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  1. wasabi

    EBay madness

    Some years ago, I remember being told by an acquaintance who worked in a garage that they could offer a choice from 36 shades of black.
  2. Only read this through today but I would buy (at least) one 313 simply because when I moved to London in 1980 I initially ended up in Finsbury Park and used the 313s down to Moorgate to get to work. Someone who could do the electrical gear could perhaps replicate the change to/from third rail at Drayton Park, but it would be more of a cameo. However, I do remember the odd day with snow which could make for an interesting scene set in suburbia.
  3. A further type is mentioned in Colin Marsden's 'Coaching Stock Recognition' published in 1987 by Ian Allan, namely the SLB bullion van classed as NW under TOPS. Two remained (on the LMR) at the time of publication and it looks like they were supplemented by container flats with the coaches carrying an escort. They had "sophisticated...communications equipment" - presumably doing what mobile phones do now, although I wonder what masts they used? Colin also includes the Leyland coach, trialled as a replacement for the Mk 1s. [IPW]
  4. This may be anecdotal but I'm sure I read somewhere that sleepers were popular with Scottish MPs returning from London to their constituencies. [IPW]
  5. My last posting was actually a draft which was posted automatically when the site shut down for maintenance. I should have said 'important' rather than 'significant' - at least it would be important to a shareholder. Going back to Rapido, I would think about a Class 13 but more for the novelty value given that I have about twice as much stock already than I need to run my layout. I've certainly seen a picture of one on a railtour but can't recall any details at the moment.
  6. Note 1(a) to Hornby's 2020 Annual Report indicates that they hedge 70% to 100% of forward USD purchases so what might be characterised as 'international money speculation' is actually a significant part of their business.
  7. You can 'manage' currency risk with the most obvious way of doing it being to build up funds in USD, although with very low interest rates keeping a pile of cash is not a good way of using capital. Futures contracts can also be used but would probably be expensive at two years out, although they can be traded if there is some in-house expertise. It would be interesting, to put this more in context, to have an idea of how much of the actual retail price is represented by costs in USD.
  8. In hospital in East London for a few days last year, I found there were a good number of Philippine nurses plus others from Iberia. I think the cleaners were more local though.
  9. There's quite a lot on Shapeways - you have to go to Marketplace on their site and then follow options (including for scale). The quality is usually high (I buy things from their site sometimes) but forget about finding something for free. I understand that the items are usually designed by other modellers - their is a minimum batch size but Shapeways will put those that you don't need on the site. In theory you can get the cost back so the you would get something for free.
  10. The North Star in London E11 (Leytonstone) has lots of railway photos inside and the sign depicts he GWR 'North Star' loco. Unfortunately the pub is not particularly near the station and is in ex-GER territory anyway. Apparently the first landlord named it after a ship in which he made a voyage from Hartlepool to India in the 1850s and the railway connotation came later.
  11. Interesting thread and I'm not sure what the topic became, but looking through, unless I missed something there is no real mention of demand. Japanese N is cheaper than UK, for he most part because the manufacturers can sell more. The converse seem to apply in HO. So get prices down by increasing he size of the market? Just a thought. [IPW]
  12. wasabi

    2021 hopes

    Modelling in 2mm, Hornby isn't relevant to me, but I could make an exception if they do a broad gauge atmospheric set - maybe South Devon? I think there are unpowered models on Shapeways but I'd like a working one NOW! And of course at Vietnamese prices. [IPW]
  13. Found it on International Steam of all places - there were apparently two survivors and one is in a museum in Clermont Ferrand whilst the other remains in Madagascar. The information is from about 2010 so things could have changed since then.
  14. Tome 1 of 'Autorails de France' will tell you more than you might want to know about the Michelin railcar, as well as some other fascinating types. It was published in 1992 by La Vie du Rail so might need some tracking down. I went on one of these on a railtour of Madagascar in 1997 and it's possible that they still have one in working order.
  15. Cartagena might be worth looking at for inspiration - I know it's not in your preferred area but I remember it as a smallish terminus with Talgo services. I have a full Talgo set on display in the living room at home - unfortunately it is HO and my layout is N so I can't run it, although in N I do have a Pato plus a set from the Berlin - Moskva service - all great models and something a little different. Maybe one day I'll get a model of one of the Kazakh versions together - definitely somewhere unusual to go for.
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