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  1. Faller used to do a motorised waterwheel which did pump real water around. The motor was available separately. I'm not sure what is still available, and their motor will be more expensive than a Chinese option, but their site might be worth a look.
  2. Hoole says that he had a picture of the interior and met someone at a talk in 1975 who had worked on it at Darlington and been out with it on at least one trial run. He does imply that he would otherwise have doubted that it existed. My feeling is that he knew a lot more about the NER than I ever will and I see no reason to doubt that it did exist, but perhaps not exactly as shown in the drawing in his book.
  3. The North Eastern Railway (UK) built this loco in about 1920 and it performed a few test runs before being stored, and then scrapped in 1923. It has a page and a half in 'The Electric Locomotives of the North Eastern Railway' by Ken Hoole (Oakwood) but the copy I have was published in 1988 and I wonder if any more information has emerged since then? The Oakwood book has a side drawing but is anything extant showing the ends? Thanks
  4. A real novelty was the 8MIG, which I saw at Waterloo in July 1983. It was made up of a 4CIG, Buffet Car, and a 3CIG. The 3CIG may well have been a '4' with one car removed and the buffet looked like standard mark 1 hauled stock, no doubt through wired. The set I think lasted for a short time and I assume was put together due to a shortage of 'normal' catering equipped sets - I assume this would have been for overhaul of the latter. I can only remember seeing it once
  5. Coming from Lancashire I always thought that the Mersey (or perhaps the Ship Canal) divided the North from the Midlands. I think it's too simplistic to just have one division, especially when people from East Anglia or the West Country are lumped in as 'Southerners'. Perhaps it comes down to simplistic lazy journalists.
  6. Another in agreement. In the 80s I bought all of 1 to15 and still sometimes use them for historical reference, although you have to realise that more recent years are not covered. Two or three I could only find in paperback. They remind me of a time when many people actually read books instead of just looking at the pictures. What is also very interesting is the authors' expectations for the future, which now often seem rather optimistic. I hadn't realised there was one on Ireland but wouldn't expect that as it is not part of Great Britain.
  7. Foamboard (or at least the type I bought) doesn't like moisture. So I would advise putting some sort of barrier material down before using products like Mod-Roc. I model in N and use Kato track - they have ballast products that seem to work alright but I would be cautious about using watered down products (PVA?) on pure foamboard.
  8. Sorry, wrong way round - it's 'The Railways and Britain's Nuclear Industry'. [IPW]
  9. There's a book called 'Britain's Railways and the Nuclear Industry' published by Crecy. It probably has the information you want and more, but it's not free. [IPW]
  10. I had one pre-ordered when the original delivery date was January 2020 but have cancelled this because if it comes out at the end of this year or even into 2021 then it is beyond my current 'budgetary horizon' and it would not be fair on Hattons to have to turn round in January and say that my wife ate all the money over Christmas. It would be nice to have because I have seen the type working in Africa and they are interesting locos but commitments that far ahead can be difficult, especially when now retired. [IPW]
  11. Have you been in a typical 2+3 Shinkansen? Not recommended for most Westerners, or the growing number (younger at the moment) of wider Japanese. [IPW]
  12. You got the same around Finsbury Park where I lived for a time when I first moved to London, so it might be a Great Northern thing. Asking if they would take a cheque put them off, although if they are still around now they probably all have card readers. [IPW]
  13. I'd have a couple of those if someone made it in N. Kato do a Pocket Line chassis that might be near enough so the body could be a 3D print. I also have a Tomix KiHa 10 and a Fleischmann set so a British one would be an interesting contrast - the centre door is the key difference. Going back to the topic, I would be interested in a DHP1 but only in N. For me, an interest in prototype and other unusual locos is because I have twice as much 'normal' stock as I need for my layout so I can do something unusual and spend a bit of time actually modelling. It does help th
  14. Thanks for that, Tony. In the 80s I used to get to Romford from time to time as the Royal Mail parcels office was there and they mostly tried to deliver when we were at work. i managed to get in pub visits as well and its likely that I've been to the one at Roneo Corner but I don't recall a model shop - admittedly that was some years ago. I do make things harder for myself by modelling in N but a model shop is still useful for supplies and although individual purchases might not be large they add up over time. [IPW]
  15. It's not actually 'accidents' but the deaths caused by spreading poison gas along the streets, which some sources say kills up to 80,000 a year (lowest estimate I've seen is 50,000). That's why the Nazis started mass killings by packing people into lorries then running the engine with the exhaust directed to the inside. I live in a quiet side street but if I walk along a main road I can often smell the pollution. We certainly need to come up with solutions but successive governments have not tackled the issue. [IPW]
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