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  1. Mu Union General Secretary thought they had the right to tell me how to vote. So as soon as I retired and no longer needed their protection I left the Union. I do now have to buy a diary every year, however.
  2. As I said in the first line of my original post: 'The MP was of course absolutely wrong not to have worn a mask'. I agree that he should have worn a mask and should be setting an example, and I also agree that the onus should not normally be on any member of the public to police mask-wearing, whether of an MP or anyone else. But how sneaky is it to take a photo of someone, without their knowledge or permission, and then shame them publicly; Presumably the photographer knew full well who the MP was and was determined to expose them ? As i also said in my original post, if the photographer was really concerned about the health risk of the non-mask wearing MP, they could have politely mentioned it, rather than leave him to make the entire journey maskless. I suspect that political opinion and dislike was behind the photographer's actions, not any actual concern for public health.
  3. The MP was of course absolutely wrong not to have worn a mask (as he himself admitted), but the concerned member of the public who photographed him (obviously without his knowledge or permission) and then publicised the photograph was not so concerned as to politely request the MP to don his mask, or if he wanted to avoid confrontation, to ask the Guard to speak to the MP or even just make an announcement. And, of course, for all the whistle-blower knew, the MP might have been exempt from mask-wearing anyway. Welcome to snitchland.
  4. I was an operator for 30 years of my 38 year railway career and in no shape or form was I an engineer; I had no engineering qualifications whatsoever, nor were they necessary for my job. I required, and hope I had, some knowledge of the various engineering functions within the rail industry, but also many other areas which were nothing to do with engineering !
  5. For his benefit; To avoid him being distracted by extraneous noise, comings and goings etc. For my/our benefit; I do not wish to listen to him at work, or to have to tiptoe around the house. If it was thsat easy to obtain another, better position, believe you me he would already have done so; It was difficult before the pandemic, never mind now.......
  6. On special occasions only, never on a regular basis, and the 950 not of course as a passenger train.
  7. But on very few occasions only; Never on a regular basis.
  8. When in his office my son, who deals with confidential customer details and financial information, was not allowed to have his mobile phone at his desk, or even paper and pens. His employer now has no control over his work environment, whatsoever, but the rest of the family stays downstairs when he is working, so yes, he most certainly is forced to work in isolation, and cannot possibly work 'wherever he likes'. And he's not a particularly sociable animal anyway, so the loss of interraction with his work colleagues is, IMHO, detrimental.
  9. Yes, in fact apart from Class 156 no other 2nd gen DMU has worked the route; This will soon change of course with the Scotrail Class 153 conversions !
  10. Replacing Hymeks on the Paddington/Oxford/Worcester route was definitely a backward step by BR. And when I started work on BR at Harlow Town in 1978 they shared the Liverpool St/Cambridge trains with Class 37; While the 31 could get up to a decent speed, it took an awfully long time ! I too had D5572, in BR blue, and longed for a Freightmaster set, but never did get one.
  11. The book 'Oxfordshire Railways in Old Photographs (Laurence Waters, Alan Sutton 1989) has a couple of photos of narrow gauge locos used in the building of the Oxford Northern bypass in 1931-34. (My family moved to within hearing distance of the bypass in 1964 but until I bought this book about 5 years ago I had no idea that railways were involved in its construction !)
  12. Very good points Nearholmer. Another concern for me, as both someone accomodating a home worker in my house and a customer of various financial institutions, is data security; How can any company guarantee that an employee working for home does not have confidential phone calls overheard by other person(s) in the house, intentionally or otherwise, or that the IT equipment they use is not hacked or misused ?
  13. For me, that was the last great opportunity to do away with OO; Mainline and Airfix were already, considering the range we had at the time (eg for modern image, Class 37 with Class 31 bogies and Class 47 with moulded lines along the sides) a breath of fresh air, how much better if they had decided to go for HO !
  14. Not always. Some years ago I interviewed candidates for a job in a railway control office, one of whom worked for the railway already and was known to us. To ensure fairness we asked every candidate exactly the same questions, and we did not ask anything technical; For example, we asked what the role of their prospective employer, Network Rail, was in the rail industry, on the basis that someone wanting to work for the company would at least have done some research on what we did. How wrong I was ! So the person we knew got the job, because they were the only one who knew anything, at all, about the railway.
  15. I agree 100% Steve; And if there are still morning and evening peaks, with MU stock strengthening trains is not difficult. In fact I would like to see the same basic timetable run seven days a week; My local route, for example, has a half hourly service Mon-Fri (peaks excepted), Sat (at the same clockface times) and Sun (at completely different clockface times !). The only differences would be a later start to the service on Sundays, also perhaps Saturdays, and as above longer trains if required at busier times.
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