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  1. Hi TTG, just wondering if there have been any developments lately? This layout is the one that finally tipped me over the edge and convinced me that O Gauge is do-able and especially that I could get stock around tighter curves. All the best Mike
  2. Hi Clive, I don’t say much on the forum but I do appreciate the amount of knowledge that people such as your good self share and I don’t mind admitting that I did a bit of copying and pasting from a topic where you were talking about the workings of a diesel depot. Nearly actually went and built one as a result (still might) and it wasn’t something I was really very interested in before, so thank you for that. Oh, and great layout and stock by the way Thanks also for introducing me to Skating Polly Mike
  3. Mutley

    Dapol Mark 1 coaches?

    Artwork showing on the Lionheart Website: https://www.lionhearttrains.com/index.php?route=blog%2Farticle&article_id=4&fbclid=IwAR2YKKehhhr4roNAJgFFf4ZrQGypkpOGwFzW7awHCD4PQjgkOlW8qwNivf0 https://www.lionhearttrains.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=60 Mike
  4. Heljan have announced via Facebook that in addition to the Class 31 / Deltic re-issues, they are also going to re-run the Class 35 Hymek, which is good news for those of us just moving to O Gauge and who may have missed out before. I don't think this has been mentioned on here, models as follows: Class 35 Hymek - SRP £495.00 3585 - BR green 'as built' unnumbered 3586 - BR green with small yellow panel unnumbered 3587 - BR green with full yellow end unnumbered 3588 - BR blue with full yellow end unnumbered https://www.facebook.com/heljanas/photos/pcb.2236411339755053/2236404836422370/?type=3&theater&ifg=1 Mike
  5. Mutley

    Dapol Mark 1 coaches?

    Hi all, Has anybody heard how Dapol are going to implement the DCC element of these coaches? I'm assuming this will be for the control of internal lighting / tail lights etc so that they are not just constantly on (ie for when they are parked up in Carriage Sidings or the like). I've noted that they are going to be available 'DCC Fitted' as an option but as I've quite a number of Lenz decoders in stock (that won't fetch much secondhand if I sell them) it would make sense for me to purchase without DCC and fit my own decoders. My question is, are we going to get sockets, or will they be provided with decoders hard-wired? I have asked the question of Dapol but haven't had a response, so just wondering if anybody had heard anything on the grapevine? Thanks in advance Mike
  6. Thanks very much for that Roger, really helpful.
  7. Hi, Although I consider myself a bit of a DCC veteran, having fitted decoders to around 250 OO Gauge locos, my first O Gauge loco is leaving me stumped! I have a Heljan 7mm Warship and I have an ESU Loksound V4.1 XL to fit to it. It looks to me as if I can just swap-out the Heljan PCB for the XL but I'm nervous about the lighting. Can I just wire directly into the XL, or do I need to add resistors to protect the LED's from blowing? If anybody has experience of doing this, I'd be very grateful for any advice you can provide. Thanks in advance Mike
  8. Mutley

    Warship in 7mm

    Just a quick question on DCC fitting if I may? I must have fitted 250+ OO Gauge locos over the years, including Bachmann split-chassis steam, so I'm no shrinking violet. I'm new to O Gauge however and this is my first DCC conversion. Having opened up my Warship for the first time, I think I can see what needs to be done but thought I might ask before proceeding. As has been alluded to earlier in this thread, it does look as if I can just take out the Heljan PCB and replace it with my Loksound V4.1 XL. My worry is the lighting - are those resistors on the PCB, or are they in-line somewhere out of sight? I feel the urge to just plug-in the appropriate wires but don't want to blow the LEDs! Is somebody able to confirm? Thanks in advance Mike
  9. Looking for a Heljan Class 35 Hymek in BR Green with Small Yellow Panels, item number 3580.
  10. Thanks again Simon. I've identified torch / wire and will order in the morning and see what I can come up with. Your point on blackening hooks / links duly noted! I might actually get around to building a few things for myself, perhaps a wagon to begin with. Alas, lack of time is my enemy, so could be a slow process for me. All the best Mike
  11. Thanks Simon, that's useful advice, I guess coupling that way around avoids having to try to drop the link 'blind' onto the hook beneath the corridor connection .. hadn't occurred to me. I've found a few examples of Shunter's Poles and might see if I can concoct something using a bit of brass wire and a mini torch. Al the best Mike
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