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  1. Joseph a young member of our group is currently doing the design work and will then be 3D printing bridge support componets for the Corporation Street Bridge.
  2. HI Everyone I'm got to much work work to easily manage. I've been to B&Q today to purchase wood glue so that I can start a new modelling project.
  3. Andy do I have to buy a raffle ticket. I am a Muslim and my faith dosn't allow games of chance. Will it be possible to get involved by making a donation instead.
  4. The sun shinning, the ferry to Portsmouth's in, but I'm not allowed to board it! But at least we being freed and watered.
  5. I'm currently recovering slowly from Corvid-19. I'm having exercise, walking up & down the stairs. I've still got a smile on my face!
  6. I'm trying to keep positive, despite all of what's happening. I'm still working on the design of the platform buildings including building a foambaord mock up. I'm intending to colour it using acrylic paints.
  7. This seems a very stange Friday, no model railway club meeting. I've been working on the redesign of the station platform building. The dimensions on the drawing are in mm and the model is to be built in 4mm scale. Platform Buildings_MKIIB.pdf
  8. Finally the Eastgate scene is about to become 3D! The shell of the shopping Centre and Transport Interchange is in place in Concrete, foamboard and its exact final form needs to be decided. A mockup of the platform buildings will be made, to assertain the proportions of the various buildings.
  9. We're having problems with the planning process for the new shopping centre. We've already started pouring foam concrete, card, so we'll need a speedy conclusion!
  10. We have a slight problem of building control! We have consulted about the shopping centre design, nobody objected, but when building commenced all hell broke loose. Still that's the planning process.
  11. We're going to start building the Eastgate Shopping Centre & bus station this week. See cartoon for more details!
  12. I've had a slight problem with my modelling mojo recently. I think I trough it off the stern of the ferry home! I now found it again.
  13. We've had a slight hiatus over and since Christmas! Hopefully this is @ an end now!
  14. Hi I can't understand the emogy from Guest MM1991? A new year for Eastgate, full of new challenges!
  15. Last week was the 1st since the Xmas party! John ran his 7 cat Blue Pulman purchased @ Warley on the Multi Gauge Test Track. Hopefully we'll make more progress this coming week.
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