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  1. Alex they look really good, if available on Friday I will purchase some items.
  2. This is turning out to be a great cakebox layout. It’s great that you have used sieved top soil which looks just right.
  3. Nice work Jerry, looks really good.
  4. Rod I have just caught up with reading and looking at the pictures of your layout. This is a wonderful layout which is evolving all the time.
  5. Will be interesting to see how your cakebox progresses, you have some good items to produce a descent little layout.
  6. Its amazes me the stuff you can use around the house to do some scratch building.
  7. It’s great to see another little box layout coming together. As TA said it’s a good idea to reinforce the base of your layout.
  8. Today I have made a little fuel unloading point and a brick wall using plasticard, this will house a scratch built oil tank. The oil tank I have built using one of the wife’s lipstick and added a few parts, painted and weathered, need a ladder now.
  9. You can’t go wrong with a little Pug loco, there are so many different liveries and variations of these wonderful little engines.
  10. I like where your cakebox challenge is going. The steam crane looks fabulous.
  11. Berry I like your small oval layout, you could fit a nice little siding to add to the fun. Your 0-4-0 loco will be suited for those tight curves, DC is what I prefer nothing wrong with that. Will be waiting to see your next bit of progress.
  12. Hello Jerry thank you for your kind comments. I was nervous painting the concrete as I did not know how it would turn out but I am really pleased with. This afternoon I am going to make an unloading point for diesel tank wagons. Thank you to all for all the likes
  13. I think I have managed to capture the colours right on the concrete slabs along with a few crack. Once ballast is laid I can weather up the concrete with spillages and grime. My scratch built rickety shed is in place now and is awaiting grass and undergrowth to be added.
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