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  1. If anyone is interested there are few short clips from initial running here:
  2. That is an interesting watch and quite amusing Charile! Realtrack is how to make a Class 156! The quality and finish is amazing!
  3. Steve, you beat me too it! Mine has just arrived... As per the instructions I have also just logged on to say once I get home and the kids are in bed I will too be enjoying my recent purchase! Thanks Charlie & Team.
  4. Amazing! You going to post some photos?
  5. Yep, order #941. Seen on the other thread you are waiting for the sound decoders. Looking forwards to it
  6. Not yet! Keep checking here every few days to see if anyone has posted a pic of theirs! Haha
  7. Teasel Bay


    Thank you, I used what I had around at the time, the base is polly filler which is sanded down reasonably smooth and then painted with a watered down pva/brown paint mix and then sifted ash from a BBQ I had a few days earlier which I thought looked good!
  8. Teasel Bay


    I have just recently joined RMWeb, so hello . My layout has a presence on YMRC but not on here. Firstly can I just say how great all the other members and club layouts are on here, so many great ideas for inspiration. All I can do is look in ore at your layouts! I started constructing Teasel Bay over two years ago, but as a novice who is learning and experimenting as I go progress is slow. I am enjoying the process of building more than the aspect of trains, I don't really know much about real railways or workings. Teasel Bay is a rural branch line in a located on a mythical line on the coast between Norwich and Cambridge and operates in any period in which I currently run trains! At the moment however, Teasel does not have any type of coast/bay. Hopefully that won't be too long off!
  9. For someone who knows what they all mean please could someone let me know what some of these sounds mean and when I should use them when I run the model: F5 Brake Dump when stationary F18 Detonators F21 Wabasto Carriage Heater Thanks in advanced. Chris
  10. I've just pre-ordered a Provincial livery Liverpool - Norwich. Excited
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