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  1. And the dirty cushions in your photo give a whole new meaning to the expression 'bums on seats' !
  2. caradoc

    DMU Centre Cars

    What would be even better would be Hornby producing a Modernisation Plan DMU to the same standard as those from Bachmann, an area which Hornby have totally ignored.
  3. I too found LM an acceptable operator, and I would agree that on the basis of (admittedly limited experience) the joining up of services either side of Birmingham has adversely affected performance, which impacts other operators as well; A couple of weeks ago I was on a Virgin Birmingham-Glasgow train which was delayed by a late running LNWR Liverpool service north of Crewe, and due to loss of path and the resulting further delay was 40 minutes late into Glasgow ! (having left New St on time).
  4. BWs Trains, please do not be misled into what appears to be the standard media (and therefore general public) view that UK railways are universally dreadful whereas those elsewhere are absolutely wonderful. To quote some examples from a single edition (June 2019) of Today's Railways Europe magazine; Austria: Last two remaining branch lines in Nierderoesterreich to close. France: Perpignan-Villefranche route remains closed after a level crossing accident in 2017 where six school pupils died. France/Luxembourg; Through services disrupted because SNCF trains are not yet fitted with ETCS. Italy: Three stations on the Roma metro closed due to escalator faults, following an accident in which 24 people were injured. Italy: Head-on collison between two trains on the single track Milano-Asso route in March. Germany: Delivery of new ICE 4 high speed trains suspended due to bodywork welding issues. Germany: New hump yard at Halle only able to handle 800 wagons per day instead of the planned 2400. Norway: Huge losses on freight operations in 2018 and services cut by 20%. Sweden: Delivery of upgraded X2000 trains delayed from Autumn 2018 to (at least) December 2019. Because most members of RMweb live in the UK, and therefore travel mostly in the UK, it is only natural that the shortcomings of railways here (and I do not disagree that there are far too many) are discussed extensively, but it does not automatically follow that our railways are therefore worse than anywhere else's, in fact in some areas such as safety UK railways have a better recent record that many other so-called superior systems.
  5. Those stains on the seat look horrible, I dread to think where they came from........
  6. There are of course no wild gibbons in Scotland, the baskets in question are actually for wild haggis; Due to their rarity and vulnerability the location of these creatures has to be kept secret, hence the alternative name.
  7. Modelmasters produce both ready-made up numbersets and headcodes: https://modelmaster.uk/446-4mm-scale-railway-decals-waterslide-transfers
  8. If the instruction sheet states that decals are included when they are not, could Dapol fall foul of Trading Standards regulations ? In any case, having produced decal sheets previously, how difficult would it have been to continue providing them, or just send some to anyone who raises the issue ? Not that it affects me now anyway; I had intended to buy the BR blue M55003, but not with an upside down W masquerading as an M !
  9. That's a poor show by Dapol; The model is now effectively supplied incomplete. How much would it actually cost to include the decals, compared to the hassle and expense incurred by the purchaser having to obtain some themself ?
  10. Absolutely Jim, and when Network Rail's track is flooded one of the determining factors regarding train running is whether water is flowing, however given its nature water very often does flow ! As you say local knowledge is therefore vital, but until staff are on site and have assessed the situation no-one can know for sure what state the infrastructure is in. True Johnster, but I was highlighting the very real dangers that exist with water affecting the railway, whether that is high or fast flowing water at a bridge, or simply flooding of the track. And there are other concerns, for example an increased risk of landslips during extreme rain, so much so that after incidents in Scotland an extremely onerous 'Embankments and Cuttings' procedure was introduced to minimise the danger.
  11. Indeed. Two quotes from the article; 'rail transport is far too expensive in the UK, especially if you use it as a commuter service and can’t pick the times you travel. ' 'we’re paying over the odds ... for a train that might never arrive and will be hugely overcrowded when it does' There has been a similar contradiction in a Facebook discussion in response to an LNER advert, again complaining that fares are too high yet trains are overcrowded. I did consider asking what people thought the effect on overcrowding would be if fares were reduced, and where the finance would then come from to increase capacity, but anticipating the sort of reply I would get, decided against it.
  12. I was not suggesting that the existing route be abandoned ! In fact, it should remain the primary route, but recognising that it is subject to weather disruption, very occasionally for long periods, another route by which some form of through service could be maintained would be useful, in much the same way as the GSW route stepped in when the WCML was shut at Lamington Viaduct during early 2016.
  13. The essential question is whether the disruption caused to rail services when the coastal route is closed justifies the expense of any alternative route, bearing in mind that rail is not the only means of transport serving the south west, and is probably not the dominant means either, certainly for freight at least. IMHO the most realistic prospect is the LSWR route via Okehampton being re-opened as a local railway but with the ability to carry a limited (but better than nothing) through service if the coastal route is shut.
  14. One solution could be that the Signaller does not authorise the user to cross until they can see from TC indications that the train has definitely passed the LC, however that would cause (even) longer waiting times and possibly result in more misuse, particularly at busy times if there were minimal intervals between trains in section.
  15. Actually reducing emissions by 1% would have the effect of, let's see, reducing emissions by 1%. However pointing that out is obviously pedantic so I will say no more.
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