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  1. The driving wheels and the trailing wheels are drilled out of solid block, no lathe work at all. And yes they are round
  2. very nice results. I have recently been paint stripping models for the respray and in order to strip then i used Nitromors. Although it may be a bit aggressive it does get the job done well. After the Nitromors has been thoroughly rinsed i then use some cif and a soft tooth brush to degrease everything then a final rinse and leave to dry for a few days prior to using the halfords etch grey primers and then the top coats int he same way as you described. I have used the nitromors and Halfords paints on a vintage gauge 3 M7 that is in for a complete respray from LSWR pea green to Br Black and also some new batteries for the Radio Control equipment. The M7 was built in 1940 during the air raids in the anderson shelter as a means of passing the time by the builder and owner. The model now belongs to his son. Looking forward to seeing more updates
  3. It has an invitation to the Taunton Show for October 2020
  4. Some pictures of the rebuild and freshen up.
  5. I will upload some now. Alternately you can see the whole catalogue of pictures in the layouts facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2174554029455311/?multi_permalinks=2503323236578387&notif_id=1575019771111306&notif_t=group_activity
  6. Thank you i am glad you liked it. I still have an intention of replacing all the track as there is a slight distortion on the end of the 2 scenic boards that has caused a slight ski Jump effect. It will involve ripping up the old track levelling off the surfaces and then relaying the hand built track and point work as well as the re ballast
  7. Hello I did look at the layout but could not stop for long as i was exhibiting my own layout as well (Bembridge SR IOW). I am the show organiser for the Alton Model show and i would like to ask do you have a layout information sheet so i can consider the layout for a future show. I think the single biggest issue is that the subject is out of the ordinary in terms of location, the locos and trains etc. Most people are used to USA, European and UK model railways and as such to have something that is this unusual is potentially the reason as to why some did not stop and watch. I did watch and i also had a good look at the fiddle yard. Always my first port of call on any layout. The average person spends 3-5 minutes looking at a layout. Please feel free to PM me and we can discuss the layout as potentially coming tot eh Alton Show in Hampshire at some time in the future. Cheers Mark
  8. You should see the wiring on my gauge 3 layout blackgang that is even more minimalist. As in no wiring its all rc battery electric in each loco
  9. Hello I liked the layout i am the show organiser for the model club in Alton Hampshire. I was there with my own layout so i was unable to pop over to chat. Do you have any layout information sheets at all for Linden Road?
  10. I was there with my layout bembridge and the layout was well received including by some people who were able to recall the trains running in the last years of the lines life. The Bembridge branch closed in 1952 along with the Freshwater and Ventnor West routes. I had far too much stock to run and a lot of the rolling stock simply never came out of the box. Although all 25 locos did get run and some more than others. Hope you like the pics Mark
  11. the layout picked up 3 invites plus an inquiry from Andy York of BRM about photographing it for one of their magazines Mark
  12. This year Blackgang has had 3 outings. The first was in June to the Kettering Show in its 32 foot long guise. We had a lot of interest in the layout and a few visitors including the jinty and some GWR locos from my regular helpers. Amazingly it all fits in the back of my VW Caddy van with room to spare for a second person and their stock so taking this to a small show is not impossible and helps t keep the costs down. The second outing was to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway over the August Bank holiday weekend. We took the large layout over (80 foot long) in the back of a transit van and my own smaller VW Caddy van. We sailed to the IOWSR on the Thursday prior to the show which ran for 4 days from the Friday until the Bank holiday Monday. We arrived and set up the tent and then went to find the nearest pub. We set up early on Friday morning inside the Train Story building surrounded by all the vintage carriages and wagons. Over the course of the 4 days we had a few visitors and helpers with a few visiting engines such as an LT pannier and and LMR J94 saddle tank as well as the regular GWR interlopers. We had a lot of tea coffee and real ale over the 4 days and we all probably ate too much and too much of the wrong things as well. The final outing for Blackgang was to Aldershot in October in its 32 foot long guise. We again had a lot of interest in the layout and it ran well with no issues other than the operators running dry on tea/coffee. The pictures below are a random mix of the pictures taken at all three shows hope you like. Mark
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