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  1. This might be a shrewder move than it first appears......?
  2. My first train set was the HD 3-rail'Sir Nigel Gresley' - As I recall the post-war version reflected the removal of the valances and the driving wheels and valve gear were exposed. The locomotive carried the number 7. The pre-war set, of which is possibly more appropriate that a copy be offered, did indeed have the fully valanced 'as built' A4. Undoubtedly for it's time a great model plus the fact it had those essential qualities of looking the part and reliability in service.
  3. In the light of reecent introductions and proposed models may be we can hope that a few more models of 'bread and butter' types, some of which have been mentioned above, may appear. Personally I would love to see an A5 produced, A good looking and extremely useful tank engine, originally built for the GCR and perpetuated by Gresley for allocation to the former NER lines on the north-east coast. I believe at least one was allocated in East Anglia at some time. (RP)
  4. Having entered the hobby many years ago, I have been fortunate (a matter of opinion perhaps?) in seeing the supply of buildings progress from scratch building through plastic kits to the present ready-made items. The range of plastic kits for buildings in 00 scale has always been infinitesimal - manufacturers have catered for the far larger H0 market in Europe and the USA. This is obviously a very sound business move on their part ensuring larger volume sales. The same can be said for N scale kits too although here the scale difference can be more easily overlooked on occasion. The provision of ready-built models of such high quality in what are essentially scales confined more or less to the UK is a real bonus but as it is a relatively small market, I contend that prices will perforce be higher with the relatively lower production levels overall. If they are for you and the depth of your pocket is sufficient, fair enough. Value for money is largely in the opinion of the individual. My own view is that I could achieve more with the same sum of money than buy just one building with the said amount. Thus the ready built ranges are not for me. My own preference has been plastic kits - but I should admit to modelling European prototypes thus using H0 scale which allowed me access to the wide choice available to the continental market. Kits, for me, have the advantage of being able to be modified easily, whereas the ready built item does not. I would certainly hesitate for a long time before starting to hack one of these delightfully made items about to suit a particular scheme. Roger
  5. I have always bought my locos and stock to run. Should people wish to keep their purchases in pristine condition and not take them out of the box , well I guess it is whatever floats their boat. Evaluation of any model is very speculative hobby IMHO. One only has to look at the fate of many limited editions, particularly in the die-cast vehicle hobby, which indicates that getting one's fingers burnt is a considerable risk. Thus I freely admit that I 'play trains'. The extreme levels of detail achieved these days compared to my first days in the hobby (the war-time 1940's) is wonderful to behold although one must take increased care in handling to avoid knocking bits off. Perhaps that is why some folk leave things in the box...........? Not me, I'll remove items with care and keep on playing trains. I had a German friend and fellow enthusiast , sadly now passed on, who once said to me that he couldn't understand the reason why the English were so fussy about boxes - after all they were just a convenient method of carrying the model home from the shop! Well, it is an alternative point of view, I guess.
  6. Due to declining health and advancing years, I am disposing of my three Hornby-AcHo locomotives along with other items from my collection of continental items. Details areas follows: 636 131TB42 in original box 638 BB16009 in replacement box. --- 060DB CoCo diesel in original box. Should anyone be interested, please contact me by pm. Thanks.
  7. Collett Sorry for the delay in reply - item now gone. Thank you for your interest.
  8. Although it is a number of years since I retired from business I can confirm that at that time certain major companies refused to supply their products if one did not have retail premises. I cannot confirm that the situation still pertains but I would hazard that it still does.
  9. I second this - ordered from Fox on Monday and received the goods yesterday. First class service from Fox as usual as far as I'm concerned. Roger
  10. Skinley 4mm scale drawing. of LNWR/LMS 'Precursor Tank' 4-4-2T. Issued by P T Moore. Can be sent in a tube for £!.50 postage or folded flat in an SSAE. PM me if interested, please. NOW GONE. Thank you.
  11. I offer a prototype picture, courtesy of my grandson, a resident in the Czech Republic. I have not ventured to model CD yet, though...........! Taken at Brno station. Roger
  12. Being a Leicester lad, I recall the principle model shop was called Apex Craft, originally in Churchgate, but in it's later years moved to Charles Street before it's final closure. I spent much pocket money there as a lad, but I recall that when they had sold out of the then new Hornby-Dublo 2-6-4T I came across a newsagent on Aylestone Road, now long gone, who had one in the window. I parted, with, if memory serves correctly, the princely sum of £3-7s-6d (£3.37.5p) in coin made up mostly from 'Christmas Tips' from my round as a 'Butchers Lad ' and proudly took my loco home for a busy time on my old Hornby Dublo layout! Now, exiled to the Fylde, model shops are relatively distant and Transport Models In Preston has announced it's closure. My purchases these days are mainly on line or at exhibitions. I have had some wonderful times browsing and buying in model shops, now sadly long past.
  13. Hello Geoff, If these are still available, I am interested. Roger,
  14. Please read in conjunction with my reply above. Apologies for the cock-up! Me and technology are not the best of friends!!!!!
  15. If you had read my post, AeBor, you would have seen that the phrase I used was "not easily possible". I do indeed have friends who would shop for me at exhibitions, etc . that I cannot attend - that is not the problem I was trying to outline. When considering the purchase of an item from a previously 'untried' supplier, ie: a supplier with which I have not previously dealt, I prefer to see examples of the goods first hand, not via the internet. Thus, this is something no proxy shopper can possibly fulfil on my behalf. As for consulting the worthy moderators of this forum, I would think that it is not within their remit to shop for me or anyone else who is not a personal friend of theirs. I hope that this clarifies my OP and explains my personal point of view. . Please PM me should you wish to discuss this further. I would point out that this was not the primary point of my OP which was an attempt to sympathise with the problems encountered in running a one-man-business.
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