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  1. 5025 has just been returned to service, and most magnificent it looks too !
  2. It looks like GWR are still having to make other short notice changes; For example, on the 16th August the 0514 Worcester SH-Paddington was a 9-car set, 802108; Yesterday it was a 3-car 165 running to Reading only, which appears to be a variation for this week.
  3. Was Beeching's report actually entitled 'The Reshaping of British Railways and Tramways' ? I didn't think so, but according to an article in the current (Issue 939, Sep 8-21 2021) Rail magazine, 'Britain's tramways didn't escape Beeching's axe, and routes back from the Blackpool waterfront were dismantled in the 1960s'. This has to be the most ludicrous example of falsely blaming Beeching yet.
  4. I thought I was offering an olive branch, but don't worry Sam, I will not quote you, respond to you or otherwise engage with you in any way on here in future.
  5. I take it that is a reference to my response to your post in the Bridge Bashing thread ? In that case you and I spoke from very different backgrounds and experiences Sam, but please do not on my account feel unable to think and post anything you want - But also be prepared for responses from others !
  6. Agree absolutely, a brake van ride on the Epping/Ongar Railway in a Shark gave me a whole new appreciation of, and sympathy for, Goods Guards !
  7. Blaming Beeching personally for closing railways is wrong; He was appointed by the Government of the day, who had in turn been appointed by the population in a democratic election, to deal with the huge losses BR was incurring. Many of the more foolish closures occurred long after he had left BR, for example Penrith/Keswick, Bangor/Caernarvon, as mentioned above Bourne End/High Wycombe, and of course the Waverley route. And poor old Beeching even gets the blame for closures which were nothing to do with him, for example a book in front of me states that the Princes Risborough/Watlington branch 'fell victim to the Beeching Axe'.... in 1957 !
  8. Sorry to be pernickety but there were still a few Warships in service in 1972; The only one I ever saw working was 807 Caradoc (hence my user name) on our summer holiday that year in Weston-Super-Mare. You were obviously very unlucky !
  9. I received bridge strike reports from the Police, members of the public, and sometimes the lorry driver responsible; For whom I did have sympathy, knowing even as I was taking their details that there would be consequences for them, these must however be commensurate with the incident and its results. Personally I feel that their should be severe sanctions for the employer, to encourage hauliers and others to ensure their drivers are properly trained, assessed, and of course given the correct equipment and skills they require. Because, quite frankly, the number of bridge strikes is ridiculous, and sooner or later one will cause a serious railway accident. BTW another bus loses its roof at a railway bridge, a couple of days ago: https://www.bedfordshirelive.co.uk/news/bedfordshire-news/luton-hitchin-road-bus-crash-5852321
  10. So as a layman why say it all ? I make no apology whatsoever for challenging such statements, in my role as railway staff I dealt with bridge strikes nearly every day - My personal record was three, not in one week, or one day, in one shift; And not in the whole of the UK but in just in Scotland.
  11. I take it you are also a qualified structures engineer and therefore able to judge the condition and strength of a bridge from a couple of photos ?
  12. My first solo train journey was at the relatively ancient age of 12, when my parents kindly agreed (and paid) for me, at the end of a family holiday, to be dropped at Worcester and travel home to Oxford. This was summer 1972 and I clearly recall seeing the first 08 3000 outside Shrub Hill, but stupidly I did not record the loco on the train home, quite possibly a Hymek.
  13. Not to mention bypassing Leicester and Nottingham (or rebuilding the line right through those cities, which would make HS2 opposition look like a tea party) and destroying the Great Central Railway and the GCR (N); We're as well with a purpose built new railway, which will serve, just as the WCML has, for decades and centuries to come.
  14. Apologies if the question has already been asked, but is there any reason apart from the domino headcodes (easily changed) why BR blue 47012 would not be suitable from it's TOPS renumbering date onwards ?
  15. As phil-b259 mentions elsewhere, there is track damage beneath the train, which does complicate things.
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