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  1. After a fairly productive and active start It's hard to believe that I've not updated this site in over 3 months, but I was fortunate enough during lockdown to be able to work and keep my job despite many others not being so lucky. However, I have been chipping away at a few things which has included getting to grips with static grass. I can't say I'm the biggest fan, but it's early days yet. I've also been doing some other scenic work around the retaining walls, and general ground work; I'll post some pics later when I think there's something worth showing.
  2. Sounds interesting and along the same vein I want to follow, although I'm thinking of timing mine towards the end of the eighties for some colour variations.
  3. Kevo, I like the look of this. Scottish train operation has always been interesting IMHO as you can run prototypically short trains which lends itself to micro layouts in particular. Can I ask about your uncoupling? Looking at your kadee magnets, have you cut them in half? They look shorter than mine. How did you do this successful? And with a shorter length, do you find they still work as well? Regards M
  4. I was thinking of this area in the past 24 hours before coming across this thread. It struck me from memories of travelling on the line in the mid eighties that it would be an interesting place to model. I wasn't thinking of it during its heyday, but seeing the pics and comments it is wetting my appetite more. Lots of decay and neglect in that era to capture.
  5. From memory South Croydon platform 4 is incredibly low. Not national rail, but I seem to remember some of the London Underground platforms on the surface sections heading out on the Piccadilly being all over the shop; some of them you used to fall in to the train and climb out.
  6. One of things that I hadn't really thought out very well with the layout was how I was going to get to the sector plate when the board is in situ. I found that the retaining wall and the shelf above were really impeding access, and if I was finding it difficult, the little one will find it impossible. This forum and TechnicArrow gave me some ideas after seeing his Arrow paints micro. I marked out the arc of the track and drilled a series of holes which were then joined together to form a suitable curved slot. A fair amount of sanding/finishing to get a relatively smooth slot followed. A long wooden dowel was then slotted through a hole drilled in the baseboard frame. A hole was drilled in the dowel at one end and a piece of piano wire was passed through it, secured with a blob of hot glue, and pushed in to a hole in the sleeper on the track above. I now have a sector plate that I can move from the side of the board!
  7. @Spotic thanks for coming back to me. Blooming sounds about right - it looks just like a fungal bloom! I didn't use a flash on the last photo; what you see is natural... Notice that even the stone underneath has also got the bloom effect. I've got some white spirit somewhere so will give it a try as I don't have anything to lose.
  8. Not too sure what's happened here. I weathered card with powders and have attempted to seal with a Matt spray acrylic varnish. Most of ten area has gone white and remained so.
  9. What a great thread this is. I have realised where I've been going wrong (in many places) with a layout for my daughter.
  10. Reminds me of an episode of Lawrie Goes Loco...
  11. Yes, and the flash on the camera can be cruel highlighting any imperfections (of which there are many). I'm keen to get a much more dark finish that you used to find in run down inner city environments.
  12. A lazyish Saturday allowed me to track down and order some much need Matt varnish; fingers crossed it gets delivered over the next few days. In the meantime I've faced the platform with the same brick card that I've used elsewhere and painted the platform surface. I've had a go at weathering the card with powders whilst I wait for the varnish. I don't think it's brilliant, but it will for a start and has changed the layout once again.
  13. This has been such a great thread to read. Thank you for explanations and pictures that have made it so fascinating.
  14. A little bit more progress this week. Platform and run round loop all ballasted. The head shunt to the siding has been inlaid with das clay and painted an earthy brown waiting a coating of static grass and weathering. The 2 sidings await a similar treatment, but I'm not rushing to do it as I'm unsure what good shed (or even if I want one) I want to employ. I've added some drain pipes to the walls in places. I'd like to do some weathering but I can't find any spray paint on line that is suitable for the track and I'm in a similar position with a varnish to protect the card retaining walls so that will have to wait.
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