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  1. Hi Ian Thank you for taking the trouble to respond and provide me with the information. Kind Regards Mike
  2. Is there anyone who can help me? I have a locomotive which has been fitted with front and tender oil lamps. Can anyone tell me how I solder the wires to a Bachmann 21 pin decoder? I have posted this on before but it did not get any response. Thank you Mike
  3. Hello again everyone, I am most grateful for all of your help. Can anyone assist with my new query please. I have a Bachmann 4F locomotive that I have fitted two front lights and a tender rear light. Problem I have is where and how do I solder the wires from the lights to the decoder?
  4. Thanks everyone I have even had a laugh as well will look into all of your comments thank you all
  5. Can anyone help me with a small 00 figure that is climbing a ladder please. I am making a small section of the railway with a small diorama of an small industrial chimney with Fred Dibnah. Have looked around and cannot see anything/anyone who produces such a figure. Appreciate any help. Thank You Mike
  6. Thanks for the response Charlie. My first question is what is your cost please? I am an Ex mechanical & electrical engineer and can fit them myself. what is the cost for the sound chip and speaker on there own please. Mike
  7. Have just been delivered my Bachmann class 121 DMU. Not sure there is a suitable sound decoder for this one yet. Has anyone fitted one to it yet please? I have been listening to the ones on you tube etc but most sound pretty bad "tinny". to my ears Cannot hear on start up, engine start from No1 then No 2. Just one engine start and run up? Can any one advise please. Thanks.
  8. Hi Everyone, Hope all in the community are keeping safe and using the time to do the best hobby. Can anyone help/advise me on how to solder up the wires from the lights I have fitted to the chip?. Locomotive id a Bachmann 4F and has a 21 pin chip fitted I think it is a three function. Like to switch the front lights on and off but with alternate for the tender light illuminated. Front on red off, red on front off. Appreciate any help.
  9. Hi Everyone. Looking for help and Information again please. I have a Bachmann Class 37 which is a bit old. However, I have fitted it with a DCC chip, but I would like now to fit the nose end with direction lights and cab lighting. I also wish it obviously to be directional. I have attached photos of the locomotive I wish to modify. Can any one help/advise me please. Thank You
  10. After applying around eight pieces of slim plasticard and exerting a little more force than is usually required the body came free.Thanks everyone.
  11. Ken Many thanks for your help and response, I like what you have done in the photo. Can I ask what the figures are where did you purchase. Thanks Ken
  12. Has anyone undertaken the body removal from the chassis of the Bachmann LMS Inspection Saloon? I wish to apples some lighting and interior detail. Appreciate the two handrails need to be detached from the body along with the bogies. Have inserted four very thin plastic sheet between the body and solebatr but it appears to be stubborn. Any help advice photos be appreciated. Mike
  13. Thanks everyone for the updates. I tend to stick with Bachmann in view of the good detail etc. my order is for the green with whiskers so not to long now. Bit frustrating though as first it was October 19 then Jan 20 now April.
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