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  1. On the three occasions I've been to Great Orme we went up by the tram and intended to return by the cable car, however it was not running (and even after staying in Llandudno for 4 days in 2019 I have still never seen it operating).
  2. What exactly is wrong with us potatoes ?!!! The headcode at one end of 25102 does look poor, how easy is it to get inside to resolve the problem ?
  3. There's quite a lot of them in the UK now, in fact an episode of Michael Portillo's Great British Train Journeys featuring, IIRC Saltaire among other places, discussed how they first came to be here. In September I helped my daughter transport two alpacas, quite an experience; Suffice it to say, if they do not want to move, they won't !
  4. The Great Orme cable tram is well worth doing, although I agree the top end facilities are rather tacky; However many years ago I did manage to well and truly defeat my children on the crazy golf course there (they were quite small at the time). There is also an interesting display of natural history at the tram terminus. The weather is a major factor up there, last time I was there (September 2019) the rain was horizontal, so our visit was curtailed......
  5. IIRC the signal on the Down (Helensburgh-bound) line in the tunnel beyond High Street station was/is particularly awkward to see, so much so that Scotrail issued an instruction that Drivers were not to pass the preceding signal at High Street unless it was displaying a green aspect. Not a major issue, until one day that signal could only be cleared to yellow. Cue huge delays, and much discussion over how to resolve the situation (and later, who would accept the delay minutes !).
  6. True, of course, but they can be experienced without having to visit Porthmadog ! I can only say that without riding the FR and WHR I doubt I would ever have visited the town.
  7. Apologies in advance to anyone from Porthmadog, but without the two narrow gauge railways, is there really much there to attract tourists ? (And the same could perhaps be said for other places, such as Kidderminster or Loughborough.....)
  8. Sorry, but coming as I do from Oxford, I need to correct that: Swindon Town Not even a football team.
  9. I have visited Porthmadog twice with my children, once via the FR and once via the WHR. On both occasions we had lunch in the town, and spent money in shops (and not just on railway stuff at Porthmadog station !). On the first occasion we were on holiday in Prestatyn and on the second occasion in Llandudno; Had it not been the train journeys we simply would not have gone to Porthmadog at all.
  10. I'm not sure how they intended to run into Ulverston (if indeed that was ever seriously considered), but would assume Carnforth would have supplied the locos for the line.
  11. Perhaps Swampy, Larch, Blue, Dipsy and La-La might consider turning their attention away from HS2 onto another risk to trees, which somehow we don't hear so much about: https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2021/02/22/1600-trees-a-day-axed-to-pave-the-way-for-turbines/ The article (whose, to be fair, accuracy and impartiality I cannot of course vouch for) states: Around 1,600 trees a day are being cut down to make way for ever-increasing numbers of wind turbines. Five wind farms alone have resulted in millions of trees being axed – flying in the face of a S
  12. Where can I pre-order my Hornby socks, to avoid disappointment ?
  13. Pedant alert: The junction station for Lakeside was Ulverston, which is about 18 miles from Carnforth ! And even without the road scheme, the physical junction was a mile or so from the station, so preserving a main line connection would probably have been, sadly, impossible.
  14. Another great episode, the Sheffield feature was fascinating and it is good to see Bennerley Viaduct being restored and put to a good use - Pity I live a bit too far away for a quick cycle over it ! However, I was not that impressed by Lisbon - Never mind passenger comfort or convenience, no seats to avoid 'spoiling' the architect's vision ? And while the high platform canopies looked great on a sunny day, I wonder how effective they are when the wind is howling and the rain is sheeting down (although perhaps that doesn't ever happen in Lisbon ?!!
  15. Perhaps each Region or Division had a standardised destination blind which was fitted whether or not the unit was actually likely, or even able, to reach every location ?
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