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  1. Hi all. Anyone know where I can get hold of originals or copies of hamblings Pway drawings?
  2. Does anyone have one of these they would like to sell? The EM gauge society shop is not able to supply.
  3. Great stuff, thanks for that, very interesting, and proper old-school drawings. You could frame things like that.
  4. Hi all. Thank you all so much for your helpful replies. I have joined the NBRSG so I will look forward to learning much more about the North British. Thanks again, your efforts are very much appreciated. H.
  5. Hi all. After a few false starts, I'm modelling in 4mm scale, EM gauge, and the North British at the end of the 19th century. I've had a go at ply and rivet plain track construction, (not tried points yet) and the results I've got are surprisingly quite pleasing, but I would like to try the plastic chair and solvent method too. My ply/rivet/solder technique was for generic track, but if I'm going to use chairs they may as well be the right type. Anyone out there do North British chairs? While I'm here, does anyone know of a good source of drawings useful for scratch building NB
  6. Hi all. Aside from children's toys, did clockwork or 'spring drive' ever move down as far as 4mm? I have heard of plenty of 7mm stuff, including some of the most famous layouts that ever existed, but not 4mm. Any examples? I imagine a fine scale 4mm steam era loco would look great with the right mechanism, but is it practical? obviously it would need a governor to stop it whizzing round in a non-scale manner. Just a thought.
  7. Ah, thank you. I did wonder. It looks wrong, but so right!
  8. Having had my planned trip to Pendon ruined by covid, does anyone know what Mr Ahern used for his track base? It looks like cork? Also the baseboard doesn't look like bare board, but painted with a gritty texture, anyone know what this is? H.
  9. BTW thanks for the replies so far. I really appreciate your help.
  10. Does anyone know what they used to colour the sleepers and track bed on Leeds City? It's a big thread to dig around looking.
  11. Nice one Nearholmer. I've been reading a lot about Crewchester and Lutton. Inspiring stuff. What beautiful engines you have there.
  12. It's something that is difficult to put your finger on. A recent good example I saw in a book was an NBR layout called 'Dean Bridge' in 7mm scale. Probably long since defunct. The chap used black roofing felt as ballast, but it was full of atmosphere, and the lack of realism in that there was no obvious gravel didnt seem to matter. It was the impression that came through from the picture that made the difference.
  13. Hello all. Having recently browsed many old model railway constructor magazines, it seems there were quite a few layouts in the 70s and 80s and perhaps before, that did not use ballast. To me, I hardly notice it's not there. The general atmosphere of the railway environment more than makes up for it. It seems that sometimes only the most general impression of ballast is required. I've even seen railways without ballast, and 3 rails! But somehow, somehow...it still has that atmosphere. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.
  14. Thanks so much for the advice. It may seem a little thing, but this may potentially be the effort of decades, so I would like to form my standards at the start. What I'm prepared to accept, and what i wont tolerate. I love history and industrial archaeology, so if i can do justice in model form to the people who built the real thing, within the constraints of a full time job and a young family, I'll be happy. I think I need to write down clear outlines of what I want the finished model to look like, and what I'm prepared to compromise on. This has been the result of getting on
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