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  1. Thanks Chris! I deleted the video with Stapleton's song, replaced it with something more appropriate.
  2. Another short video clip, just a series of stills depicting my progress. Forgive the choice of music, but I really like the singer!
  3. I can imagine the driver’s words about the dispatcher who booked him to that run!
  4. I've put this clip on Youtube just to show how various rtr trains handle Peco settrack.During the second half, I ran the train over a misaligned switch. Couldn't do that on my OO DCC layout!
  5. On a 5% grade and in a Peco curve, I had three short Peco coaches, and the loco would wheel slip, which I'm sure over-reved the motor. I mean, it didn't happen immediately, it was my constant efforts to get it up the hill! Earlier I posted a first person video of the first layout. I had to use an n scale Bo-Bo diesel to run the camera car uphill.
  6. Font; glad to share. The Thomas locos are actually very good mechanisms. I’m sure we’ll see them in the future Bachmann releases. None of the Heljan locos will handle Peco curves, I’m told. The worst feature of the Peco settrack is the rail joiners, they’re almost microscopic, and one connect/disconnect will spread them making connections problematical. Not a deal breaker, just a quirk. Make sure you have extras. I had to say the locos aren’t perfect over points, but I’d give them a 98% rating. I did burn out a Rheneas motor trying to climb my earlier 5% grade layout, that’s why my track is now all level. i do have a YouTube video of the various locos running on 150mm Kato n scale curves, under Robert Stinson. Kato track is great for experimenting with layouts.
  7. Hi guys. Font; it’s all Peco set track, and the turnouts are all insulfrog. Rheneas and Skarloey run fine on the curves, and hardly ever stall on the turnouts. Their weight, and the frog angle help. I also have their Rusty, also with no problems. Actually, I have a Bachmann 10-12-D that does worse on the turnouts. All the ready to run rolling stock I’ve bought negotiates the track well. I have one of Peco’s long Ffestiniog coaches that I use to ensure there is clearance on the curves, and it handles them and the turnout fine. The only vexing issue with the OO9 rolling stock is their couplers. I know that’s been covered elsewhere. I just run a pin through one coupler on each car to make a reliable connection. These also have no problems on the layout curves and turnouts. Colin: thanks for the compliment. I've attached a fairly recent “aerial view”, and a detail of a retaining wall in progress.
  8. Another progress photo. Stay at home orders is causing this layout project to hit overdrive!
  9. I recently received another body shell from Shapeways, of a freelance steeplecab locomotive. This time I ordered the fine detail plastic version, which is much better than the basic version. I put it on a Kato 11-109 two axle motor chassis. The body was so short I had to remove the ends holding the coupler pockets. Even so, I had to cut into the body t make it fit. The red protrusion is the metal motor mount. I’ve asked the designer to make a modified shell to fit on the 109. For now, it looks acceptable if one overlooks any detail!
  10. By the way guys, I'm posting some photos and video clips on Instagram. If you'd like to take a peek, I'm listed as socalbobs.
  11. Progress report: here are two photos, sort of before and after, of one corner of my board.
  12. Nile, thanks! Funny thing, I came up with the exact same solution.
  13. Thanks guys for your thoughts!
  14. I put together a short video clip of my layout, 6 weeks in progress, as seen by the train driver!
  15. I got a 109, can echo Stephen's remarks. Wonderful, silent. On the other hand, I got a 105 for a Bandai B-Train replacement. Unusable. Loud, only one bogie powered, being light it can barely pull one OO9 coach.
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