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  1. UPDATE 27/06/2019: Purchased a few more Westfoam boards from Hobbycraft and started making the details. Purchasing a basic roll of brick paper. To keep the budget quite controlled, applying the paper to the cut out allows for an extra layer inside the box, with a smoother edge as well. Also painting the platforms with a mixture of greys and stone colours to create a dirt and gritty platform as if it were relayed. The yellow lines are a bit rough around the edges but a tidy up later down the line will clean it up.
  2. Aha yeah, I have a spare OO Gauge compatible coupling hook which I need to attach to the front of the chassis and find another to replace the rear coupling. Serves its purpose for pulling rolling stock, but could do with new couplings.
  3. Thank you very much, David! I had a little tweak with the track and removed the siding branching off closest to the platform, and in replacement a second island platform will be there as pictured below. Thank you for the advice, I like the look of it more now. Thanks again.
  4. Hi guys, thanks for the advice, I put an extra layer of corrugated cardboard underneath both the fiddle yard/power track and the layout itself, and the track pins have been very sturdy when testing. Thank you both again for the advice.
  5. Brilliant! Thank you so much I’ll give it a look! I’m glad you like the start of it, saw your oval layout as well, I like the look of that and the progress of it. Nice one!
  6. Hi all, I’m fairly new to model railway-ing, and I’ve been intrigued by how you can fit detail and layouts in small spaces, so this thread is just a process of me learning detail in a small shunting layout and budgeting well. My intention is to have a complete small layout to take to university as something to look at in my down time. If you find the development of this layout interesting I look forward to hearing your feedback. Thank you The images below are the first starts of my layout, it’s inside a 15 inch laptop box, using a LIMA shunter from the market. The platform is made from Westfoam A1 sheets
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