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  1. Picked up a fancy camera yesterday as an early birthday pressie. A Nikon D7000, albeit a heavily used but still fully functional one, along with a Nikkor 60mm Macro lens. Couldn't resist giving it a go on the layout. I still need to fiddle with some settings but the results are pretty damn good so far.
  2. The thought had crossed my mind to add some fish and/or weed but I feel like that's the kind of thing that could look great but I have a very high chance of messing up lol. Second resin pour done, definitely level this time! It was about 10mm or so down on the left hand side so no wonder it was shallower over on the right
  3. A few gratuitous close ups of the now nearly fully cured resin. There is something so incredibly satisfying about things in clear resin Still needs a second pour, but I'm very happy with the results so far. Those odd bubbles on the surface are entirely my doing, I went over the resin with a blow torch immediately after pouring which worked really well to get rid of any initial bubbles, however I then had the idea to go over it again about an hour later which brought more bubbles to the surface and popped them, but the resin had had just enough time to be come viscous enough that it didn't self level again Shouldn't be a problem, the next pour will hopefully just cover them over.
  4. Had a bit of a break due to various other projects, work, commissions, decorating spare rooms etc, but I've finally managed to get some resin poured today. Channelling my inner Luke Towan (of Boulder Creek Railroad, check his channel on YouTube if you haven't already!) I used an entire 500ml set off amazon, a quick test piece seemed to give good results mixed with Vallejo Burnt Umber for a nice muddy look. The resin seems to need at least 24h to cure, plus a bit more until it's properly solid. It also has absolutely no smell which was a surprise to me, my only other experience with casting resin I remember it stinking to high heaven. I placed an acrylic dam around the perimeter, sealed with hot glue. Amazingly I can't see any leaks (or indeed leeks), fingers crossed it will stay that way overnight. I could have done with about 100ml more, the front section is just a tad shallower than I really wanted so I have ordered a second 250ml set which I'll add once this has fully cured, along with the rowing boat. I'm anticipating some serious sanding work around the edge once the acrylic is removed, but once that's all smoothed off I can get some black paint around the edge, and finally put a layer of gloss Mod Podge over the water to give a rippled effect.
  5. Modelu figs are painted up, they look quite at home Also got the Hibberd painted and weathered.
  6. Thanks Tony! So far I have 5 Dundas GVT open wagons and a Roco tippler that stilll need painting up & weight/load adding. I'll certainly be grabbing a couple of Hudson tipplers too at some point.
  7. Getting quite close to calling this one done. I weathered up the Oxford 109 and tractor, along with a pair of rowing boats I found on Thingiverse and 3d printed. One of these will be dumped on land, the other will be in the water. Talking of which, I've ordered some strips of acrylic to dam the areas that will be filled with resin, which I'm very excited about lol. I still need to finish painting up some Modelu workmen, and add the rest of the PE weeds.
  8. Eventually got around to painting up the rusty pipes. These were given a quick basecoat of RLM75 grey through the airbrush, followed by Wilder Aqualine rust colours. Starting with an overall coat of the lightest, then stippling the darker 2 tones over the top and wet blending them together. Finally, I splattered all 3 colours over the top from a large brush to get some random variation. Next job will be to get the photo etch weeds down, a few Modelu figures, and then I need to think about getting some resin in to pour the Medway.
  9. Cheers! The Ruddy Ducks are maybe slightly out of place, however the layout is very loosely set so it could probably be anywhere from the 50s to the 80s.
  10. A smattering of progress made today. I managed to draw up and print a little Hibberd body shell for the new chassis. Unfortunately despite pumping as much lead into it as I could it doesn't run particularly well. I didn't really expect it to, I think it's just simply too small. It will do a few laps though so all is not lost. The body shell itself came out nice too. I may get one of the slightly larger versions of the chassis at some point as I suspect they may run a tad better. The birdlife has been painted too. Particularly pleased with the Canada Geese. There's also a couple of seagulls, Godwits, Ruddy Ducks, and a Heron hanging about, all apparently found around the Medway Estuary in real life.
  11. Thanks, definitely interested! I'm always looking for more excuses to 3d print loco bodies Bit more progress tonight, not a huge change but I've added a bit of a yellow highlight to the grass which I think looks much better, and I've been round the track with some white spirit to blend in the earth wash a tad more.
  12. It is indeed, mostly shamelessly copied inspired by Night Shift Modelling on YouTube. He makes it look so damn easy. https://youtu.be/WsfKGzTQMEs I would have liked slightly higher vegetation, however looking at period pics from when the railway was in use, the areas around the jetty at least don't look particularly overgrown. In fact there's very little vegetation.
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