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  1. Thanks, definitely interested! I'm always looking for more excuses to 3d print loco bodies Bit more progress tonight, not a huge change but I've added a bit of a yellow highlight to the grass which I think looks much better, and I've been round the track with some white spirit to blend in the earth wash a tad more.
  2. It is indeed, mostly shamelessly copied inspired by Night Shift Modelling on YouTube. He makes it look so damn easy. https://youtu.be/WsfKGzTQMEs I would have liked slightly higher vegetation, however looking at period pics from when the railway was in use, the areas around the jetty at least don't look particularly overgrown. In fact there's very little vegetation.
  3. Massive progress this evening, I've managed to spend a good few hours at the bench. The grass has been airbrushed with various greens, starting with a browny, washed out 'hay' colour, progressing through to quite deep greens, and finally a very yellow green as a highlight. The track and ground was airbrushed with a medium brown, and then drybrushed with Vallejo Old Wood, along with the jetty and foreshore. Next, I picked out individual rocks using loads of different Vallejo colours, mainly greys, browns and creams (this was absolutely as fun as it sounds). Finally, a highly diluted wash of AK
  4. That's the one I've split out a few suitable models - Heron, Ducks, a Gull, and a couple of others. No idea how they'll print, I suspect the legs will be too small so it'll probably be a case of using some thin wire as legs instead.
  5. Thanks guys! Birdlife hadn't even crossed my mind, but I absolutely adore the idea! I've found some lowpoly birds on Sketchfab which I'm going to try printing in resin, I think at 1/76 scale they should be good enough.
  6. All the grass is now down and has had a good coat of Mr Surfacer. I also added a few sprigs of seafoam as little shrubs. Pleased with the effect so far, hopefully you can see how much more depth the grass has now. Next job will be be airbrushing it with different greens, then painting the track/groundwork etc. I'm still not sure if I should maybe paint the jetty first or not. Need to give it some more thought.
  7. Starting to get some grass on. The main fluorescent green is a mixture of 2 cheapo packs of static grass I bought from HobbyKing yonks ago, I think maybe 3mm & 5mm or something like that. It's actually really good stuff and I find goes on much better than WWS static grasses which I find just seem to clump together to the point they're almost unusable. Despite this, I have also started to go around with some 10mm WWS Meadow grass to add a few unkempt areas here and there as it's the longest I have. It sort of works if you spend a bit of time teasing the clumps apart first. The pipes scatter
  8. It's supposed to be cooler/raining towards the end of the week here in Sheffield so I wanted to make the most of the hotter weather, get outside with a black rattle can and give the layout a good base coat. Naturally it was completely dry in minutes so I was able to get the track cleaned off and the new power supply wired in for a good run. The 11-104 performs admirably despite the seriously tight curves which are just on the edge of being a bit too much for its relatively large wheelbase. Over the weekend I ordered a Tsugawa Yokou TU-7T chassis which has a teeny 9mm wheelbase so I'm hoping th
  9. Thank you! That pic will be very useful when I come to paint the shoreline! The jetty is now fully planked, sealed, sanded, and primed. Next job will be to quickly prime the rest of the layout, then get some grass down, plus a few pipes and general clutter. The 12v battery I was using to test the layout finally ran out, and I don't have a suitable charger so I've got a 12v plug coming from Amazon to replace it which I'll get wired in once it arrives.
  10. Good suggestion on the barnacles, will give that a try! My plan is to undercoat and actually paint the wood with the rest of the layout so I'm not too bothered about staining it first.
  11. Thanks guys, all interesting stuff! Had a bit of a break to get an aircraft shaped project off the bench, but back on the layout now. I was able to get a majority of the planking done on the jetty, with just a bit left to add between the rails. Next job will be sealing the balsa with thinned PVA and then giving it a quick sand down. Once that's done, I can get some grass laid
  12. Today I have mostly been planking...
  13. I decided to undercoat the area underneath the jetty before actually planking it as it would be nearly impossible to reach once it was. I gave it and the surrounding area a good coat of Mr Surfacer 1500 Mahogany which gives a much better idea of how the scenery will look once painted. I did manage to get a bit of planking in tonight but got bored rather quickly. I have these fantastical ideas but then realise I actually have to follow through with them haha.
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