's why people in Asia wear them when you have a cold. This guy in the same store took a belt and braces end of the World approach https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/somerset-news/hazmat-suit-coronavirus-buying-tesco-3964751
  13. If you look at the active cases chart for China it's fallen rapidly to 9000 now, from a peak of 58.000 on the 17th of Feb. Strict lockdown in the hotspots has clearly worked. No fancy modelling required..... https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/china/ (note: do not confuse total cases graphs with active cases graphs as some in the media do)
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