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  1. Thanks so much for the advice. It may seem a little thing, but this may potentially be the effort of decades, so I would like to form my standards at the start. What I'm prepared to accept, and what i wont tolerate. I love history and industrial archaeology, so if i can do justice in model form to the people who built the real thing, within the constraints of a full time job and a young family, I'll be happy. I think I need to write down clear outlines of what I want the finished model to look like, and what I'm prepared to compromise on. This has been the result of getting on
  2. Hi chaps. Thank you for your advice. TBG, as the custodian of the Rev Peter Denny's layout, I'm a little in awe of someone who owns a model I've read so much about. I've tried to get my hands on every book and every magazine article that Rev. Denny wrote. It's such inspiring stuff. I really want to model the GCR, but I fear anything I do will be a pale facsimile of what Rev Denny achieved. That is why the L&Y was my other consideration. I know I will have to make compromises at some point, but I really want to get the track right, so at this early stage there is still time
  3. Hello all. As quite a raw newcomer to railway modelling, I have a few questions regarding track. Can you help? After much reading and a few false starts I have narrowed down my choice of what to model to either the GCR, or L&Y. (I was going to do the M&SWJR, but discounted it as possibly beyond me at this point in time). I am a member of the EM gauge society, and to get something running quite soon, which I think is important, I have ordered some EM flexi track. My period of interest is late 1890s to early 1900s, so my EM flexi is too long (moulded for 60' panels inste
  4. Smashing. I'll give them a whirl. Ordered a pack. I shall update if they turn out OK. (turnout...see what I did there...)
  5. Ah. Can't really justify joining yet another society. Thanks for your help though. It's always an option if I'm really stuck.
  6. Hi all. EM gauge society seems to have a problem supplying brass rivets for track construction. Can anyone please suggest an alternative source? It's the one thing holding me back at the moment. Regards H
  7. Ah fantastic! That's the one, and by lucky hap I have that book on it's way! Thanks H
  8. Hi all. I wonder if you could help me track down a book title? This is a long shot I should think, back in the 80's when I was a keen teenager with few resources, I used to regularly borrow a book about model railways from the mobile library. I remember it was probably written in the 60's or 70's, and featured a number of different layouts. In it was an article written by a lady, and in the picture I remember she had horn rimmed glasses or something similar, and she was building a model railway because as she said in the text, her brother or brothers 'wouldn't let her within a scale mile
  9. Got a used but good condition Record Imp. I believe Rev. Denny used one, so if it's good enough for that chap, it should do me nicely!
  10. I've got a Record Number 3, had it for years, but it lives on the dirty bench in the garage. It's great, and excellent quality, but too big and dirty for my workbench upstairs in the man cave. Just after a little vice for smaller, cleaner work. I had a little Record/Irwin vice but it was dreadful.
  11. Thanks guys, looks good to me. Just what I was after. H.
  12. Hi all. Can anyone recommend a good quality small vise for 4mm scale loco building and so on? What's everyone using? Many thanks H.
  13. Anyone hazard a guess as to what these parts are for? I'm flummoxed!
  14. Picture now uploaded. It wouldn't work with my Linux PC, so have had to borrow the missus' computer.
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