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  1. My Merchant Navy is somewhere between Kernow and North Carolina so I have a couple of questions while I anxiously await the postman. With respect to the trailing truck do the wheels float and maintain contact with the rails or do they lift off due to fluctuations in the rail heights on rough track? Now as for adding DCC sound, I plan to use LokSound’s available sound files but they only have the rebuilt Merchant Navy version or the unrebuilt West Country class. Were there significant differences in sounds as a result of the rebuilding modifications? Were there significant differences in sounds between the West Country amd Merchant Navy locos? Thanks—Larry
  2. As far as sound decoders for West Country and Merchant Navy models, was there any difference i sound between these locos and also did the sounds change appreciable after being rebuilt?
  3. Thanks, good to see that is what that slot is for, looks similar to the motor hole in front of it.
  4. OK, then it sounds like option 3, either end depending on the conditions. I guess the closest station to me would be Plymouth since I am in the US. I did several internet searches looking for photos but did not find any.
  5. So I just received my new Bachmann SR PLV in dark Southern Maunsell green. Interestingly it is darker than my Hornby dark Mansell green coaches, I just put it down to extra layers of varnish, but that is not the question. My real question is, where did they place these PLVs in the train? Were they behind the loco and in front of the coaches or did they put them back at the rear of the train after all the coaches? A third option would be to do both. Was there any standard practice or was it just up to the guard? Thanks
  6. I have been waiting for this one a long time but have a couple of questions. First, will it run better and quieter than the Kernow GWR 0-6-0 made for them by DJM? Mine is still a gear grinder after a year of operations, never did run in and quiet down. Second, does the 21 pin DCC interface have provisions for connecting a speaker (such as an 11x15mm sugar cube) and is there a space for a speaker designed into the model?
  7. In researching colors for SR locos and passenger rolling stock I have seen major differences between shades of Maunsell Olive Green. My new Wainwright 4-4-0 is a true olive green. However my Bachmann PLV is a dark green. Then following up on this difference I found Paint Man offering both a light olive green and a dark olive green. This would seem to explain the visual differences I noted. Now can anyone sort out for me when, where, and on which equipment these different colors of Maunsell olive green would have been used? Thanks—Larry
  8. Thanks for the photo and the tip. I managed to get it installed after quite a bit of fiddling around with it. That slippery plastic sure does male it difficult to get the clips into the mounting hole. So I won’t be doing any push-pull operations with this one—pull only. Did yours come with the screw coupling or is that a replacement?
  9. I was installing the various extra bits today and found a big white glue smudge on the front of the cab between the portholes. I attacked it with IPA on a pointed cotton swab and after quite a bit of scrubbing got it all off. Fitting the plastic vacuum line was a pain until I noticed the parts that needed to go into the holes were (1) too big, and (2) too long. So I snipped them at an angle and that got them into the holes. The vaccum hose was also too big for the hole on the front of the buffer beam and had to be reamed out for a fit. The guard irons went in OK but had to be bent to a proper angle. I think I will paint the coupling hook black as the silver is just too plastic looking. Finally there was a plastic thing in the package that looks sort of like a stirrup but is not shown in the booklet. Anyone know what it is or where it goes?
  10. Yes, I was looking for the various controls but could not pick them out. I think I will just stand the driver in the middle and park the fireman on the tender footplate where he will be more visible anyway. I guess I could sever the driver’s right leg at the knee to get him closer to the correct position. Right now I wish my cab roof was removable for easier access, but alas only one buffer was loose.
  11. OK, fitted the driver without traction tyres and this little can hardly pull 3 Hornby coaches up a 1% grade. Good thing it will mainly be run on my flat modules. When it makes its appearance on my US Southern Rwy layout it will have to have a diesel assigned to the train to prevent stalling in the helices. Now for the important question—which side was the driver on in the cab of a Southern Wainwirght? Also given the limited space it appears that the driver can be standing in front of the firebox door and the fireman standing on the tender footplate, or the driver has to be sitting to allow the fireman access to the firebox. I have a handful of Modelu drivers but they are all standing and set up for GWR right hand position. Anyone have photos of their crew installed yet?
  12. Well finally my Southern green loco has arrived in America! Shipped on 2/7 and arrived on 8/7, fasted shipping from the UK I have ever received. My first reaction was is this OO scale, it is so small compared even to my GWR Mogul, but coupled up to 6 Hornby GWR coaches it looked OK and it pulled them up a 1% grade on a curve with the traction tyres still installed. As usuall one buffer was floating in the box but the tender height matched the loco cab. Getting the smokebox door off for fitting the decoder was not easy as the door is basically a flush fit and the little tool was useless. An Xacto knife blade slid under the hinge worked though. As indicated above it is a very smooth runner with DCC installed, so now I need to replace the traction wheelset and install the various bits. I also plan to gut the electronics in the boiler and hard wire a decoder which should give me room for a little extra weight and a Keep Alive from TCS. Right now I’d give Dapol/Rails a 9.9/10 on this one.
  13. Finally got them to ship my Southern green one today. Turns out they were waiting for me to add items to the order but I had already done it 2 weeks ago when I last checked the order status with one of their customer service employees. Left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing! They really need a Trunk service like Hatton’s.
  14. Apparently Dapol has been sending Rails the locos in small batches so they can only ship what and how many they are sent. The SECR locos arrived first so went out first. The rest will come in due order.
  15. It appears you managed to get the tender and engine almost at the same height, did you raise the tender shell or lower the loco by manipulating the wires and tightening the screws?
  16. Shipping seems to be hit and miss. My friend Al in Wales got his SECR last week but ordered it after I did and I still have not been notified my Southern olive one has shipped. Maybe they’re holding the overseas shipments till last.
  17. Phil—I used that method in the tender of a brass N&W J Class 4-8-4 and it does put out great sound. One tip, paint the wire screen black before applying the coal. That way any thin spots won’t be as noticeable, and you do need thin spots to let the sound out. I wonder whether that larger version of the Dumbo was pressing against the top or sides of the tender and creating the distortion. In my Mogul I used the smaller Dumbo which was a much easier fit and it still puts out a lot of sound—Larry (AKA The DCC Guy)
  18. Phil—did you order the Rails sound upgrade or use a decoder from another source? What type speaker did you install in the tender? Sound should be better with the tender shell in place as it helps amplify it.
  19. Al—Looks good but you’d better hurry and order a Southern version to go with all those Maunsell coaches you have stashed away!
  20. OK, the cab detail makes it look like a £200 model. Since I am awaiting my Southern version I am a little disappointed to see these questions about the lining but who else here in the US will notice, much less know! Gotta get my Dumbo speaker and decoder ordered for this one.
  21. I was just waiting for that one and didn’t have to wait long!
  22. Well I too await the Southern olive green version and hope it is better than the SE&CR model. I must agree with Sam that this really is no better than the Dapol GWR Mogul which sells for much less and pulls about as well. I cannot fathom why they put metallic domes, etc. on the thing but painted the top of the stack a d a number of other fittings with a poor representation of copper/brass—totally ruins the effect. For those who have not seen Sam’s review here is a link:
  23. Just watched the review on Sam’s Trains and his results varied! After removing the traction tyres it struggled with 4 cars although the pulling power should translate to 12 cars on a flat and 31 with the traction tyres—somewhat disappointing if that holds up with other reviews. Good thing my modules are dead flat!
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