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  1. I used to trainspot at the station in the early 80's and remember having to buy a platform ticket to go through the ticket control. Can't remember if this changed whilst I was still spotting (I stopped sometime around the mid 80's).
  2. I've lived in York for most of my life and used the Station on countless occasions. Somewhere in the back of my mind I did know that the WH Smiths building was once a signal box but it is only when looking at the pictures in this thread that I've realised how really obvious it is that it was a signal box once. Next time I'm there I shall take some time to look at this building in a bit more detail rather that walk briskly past it. Great modelling and looking forward to seeing more!!
  3. Finally worked my way through this thread and what an enjoyable experience it has been. Dave, hats off to you sir. A truly remarkable layout and like many before me have said there have been mulitple times when I was reading through I had to do the proverbial double take to check it really was the model and not the real thing. Great stuff!! Now I'm up to date I need more photos now
  4. Amazing photos yet again!! If you really think these are poor then it shows the very high standards you are producing. It was only when I looked at the second photo that I realised you hadn't photoshopped the background on the first one!! These wonderful photos continue to showcase a truly exceptional layout and the expertise from all involved (including you too Gilbert!!).
  5. Exactly what I thought I've been browsing for a while now looking at this amazing layout. Spent a lot of time going through the thread, not every page as I would still be back in 2015... The quality of this layout, everything about it, is just fantastic. Gilbert, my congratulations to you and all the other talented folks who have worked on this. And your photos are absolutely brilliant, there were times when I was looking through the thread when I did a double take to see if it really was the model!! And I really mean that. Going t
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