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  1. Hi everyone, Just a simple question are the Bachmann Bulleid coaches accurate? They're on Ebay for around £20. Thanks for reading this.
  2. Hi everyone, Should it be a straight forward exercise to attach a tension lock coupling to a Slaters wagon kit? Please bear in mind that I'm a beginner! Many thanks.
  3. Thanks for your very detailed reply. I imagined that it would be difficult to stick anything inside the cab given that the entrance into the cab looks to be on the small side.
  4. Thanks for all your replies. I'm trying to use the 2nd market to purchase locomotives where I can. This hobby is not cheap, especially when you have a mortgage to pay and children to get through Uni! Thanks again.
  5. Brilliant, thanks very much. Having had some baseboards built for me I'm now building a layout based very loosely on Haworth but in the preservation era. So essentially anything goes! Thanks again for your replies. I dare say there will be plenty more similar questions coming from me as this is my first ever layout at the grand old age of 47.
  6. Hi everyone, Are the Bachmann Pannier tank engines accurate representations of the originals? Kind regards, Wilko
  7. Are the Peco track plan books worth looking at?
  8. Hi, I'm looking for track plans for an absolute beginner I.e. me! Suggestions in the form of a book would be a bonus. For my first venture into model railways I'm happy to use set track products. Thanks for reading this.
  9. Hi everyone, Can anyone please tell me which edition of BRM the Ambergate model railway appeared in? I grew up close to Ambergate and would love to see some pictures of the layout. Kind regards, Andy
  10. Thanks for all your replies. Have Hornby produced a HAA in 'as built condition"? I can't see any on Ebay.
  11. G'day everyone, I'm curious to know whether these Hornby offerings are accurate representations of the real thing. Kind regards, Andy Wilko.
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