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  1. Here in East Renfrewshire I also have four bins for the same divisions of waste, although my garden waste bin is brown and green is for plastic and glass ! Whereas in Oxford my Mum only has three bins, plastic/glass/paper etc all going into the one bin. Maybe there should be a common national standard for recycling containers, of all sorts ?
  2. Given the track layout the overlaps are presumably very short with 'first wheel replacement' for the signals, ie the signal was at proceed for the train but as soon as the loco passed it, it returned to danger.
  3. Might one be the Coca-Cola train set perhaps ?!!!!
  4. I recall when the Tube map was exactly that, a map of the Tube and nothing else. IIRC the rot set in, or rather the map started to be far more useful (IMHO), when the North London Line was added. It will become utterly bizarre when the east/west main line through London, Crossrail, is shown on the map, but the north/south equivalent, Thameslink, is not (especially as there will be really useful connections between the two at Farringdon !)
  5. I doubt the person who lost their job as a result of your actions (parking illegally in a disabled space and then complaining about it when you quite rightly received a parking ticket) enjoyed their breakfast as much as you.
  6. IIRC a Queen Mary brake van was for a while based at Falkland Yard Ayr, for propelling moves on the short-lived branch to Broomhill opencast (off the Dalrymple Jc/Chalmerston route).
  7. I look forward to the connecting service from Taunton and that will certainly encourage me to visit the WSR. However I do wonder how sustainable a preserved railway is going to be in future, as concern about climate change grows, if the only reasonable access is by car ? For that reason there are preserved railways I have never visited, eg the Churnet Valley and Shackerstone, and my first visit to Tenterden was only this year; By bus from Headcorn, which was OK, but on the way back the (hourly) bus missed a connecting train to London by 30 seconds ! The preserved railways I have visited most often are those accessible by rail, eg the SVR, GCR, NYMR, NNR, all of which seem to be successful concerns too.
  8. The best (or worst) example of stopping places confusing passengers that I know of is Birmingham New St, where the Newcastle-Reading services often reverse in Platform 10a. Passengers arrive on the platform and stand, near the steps/escalator, where the signs do indeed say 10a. However there is a signal just about a Voyager length into the platform (from the east), and (as it always seems to be at danger) that is where the train stops - A fair way away from nearly all the passengers !
  9. For all it would have cost Hornby to supply headcode discs, that is really quite pathetic.
  10. Having finally made the LNER long CCT in BR blue (very nice Hornby, thank you). maybe 2020 will be the Year of the Parcels Van, and we'll see the LMS CCT and Hawksworth BG in BR blue too ? And a new inside-framed Siphon G would be very nice too.
  11. Really interesting thoughts and photos Nearholmer, thanks for posting. I particularly liked the pics of Stony Stratford as I lived there for a while, albeit before I was 5 so I don't remember much about it ! If the new airport had been built we would already have part of HS2; Given the oppostion to that, imagine the uproar if the airport proposal resurfaced now !
  12. Presumably because it sounded better ? Compared to Series 3, Super 4 track was a major step forward (I had both in My First Train Set !)
  13. IIRC the HCN trains between Grangemouth and Haverton Hill ran as 8X98 and 8X99. They were closely monitored by Glasgow Control and there was always a feeling of relief when the Up train passed safely onto the Eastern Region !
  14. Thank goodness the cricket (due to rain delays) started earlier, so that I could turn over at 2130 and watch something more interesting, and with the New Zealand bowling, scarier, than the tripe on BBC1.
  15. My first work location on BR, Harlow Town, was served by some of the Cambridge/Liverpool St loco-hauled services, worked by Classes 31 and 37. My recollection is that the 31 could get up to a decent speed (as far as as was possible on that route) but it took an awfully long time ! The 37s on the other hand were just magnificent.
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