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  1. Me too. I'm always keeping sprues for paint stirring, but now I shall consider them for pipes as well.
  2. Thanks for sharing your loco construction; it's a good effort and I think it will look even better when it's finished. Using card is such a cheap and simple idea, but are you confident that just painting it will ensure its robustness? I'm sure I've read another post about using shellac to harden it off. What's your thoughts?
  3. I've found that type of packaging really useful in building parts of Badsworth Road. I covered it in Metcalfe brick card/papers and used it for the retaining walls. Some was also used for the platform and the bridge.
  4. @TechnicArrow Thanks for the kind comments. All being well I will get some more modelling time over the next couple of days if homeschooling doesn't prove as arduous as it has been over the last couple of weeks.
  5. It's been ages since I've updated this. Mainly due to not having the time to do so, and not having that much to update on; demands on my time have been high and modeling has very much taken a back seat. However, some of fruits of my slow progress can be seen below. A few buildings - including a water tower - have been recycled from a layout of yesteryear. As you can see, the little ones engines have been getting some action.
  6. I really like the buddleia bushes. Are they off the shelf or bespoke?
  7. A work of art! Really good atmosphere. Loving it.
  8. it took me a fair few weeks but I have enjoyed reading your story so far. The sections on weathering have been very informative. I'm looking forward to the east anglain instalment. Jaynes Trains is my local and possibly the only model shop now in South London; great to hear their customers are far and wide.
  9. After a fairly productive and active start It's hard to believe that I've not updated this site in over 3 months, but I was fortunate enough during lockdown to be able to work and keep my job despite many others not being so lucky. However, I have been chipping away at a few things which has included getting to grips with static grass. I can't say I'm the biggest fan, but it's early days yet. I've also been doing some other scenic work around the retaining walls, and general ground work; I'll post some pics later when I think there's something worth showing.
  10. Sounds interesting and along the same vein I want to follow, although I'm thinking of timing mine towards the end of the eighties for some colour variations.
  11. Kevo, I like the look of this. Scottish train operation has always been interesting IMHO as you can run prototypically short trains which lends itself to micro layouts in particular. Can I ask about your uncoupling? Looking at your kadee magnets, have you cut them in half? They look shorter than mine. How did you do this successful? And with a shorter length, do you find they still work as well? Regards M
  12. I was thinking of this area in the past 24 hours before coming across this thread. It struck me from memories of travelling on the line in the mid eighties that it would be an interesting place to model. I wasn't thinking of it during its heyday, but seeing the pics and comments it is wetting my appetite more. Lots of decay and neglect in that era to capture.
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