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  1. Simon, Any chance of the updated sketch, and maybe a wiring diagram?? Hope that's not too much to ask..... BC
  2. Toothed belts available here:- https://www.hpcgears.com/pdf_c33/12.88-12.89.pdf BC
  3. Like this?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL4XZwR6xVE BC
  4. Simon, Any chance of some photos of the mechanics of your turntable, please. BC
  5. Simon, Thanks for that, I will do some reading. I have a little stepper motor with the starter kit that I bought. I will have a play with that first. I am in no particular hurry, so I can wait for your help. Thanks for taking the time to reply. BC
  6. I am very new to this, just got my first Arduino last week, so still very confused. I would like to ask a few questions if I may, as a turntable for an OO gauge layout is my goal. I see that you are using a direct drive. As the motors seem to have 200 steps, this gives a resolution of 1.8 Degrees. At the outer edge of a 325mm dia TT this is a step of about 5mm, dose this not make it a bit jerky?? I was planning on a 5:1 belt drive.??, would this not be an improvement??. My ideal way of operating would be to have a button to press for each position. A maximum of 8 positions. The TT moving from wherever it is, to the required position. Is this possible/practical. I feel that the chances of me being able to write the required program (sketch?) for this is about 1000:1, so is here anyone out there who has done this and could supply me a copy of said program. Please be gentle with me... Many thanks for any help that you may be able to give. Barry Cole
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