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  1. Thanks again for the comments chaps! Much appreciated, and glad to offer inspiriation Decided to swap the broken lamp for a new one as it did look a bit odd, and I picked up a pair of absolutely beautiful telegraph poles from Express Models too while I was at it which I think it needed. I've also put a few wintry tufts of grass around, as well as some snowdrop-type plants just to break things up a bit, although I'm not 100% sold on them so I might end up removing them. I decided to treat myself to a second hand Bachmann 8750 Panni
  2. Thanks for the kind comments all I got the last couple of Dapol wagons I bought a few months ago weathered and 3-link'd this afternoon.
  3. An overall view of the layout. Ideally, as @Gordon A suggested on the previous page, I will put a layer of wood over the foamboard fascias as they look a bit naff now it's all finished. I may even reorder the MDF that I used for the backscene and make a proper fascia board for it with a top and bottom, with room for some LED lighting. Couldn't resist having a play around
  4. Excellent! No problem at all Rob, they look great. I need to get the angle slightly different next time to avoid the massive line in the backscene lol.
  5. All wired back up and working. In the end the only real casualty of the static grass tool incident is the poor LED in the lamp that got the full 9v. I may replace it at some point. The DIN plug makes a nice single entry point for both the DCC bus and the DC power to power the point controller board. The 2 on/off switches are connected to the servos so I can disconnect them from the board for the first couple of activations as they have a tendency to violently throw the full arc of movement the first time you activate them and throw off the point arm. I think this is just a limitati
  6. Thanks Rob The chap who supplied the point controller gubbins very kindly offered to take a look and fix the PCB. Turns out it was actually the original Arduino that was borked, but the board controller was too. So for the cost of components, I had a working board back today. I also took the opportunity to 3D print a proper enclosure for it, as well as fit a DIN plug and a few other QOL upgrades to make it all a bit easier to use and neater. I'll get it all wired back up tonight and pop a few pics on. I've also just got a dispatch notification on the backscene boards s
  7. Turns out it wasn't the Arduino as I'm still getting no response which means something else on the board has bit the silicon...
  8. Thanks Kevin! Not much of a difference but I got the fascia painted in satin black. I've also added a coal heap partly to give me a reason for coal wagons to be there and partly as it nicely fills the area and adds a bit more detail. My plan is to have an 'L' shaped backscene just on the rear and right hand end, probably no more exotic than just an overcast sky.
  9. Decided on a quick blast of a light khaki brown folllowed by white before applying the final layer of static grass, just to break it up a bit and add a bit more of a frosty feel. I also sprayed the shed roof and went round everything with a light drybrush of Vallejo Brilliant White too. Once the final layer of grass was applied I added some Busch icicles which just look awesome, along with a pair of Modelu figures. I'm not that far off calling it done tbh, next job will be a coat of satin blac
  10. Thanks guys! Second layer of static grass applied. This was done straight over the first layer without any airbrushing between (I may still do that next as I feel it is a tad uniform) simply by drybrushing the matt Mod Podge over the first layer. It's certainly going in the right direction but I'l be giving it another 1 or 2 layers.
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