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  1. Obviously “the virus” has pushed everything back months, but it’s looking like June maybe July now.
  2. 1401 and Auto, these have got to be model of the year 2020.
  3. I have some of them ready to roll Monday to their new owners, as for the turbots - I suspect their in a container between a Anglian port and Chirk.
  4. If you want one, drop me a line....(Newport).
  5. MonBank Model Railway Centre being 100% online is still open and able to shop orders.
  6. Does anyone know how to remove the body shell ? Thanks
  7. Dapol have announced as of this evening they are closing for three weeks in light of the Prime Minsters instructions to the nation last night. Im sure you’ll join me in wishing the team at Dapol a safe period, and look forward to getting the country back in track together when they return, All the best guys, Marc @ MonBank Model Railway Centre
  8. Dapols fantastic Class 14/48/58XX locomotives available now from MonBank Model Railway Centre
  9. The patches are extremely thin so should be okay to apply over the much faded GWR.
  10. Dapol Collectors Club 1401 arrived today, it’s a cracking little model praise where it’s due.
  11. I’ve had five customers cancel their sound orders as they’ve got fed up waiting, I’m going to remove the sound models as it’s not fair on me or the customer simply not knowing when they’ll arrive, if ever.
  12. Next 8 weeks yes, had a forthcoming product list yesterday.
  13. The situation isn’t helped by Dapol not even giving a rough eta of any sound models, latest I heard was fitting of the 08s had even started (two weeks ago).
  14. We’re still awaiting for the sound models, latest info is they haven’t even started the fitment process.
  15. Should anyone wish to support the very little guy then we will have them from next week as well. www.monbankmodelrailwaycentre.com Thank You
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