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  1. Wayne - firstly these are excellent kits! I've just received two in the post and I can say that I'm impressed! Considering that there will be an element of redesigning your track bases, I noticed that the current ones are made up of two elements linked together. My engineering brain identified a way that might make creating bases for crossovers and junctions a bit easier: If the last three sleepers are a separate element then these can be swapped out for a five sleeper crossover element, or double junction element and so on. This allows the first two elements to be common to all kits and then only change the later portion - while it increases the number of elements (upto 3 for a standard turnout, 5 for a crossover, etc) it might reduce material usage. It also means that you can provide the crossover portion to suit different track centres (i.e prototypical 6', or Peco equivalent 50.2mm, etc) while reducing the need for 'cut and shut' and providing a more stable base all round. Its a shame about the castings - these are what make these kits so simple to make and less scary for the faint of heart, but i have no doubt that what ever solution you adopt, they will be a great success - I'm just waiting for an elusive Bullhead Double Slip so i can move forward with a planned layout that has been on the backburner since Peco teased us all with their offering that seems to be forever 'coming soon'. Keep up the excellent work!
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