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  1. The Cbus unit on the 2nd board has now been reprogrammed. The interlock between the yard ground frame and the panel box is now operating correctly. The yard ground frame operator will require training on route setting through the double slip!
  2. We're making progress, continuing @ this rate we'll have a running session on the 22nd. The Cbus unit controlling the double slip seems to have its memory corrupted. Nothing out electrics team can't fix!
  3. Hopefully this week we'll make more progress on the scenic's. We did however make progress on commissioning the new station control panel. This is the 1 built into the backscene. We're all looking forward to our next running session, hopefully soon.
  4. Hopefully full steam ahead soon!
  5. We've come to a near standstill, but we need to involve the whole group, not rely on a single member.
  6. We're missing your face around the club Steve. But we're not allowing your absence to stop us progressing Eastgate! We're sure you'll notice the progress!
  7. Progress is being made, honest gov! It's not easy to see progress every week, but @ the beginning of the summer, there was a baseboard, track & temporary electrics. We need a running session soon to test the new electric's & check the baseboard join for running.
  8. My grandmother always said, measure twice, cut once! We've had a problem with the measurement of the fullest extent of the pantograph on a unit or loco?
  9. We are making progress with Eastgate. We've been concidering the plan to install OLE! This has implications on the scenic development, including the Corporation Street bridge & car park.
  10. The original version of this week's cartoon not up to usual standard!
  11. Construction continues. We are now able to fully involve the whole Eastgate team. The scenic development hopefully will bring Eastgate more alive. We're also planning a running session on a Friday soon!
  12. It's an exciting week @ T&DMRC! It's the AGM.
  13. We plow on with building Eastgate.
  14. Progress over the summer has slowed, holidays etc. but now we approach the traditional modelling season.
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