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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! Of course it makes sense, but it’s nice to know the reality. Still wonder why it was done...
  2. First of all, I want to thank everyone for their advice and observations - invaluable. So, mine came today. I conducted some surgery, removing the tension lock components and hogging out a pocket on the top of the brace. A regular #3 Kadee fits just fine and does not interfere with anything. the coach runs smoothly through an s-curve on my board. On a tangent, I’ve observed coaches having white roofs. This can’t have lasted, could they? What have folks done to make them look more realistic?
  3. Hey folks, greetings from California. Have a question regarding couplers. Hornby has released (haven't seen one yet) some GWR clerestory coaches. I have a preference for Kadee couplers, they even make a set that fit NEM sockets. Has anyone modified these or other similar coaches to accommodate Kadees? From the scarce pictures of these coaches, it looks like the stock couplers are molded onto the bogies. Thanks for any help or advice!
  4. Argh! Thinking the 2095 was OOS, I just spent my "allotment" on an OO Peckett 0-6-0. Thanks for the tip on Gaugemaster though. I'll keep an eye on them.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Repainting was exactly what I'd planned to do. Now, however, my sole source in the USA is out of stock, so I have to wander the web looking for them! My mini layout has 5% grades on Peco first radius OO9 curves. The Bachmann Skarloey and Rheneas will pull 2 to 3 Peco micro cars, but there will be times I want to pull more!
  6. Steve, nice locos. Perhaps you might share some info? I’m building a U.K. themed OO9 mountain layout (it’s over in the narrow gauge modeling section), with Peco curves on a 5% grade. My Bachmann Skarloey, Rheneas and 10-12-D all can climb with a maximum of three Peco shorty style cars. I’ve cobbled together an n-gauge Bo-Bo and these cars, and it’ll pull all I own! In a hypothetical universe, in your opinion would a narrow gauge U.K. railroad ever import a Bo-Bo 2095 for use, say for tourist excursions? What I’m really asking is whether the 2095 looks thematically compatible with U.K. rolling stock? If necessary, I could paint over the OBB scheme with something “generically regional”. If you have mated these, I’d love to see a photo! I know scales aren’t identical.
  7. Bob S

    Peco Wheels

    Did a little experimenting. I have some Graham Farish and Bachmann US n-gauge rolling stock. I tried swapping wheels, found out that some axles on the GF are slightly larger so bind up, and the B-US wheels themselves are slightly smaller in diameter. Both are 20 years old, so perhaps wear or re-tooling may have occurred. So, I'll be waiting for the real thing...
  8. Bob S

    Peco Wheels

    Hi Nile. Does the announcement mention the option of purchasing them apart from the rolling stock? If they will be available, can anyone recommend a good source for small items like these? It would have to be a source that ships to California! Thanks in advance, guys.
  9. Thank you Nile for both bits of information. I’d thought the Bachmann issue was new, but apparently everyone knew! Call me mushroom man, in the dark! As for the wheels, your news is great. I do like the sound of “iron on iron”.
  10. Hesitant to start a whole new topic for a single question, but in Southern California, info on OO9 is essentially nonexistent. Does any company make replacement metal wheelsets for Peco’s short wagons? Stock plastic ones seem a bit grabby, something I’ve noticed in other gauges. Just curious. By the way, I was just told that Hattons won’t be selling Bachmann narrow gauge products. Anybody know why? Again, I’m in an info vacuum.
  11. I posted a clip n YouTube. Hope you enjoy it!
  12. Here’s my final setup; the two points are remotely operated with Kato mechanisms. The base is just some 1/4” plywood with green felt glued over it. The wiring is threaded through holes in the wood and cloth under the points and power hookup.
  13. I’ve put mine together, minus a point. The Bachmann Skarloey 0-4-2, Rheneas 0-4-0 and 10-12-D 4-6-0 have no problems negotiating the route. The 90deg crossing doesn’t stall any of the locos, unless you bring them to a stop right on it. I’m building a green cloth felt slab for it to sit on, when all is done I’ll post a YouTube video and leave a link here. (I also run n scale stock on it. Don’t tell anyone!)
  14. I’m working on my “Freelance OO9 Layout” (another topic here) and as I was browsing the Internet, I saw a micro layout using Kato N Scale track that looked fun. I mapped it out using Anyrail software and developed the track plan. It should fit on a 34” by 15” board, that one can put on a table. For me, it allows running various rolling stock, to see if they can negotiate the tight curves, and just watch trains while my other layout is in construction. I have some of the track segments, so I did some preliminary tests. The smaller curve radius is 6”/150mm. My Bachmann Rheneas and Skarloey handle them. My Bachmann 10-12-D can also, but complains a bit. The latter also cannot make the curve of the turnout, so it goes straight. Some n scale trains can run on this too, small ones anyway. There appears to be a lot of OO9 product in development, so I hope to use this layout for test and demonstration purposes. You may notice a tiny gap on the outside curves. I’m not sure if it’s real or an artifact of the software. At any rate, it’s just a couple of millimeters, so ther should be enough flex in the track to compensate. Feel free to try this! Let me know what you think if you do.
  15. Yes, their tightest “compact” radius, somewhere around 110mm I believe.
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