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  1. Here is a 00 kit of a Lord Nelson that I am working on to now finish off the detail bits. The kit is fitted with a mashima 1428 motor and a high level gearbox with 14 wheel pickups. The livery is a what might have been and is not accurate but meant to be a bit of light heartedness.
  2. The lining on Welsh Pony has been going on and is now complete although a few pictures will say otherwise. Now I need to turn my attention to princess.
  3. A pair of Gauge 3 gresley coach bogies from the GRS kit that have been modified to have internal springs. This has been created by soldering on a short length of 5mm brass angle on the inner bogie frame faces with the addition of an 8BA bolt down facing. The top of each axle box has had a recess drilled into it to allow the spring to be captured. The other end of the spring rests on the underside of the brass angle with the 8BA bolt to keep it in check and to stop it from pinging out. The springs are from my spares box originally from the Smith’s range of 00 screw links and 3 links that I did
  4. A loco that is nearing completion is the restoration of a vintage scratch built gauge 3 LSWR wide cab T9 with a 6 wheel tender. The loco is made out of all manner of scrap materials and I think it was originally built in circa 1960. The loco came to me in a pretty bad way. It’s had a lot of work done to it and the final major job was completed this week in repairing some damage to the driving wheel hubs. It currently has a tender drive motor but I am going to try to encourage the owner to replace it with a more modern motor and gearbox on the loco drive axle. The boiler is not in its
  5. Thanks guys it interesting reading your comments and input. I would lie to find a list from halfords in excel format so i can see what current colours are still matching the original list i had in the opening post. Cheers Mark
  6. Hi All. Some years ago, someone very helpfully did a chart listing the various Halfords car paints and the equivalent of that colour in model form which is brilliant. However, as the years move on cars come and go. Some colours are no longer used on cars. It is understandable that some of the Halfords spray colour paints may also be discontinued. I have found at least three colours that no longer exist in the list below.They are Rover damask red or the Vauxhall gazelle beige and VW Pargas Blue. I am currently in the middle of painting a gauge 3 railcar into blood and custard. Upon a
  7. IWR Beyer peacock W13 Ryde awaits the departure with the Oldburys
  8. Well now that the Alton Model Railway Groups annual show FEBEX 2020 is over my attention has already turned to FEBEX 2021. We had a record number of people through the doors this year so our aim is to improve upon this year’s show and endeavour to make it better. Please put the date for next year’s show in your diary, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th February 2021. Full details will be updated on our web page soon. http://www.altonmrg.co.uk/ Our charges are £5 per adult (Includes show guide while stock last) Children are free as long as they are with a responsi
  9. Hello Thank you for attending our show and i am glad you enjoyed it. I am the person within the AMRG who chooses the layouts to book. Next years show is already 90% sorted and i am also working on 2022 and 2023 Cheers Mark
  10. Thank you glad you liked the show Mark
  11. Hello Martyn I am the layout co-ordinator for the Alton Febex show. You are right we have neglected the posting of the show information here. I will make sure the posts for next years show will be updated accordingly. I hope that you enjoyed the show last weekend. We had record numbers through the door for both days based on previous years. I hope you liked the variety of layouts at the show. I was made aware of one complaint that there was no modern image which was an oversight on my part. I have already addressed this for next year.
  12. The driving wheels and the trailing wheels are drilled out of solid block, no lathe work at all. And yes they are round
  13. very nice results. I have recently been paint stripping models for the respray and in order to strip then i used Nitromors. Although it may be a bit aggressive it does get the job done well. After the Nitromors has been thoroughly rinsed i then use some cif and a soft tooth brush to degrease everything then a final rinse and leave to dry for a few days prior to using the halfords etch grey primers and then the top coats int he same way as you described. I have used the nitromors and Halfords paints on a vintage gauge 3 M7 that is in for a complete respray from LSWR pea green to Br
  14. It has an invitation to the Taunton Show for October 2020
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