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  1. Well, what can I say? Good news and bad! You're still with us. Pains have gone. All good. Then you have had a heart attack. Hopefully the cause of the attack can be sorted so that it does not happen again. I wish you well and a speedy recovery. Now my memory is not what it used to be and in 1976 I was working in the West Cumberland Hospital, probably in the Cardiac Care Unit, when I was in charge on night shift. I had not even qualified at that time but in those days if you were short staffed then you made the best use of the staff and as I was regarded as being proficeint then I was aske
  2. Jamie Has the storm affected you at all? Philip
  3. The Zero Zephyr O gauge Steam Locomotive range has been acquired by cspmodels.com and work is ongoing to sort through everything with the aim of bringing them back to the market in due course. Burton tank and Fireless Andrew Barcley will probably be first. Philip
  4. Ian Best of luck with the op and hope all goes well. You know where I am if you need anything. Philip
  5. Nick CRA would love to produce a definative history of the MCR. Work is going on in the background on various aspects with articles appearing in the Journal as and when. There is one on coaches with the editor at present but no idea when it will appear in print as we have rather a lot of copy at present, which is great, but some authors get frustrated if 'their' piece does not go in the next edition after submission! The Journal is planned 12 months in advance to give a balence of subjects so it is not usually possible, unless a planned article has to be pulled for whatever reason.
  6. Well this Covid 19 thing has caused all work to stop on Aspatria and I've been rather busy doing other things for various groups but to continue the story. My last major posting had photogrphs that were taken at Workington MRE in 2011. On its return to Carlisle the layout was put into storage while a decision was made about its future. This was considerably longer than expected. I needed space at home so the layout was moved to Carlisle station and hidden away with the last remaining Carlisle Tram body. Yes you read that right before you ask. Something that distracts me from modelling occ
  7. Just to let you know that following the sad passing of Adrian Swain, Sanspareil/CSP Models are pleased to anounce that they have purchased the Zero Zephyr Steam Locomotive range from his estate. We don't know when we will be able to bring some of the range back to the market but if there is a specific model you would be interested in them please send an e-amil to [email protected] Philip
  8. I need to try and find time to amend all the instructions to read: 'fit to rear axle with motor pointing forward into boiler. You may need to remove parts of the supports (this depends on the kit) to get it t fit'. I'll own up and say we have not tried to fit motor and gearbox to all of the kits but Chris Gibbon used his magic film, held against lots of them and said they should all be OK. Not had any complaints yet! Any issues please PM me.
  9. Can't believe how long it has been since I last posted on here. Fingers in far too many different pies. Just recovering from major surgery on my neck so have found time to look at this site at last. Can't do much in the way of heavy physical work so tapping on the keyboard is OK. The business is till ticking over. Lots of work done on 7mm kits. Not enough on 4mm ones although ... a set of etches turned up the other week for a GWR 0-6-0PT. No instructions done yet. No idea what castings will be required but if our builder can find time to wield his soldering iron we will find out if
  10. Recently added to their range are a set of Six Plunger Pickups priced at only £10 including postage ref L&F59. For those that model the GWR a Bell that was fitted to a number of their tank locomotives is also available for only £9 including p&p ref L&F56 Visit cspmodels.com and click on the link for Lost & Foundry.
  11. Marc Not eating the carpet but seem to spend lots of time on hands and knees on the one in the railway room looking for bits that seem to get eaten up by it!
  12. Having managed to remove the original layout from the loft and lift track from boards that were not coming my way it was time to start building a new layout! Lots of the track was still on its sundella base so I decided to make use of it to save time. A portable exhibition layout with a continuos run, minimum radius, as close to six feet as possible. Baggra loop to run into fiddle yard as well. Easy peasy? In the loft before removal, looking North on the up line. Loco No. 29 is wrong line working! Looking at the space I had available and how the track was configured re
  13. Yes, it is expansive. In my case the original loft layout was just over two foot wide so did not have the goods shed on it but did have the bay. My first build was three foot wide and had both! More in a later post to come. I will retain the facing crossover, in between the main platforms, as it allows a runround for the guards van if needed. There was never any direct access from the mainline to the bay. The crossing will be a double slip as it aids running round the coaches of the 'Baggra' trains.
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