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  1. Those are very serious allegations to make, many years after the event, about people who cannot possibly defend themselves, and who were surely fully investigated by the Police at the time. Perhaps, but the Police investigation would not have kept any such collusion quiet just because it embarassed BR.
  2. Regarding Stranraer; A few years ago the crew of an evening arrival left their set stabled while they took their PNB, as normal, only to find when the Driver returned to the cab that someone had stolen the token ! That made for an interesting operational conundrum.....
  3. I would have thought that confining a crowd in one area, rather than spreading them out, and then creating an artificial rush onto trains, might be more likely to lead to fights ! Barriers prevent non-travellers gaining access to the platforms anyway, and Blackpool North's policy applies through the day, not just at times when drunken hordes can be expected. It is most definitely passenger-unfriendly.
  4. Why is that ? Surely it can only be because there is not, never has been, and probably never will be, a large enough traffic flow to justify anything much better. It might well boost the area, but someone will have to pay for it ! Re-opening, or more realistically, rebuilding the line from practically scratch, will cost millions, if not billions of pounds, and once operational I very much doubt if receipts would ever come anywhere near covering operating costs, let alone maintenance and renewals. Politics means that suggesting hugely expensive ideas is easy and provides
  5. I was early turn in Reading Booking Office that day, by the end of the shift I was practically hoarse from telling London passengers to travel by the Tramcar line, sorry Southern Region, to Waterloo. Insignificant of course compared to the experience of those involved in the accident.
  6. The facts that the Carmarthen/Aberystwyth rail link closed over 50 years ago, and that the road links were atrocious, and are still poor, would IMHO suggest that there simply is not the traffic to justify spending large sums of money on either; The re-opening case seems to be driven by politics rather than real need or value.
  7. Fair enough, but I took it from the specific reference to passengers standing up on the approach to a terminus that you were referring to a buffer stop collision; Which would bring a train to a very sudden stop just as any other type of accident.
  8. Some interesting points about distractions while driving. I would be interested in the views of train Drivers past and present, on the following. Sometimes in NR Control we would make a non-Emergency NRN, or subsequently GSMR, call to a Driver, for example when tail lights had been reported on the front of a train, or to request further details on something the Driver had reported (when the information was urgently required). We would always start the call by asking the Driver if it was safe to speak, if they said no we ended the call and followed up the matter by some other means. However....
  9. The disregard by so many motorists for the lights and barriers is astonishing, but it does also show why (in the UK anyway) at AHB LCs the barriers are down for the minimum safe period before a train passes, as at Victory LC discussed above.
  10. An interesting fact in the RAIB report; The passenger train Driver had been doing the job for 44 (forty-four) years ! He must have thought he'd seen most things during his career. Thank goodness he, and everyone else, escaped without injury.
  11. I think some of these were mentioned on RMWeb a long time ago ! The best one I recall was the specialist writing implement seller, whose website name became..... www.penisland.com.
  12. Agree that Bangor/Caernarfon is certainly worth considering (given how long it lasted, it should never have closed in the first place). But given the paucity of people in the areas served by the other proposals, I cannot see how even operating costs could come anywhere near being covered by fares, never mind the huge cost of reconstruction. These lines were built when there was, effectively, no other means of transport, that is no longer the case.
  13. Fair point, but on the approach to buffer stops at a terminus such as Kings Cross speed will be controlled by TPWS, so the risk is minimised.
  14. Bromsgrove station looks a little different now (dare I say it, better ?), as do the trains passing through it !
  15. Off-topic, sorry, but I must take issue with that; Surely Glasgow has the most extensive, and therefore most important, suburban service outside London !
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