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  1. Couldn't resist making a start on the B4. It's had a good coat of my new favourite ever matt varnish ever ever (VMS Supplies), a good wet coat over the whole model gives the most perfect, smooth, dead matt finish you could ever hope for. It then got a few mists of dirt/soot, along with 3-links and the surprisingly common load of coal over the firebox. I had a spare Modelu fireman laying around so decided to use that, and I have a driver on the way to keep him company. All that's left really is to apply the Railtec smokebox number/shed code once they arrive, and give them a quick mist just to b
  2. Yeah it's a lovely loco, smooth as butter. Itching to get it weathered, and I've already placed an order for the Railtec decs and Modelu crew
  3. Finally got myself a Dapol B4 after threatening to for months. £80ish quid from TMC was a bit too good to refuse looks quite at home on the quay side. This will be getting a Zimo chip, Modelu crew and some weathering in due course. I may even treat it to a set of 3d smokebox gubbins from Railtec as the current ones, apart from being flat, are just slightly skew-wiff.
  4. Finally got around to fitting the Modelu crew I bought a few months back in the Pug. Nicely hides all the stayalive gubbins in the cab. I also picked up a few Pocketbond Classix vehicles in the Hattons pre-xmas sales. Bit of weathering and a good matt coat, they've come up really well.
  5. Thanks chaps, I think'll that'll be the way to go. I may also try diffusing the LEDs too just to soften the light a tad. Worst/best thing about having the layout behind me when I'm sat at my PC is I spend a lot of time swivelling round and taking pics lol. Needs a good dust lol.
  6. Thanks Rob, it's more the shadows that the LED strips themselves cast on the backscene, you can see them on the pic of the 48DS above, the telegraph pole casts multiple shadows on the backscene behind it. The pic you copied in your post above is before I put the LEDs in so that is indeed from the room lighting, the 2 pics under that in the original post are with the room lights turned off and you can see the strong shadows cast by the LED strips. I suspect your suggestion of a second strip of LEDs down the middle of a 'roof' would be a good way to mitigate it so that may be the way to go!
  7. Definitely need to do something about the shadows but I'm really liking the lighting effects :)
  8. Realised I posted the last update for Garnswllt in the Frost's Mill thread like a plantpot Anyway, the MDF arrived a couple of weeks back and over the last few days I've got it cut to size and fixed on. I got a strip of RGB leds off Amazon with a remote that I spliced into the accessory power circuit. Looks amazing! And I can simulate times of day! The only downside is the wierd shadows it casts. Anyone any ideas on how to mitigate that? I was thinking of maybe diffusing the LEDs?
  9. Started on the fascia board. Still needs a bit of work but it's looking the part! EDIT: Just realised I posted this on the Frost's Mill thread instead of Garnswllt lol
  10. Thanks chaps I do have a hankering after building a larger layout with a station tbh, maybe the Terrier could be the start of something! I've come to the conclusion after running it in that the Hornby decoder is absolute pants lol. Zimo decoder and stayalive ordered!
  11. I ended up getting the above pic shortlisted in Hornby's Photo of the Year 2020 competition a couple of weeks back which I was well chuffed with. Unfortunately I didn't get 1st place, but I did get a very generous selection of goodies from Hornby, including one of their beautiful new Terriers, DCC fitted to boot! Not my usual loco but it's one I've been finding myself increasingly fond of since they came out so to win one is just amazing
  12. Thanks Steve! I completely forgot I'd sent a picture in lol, I take it it's in the Jan issue? I'm not really sure how I'm gonna do the lamps. I think printing in 2 halves would be difficult as the seam down the centre would need some significant cleaning, and each side is likely to suffer from some degree of warping given the nature of the resin. I may just go for some Express Models lamps as I used on Garnswllt as they're really rather excellent for the price. I was thinking of putting a wall lamp in under the canopy of the mill, and for that I am thinking of using the bent terminals of an LE
  13. Hi, the mortar courses are 0.2mm thick, and recessed 0.3mm on the chimney of the little hut. I think this varied slightly over the other buildings but was always at least that I'm pretty sure. I created a 1/76 scale house brick to begin with and saved it to my Tinkercad library so I was able to just stick that on any future buildings. I'd recommend placing a course of bricks and then grouping them together, duplicating and then moving up for the next course, then group both courses together to build the rest of the structure. There may be better ways of doing this stuff but it worked for me f
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