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  1. Please read in conjunction with my reply above. Apologies for the cock-up! Me and technology are not the best of friends!!!!!
  2. If you had read my post, AeBor, you would have seen that the phrase I used was "not easily possible". I do indeed have friends who would shop for me at exhibitions, etc . that I cannot attend - that is not the problem I was trying to outline. When considering the purchase of an item from a previously 'untried' supplier, ie: a supplier with which I have not previously dealt, I prefer to see examples of the goods first hand, not via the internet. Thus, this is something no proxy shopper can possibly fulfil on my behalf. As for consulting the worthy moderators of this forum, I would think that it is not within their remit to shop for me or anyone else who is not a personal friend of theirs. I hope that this clarifies my OP and explains my personal point of view. . Please PM me should you wish to discuss this further. I would point out that this was not the primary point of my OP which was an attempt to sympathise with the problems encountered in running a one-man-business.
  3. What do you think to it so far?...................
  4. The printed word has always had an attraction for me but notwithstanding this I gave up regular purchases some several years back finding the modern journalistic style not to my taste added to the fact that so much of the "new" material seemed to me, re-hashed stuff that I read years back! As a purely personal preference DCC is of no interest to me, and has made material for the hobby even more expensive. One can usually fairly easily learn or discover what one wishes to find out on line these days and membership of a forum is of great help. Having said that, like many others, apparently, I find on-line magazines very hard work and totally unattractive.
  5. Posted on wrong thread - sorry
  6. In the early fifties, I had an Athern Santa Fe F 7 - a central can motor and drive on both bogies - transmitted by elastic band - I jest NOT. Regarding the Fleischmann style ring field motor referred to above, IIRC past of the problem involved patent issues, or so I was told at the time
  7. If I may join the pleas for a large tank engine - how about an ex-GC A5? Seen from the Home Counties along the length of former GC main line, further numbers built by Gresley for use in the North East and even found in East Anglia. Long lived and impressive (IMHO) . Good company for Bachmann's J11 and 04. Neverwood.
  8. Unfortunately, due to age and health, I cannot attend other than very local shows, nor is it easily possible to ask someone to act on my behalf. I am sure this situation is not unique to me. Thus, if a particular organisation does not attend the said shows, one must rely on other means of contact. E-mails are fine, but it should be reasonable to expect that they are dealt with fairly promptly. I have , in the distant past, been a 'one-man-band' in this great hobby, but in those days it was snail-mail and the telephone, an altogether different scene and I do accept things have changed, but I do know and appreciate the pressures that the person carrying on such a business can be under. This is just a point of view which I submit may have been overlooked in this discussion. Please feel free to disagree should you wish. Northwod.
  9. As a keen train-spotter, as we were then called, who had the privilege of being 'deafened' by this actual locomotive many times as it thrashed by on the MML I would agree that high level of volume will be needed on the sound version. The locomotive was not a particular favourite of mine - thus I shall not be expressing any interest in the model. Neverwood.
  10. IMHO you have a bad loco - suggest you follow Dapol's returns procedure and get a replacement. Neverwood.
  11. Jouef H0 140C 2-8-0 tender locomotive required. Must be tender drive version. Catalogue number is 8282 or 8283 - either type acceptable. Thanks for looking, Neverwood.
  12. I understood from WJVintage that he was stocking the Leeds pattern couplings. It may well be worth an enquiry. Neverwood
  13. It is interesting to read the thoughts and suggestions about servicing and cleaning. I have found the three locomotives (pictured in my opening post on this thread) I have acquired all to be basically clean, but the mechanisms as a whole required a standard lubrication, after which all performed very well. Perhaps the most awkward to get a smooth performance from initially was the BB electric, which did require a little more attention. IMHO these locos reflect the high standard of manufacture for the time by Meccano of Binns Road was perpetuated at Meccano Bobigny. The products are noted for their reliability. Roger.
  14. Thanks for correcting my error on the 131TB identification - suitable amendments now made. I really must get my glasses checked! I'm still hoping to get an 030TU and the diesel shunter one day - don't like E-Bay though. I find the AcHo mixes well with my early Jouef- but that's another aspect......... Regards, Roger
  15. After reading a lot - but not all - of the interesting thread on Hornby Dublo, I just wondered if anyone out there has any Hornby AcHo. It is something I have recently re-discovered and so far have managed to acquire an 060DB CoCo diesel. a BB15000 BoBo electric and a 131TA tank engine. All are two rail, the 060DB and 131TB both came in original boxes, the electric was unboxed.. Couplings vary; some are the familiar Dublo pattern, others the fairly standard Marklin pattern as used widely in Europe. Rolling stock is available and all seems reasonably priced, even cheap by certain of today's standards. The loco's are all in robust order, merely requiring light lubrication before putting in a good day's work. 060DB 131TB BB electric and 131TB I thought a separate thread on this range would be more appropriate, but if I missed any mention to it in the Hornby Dublo thread, my most humble apologies. Northwood.
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