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  1. I know it's been a while, but are there any further updates? I'm trying to get hold of a CAD model so I create one of my own in 00 gauge (my lack of CAD ability has yet again brought me down). Would there be any possibility of allowing people to purchase the model in some form? Even just the ends would be a fantastic start!
  2. I'll begin with I am by no means a technophile. I would love to be able to design on of these in CAD and get it printed but that is completely out of my depth (a solid wood one I might be able to do but way to heavy to be a model!). I am really hoping someone else shares my love of the 139. Having grown up going to the football on the train and Stourbridge Junction being just a couple of stops down the line from the stadium, I often couldn't help but stop and marvel at the uniqueness of the locomotive. I would absolutely love to add one to my collection and eventually build a Stourbridge Town
  3. Whereabouts do you unplug the wire? I had tried to remove the body previously but struggled do to the wire and did not want to attempt anything in case I damaged the model.
  4. Thanks! I bought the WD version thinking the colour was a closer but I would still need to repaint the front and back.
  5. I want my Ruston to be repainted and after consulting a few other RMweb members they say it should be an easy enough job to do on my own, but I should remove the body before painting (as I would expect). However, I briefly tried to do this before but became a bit stumped having the wiring attached the to wagon behind it. Does anyone have a suitable guide to remove the locomotive body from it so I can paint it safely?
  6. Thanks for the advice. My main concern with doing it myself was getting the correct paints. Excluding Halfords (considering it may be a while until we can leave) is getting the correct paint, especially the green. Any suggestions on that?
  7. It's quite a simple livery with no crests or lining really. I have attached some pictures below for reference.
  8. I'm looking for someone that has the ability to repaint a loco. I have one of Hornby's new Rustons which I want painted in the livery of a local railway near to me, but my painting talents are very little and I want the model to look much better than what I could achieve. Does anyone know any RMweb members or other modellers who would be able to help me (I would of course be willing to pay for the service)? (I also don't know whether I have put this in the right topic area!)
  9. Once everything is back to normal they usually spring up on ebay every few weeks. I was lucky to be able to pick up the one I wanted on ebay a couple of month back but it took me a while to find it.
  10. hconn

    No Longer Needed

    Hi Bill. Unfortunately I actually found someone wanting to sell one of the LNER models earlier yesterday, but had forgot to change the title. Apologies for any inconvenience!
  11. hconn

    No Longer Needed

    That is a shame. Probably very hard to buy the part for it now as well.
  12. hconn

    No Longer Needed

    That's a shame. What bogie are you using?
  13. Thanks! I'll be sure to email them.
  14. Does anyone know if there are any kits for a 00 gauge LNER Class Y8? I've seen a few pre-built kits about but nothing of the kit themselves. They seem to exist quite frequently in 0 gauge as well but next to nothing in 00.
  15. hconn

    No Longer Needed

    Not the sort of job my patience could cope with!
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