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  1. Hi, This is the only picture I can find! Seems crazy! Anyone else seen any others preferably in daylight? Does anyone know of any approximate matching kits at oo scale? Thanks! Dan
  2. Ok thanks all. I'm definitely liking the idea of capturing the essence of it. I'll have a play around later in the week. For me the essence really is the 4 lines, loco hauled, intercitys (non stoppers too!) and then some fun stuff!
  3. Excellent stuff. Operationally i don't get the point of the crossing points on the west side? any ideas? how would these be used? the ones inside the platforms.. I think i'm missing something. slightly easier when the directional arrows are on there!
  4. Well you can't beat a mockup as they say! Immediately i realised 2 parts that can be simplified. I didnt see the point of having another point to access the branch after the platform, so that went. This was originally there because of the sidings that i hadn't put in. Also i simplified the western end. again, it had connections between tracks, that given the direction, didnt seem to make sense? unless im missing something. I think the curves will be livable, especially as i'll smooth out to the max with flexi track. And maybe i can devise a way to hide them! I think operationally it'll work.? I dont have a demu yet, but eyeing up a 2 coach Bachmann one. Thoughts?
  5. I do have a stash of flex track, for the majority of the rest of the layout. I think I probably have enough gash/old points, to at least approximately lay this out, and see how it works, probably this is the easiest way! Then if it looks to be a go-er i can order some of the larger radius points, crossings etc.
  6. Ah yes that could work. I kinda got that idea from the track plan implying the platform is actually smaller. I'll double check on google maps!
  7. Excellent thanks. What advantage does the bigger points give? Just better running?
  8. No I guess not. They're the hack to fit in an appearance of a 4 track station.. Not sure if or how I would hide them though. But I was able to push then further away from the station using curved points
  9. This is a good point, and something i need to think about. thanks! I *think* it'll be enough given the stock i have now. But I can see others frequently have much bigger fiddle yards. I could well increase the depth of that board, to accommodate more tracks., behind some sort of back scene i guess.
  10. I'm also keen to get *something* running, so we can run trains etc, and i can then extend/fettle as time permits!
  11. I do agree about the hand sketched nature. Hence i tried to do the station in anyrail. It seemed to me it does basically fit. So my thinking was, build each side of the station, and then just make it as long as it possibly be depending on where all the junctions end up.. Oh, i have mocked up the top in any rail too, but it's not complete yet!
  12. Network south east.. 80s 90s. ish!
  13. Hi, I've got a layout that measures 3770 by 2440. The boards are 600 wide. For various reasons, i'm keen to model NSE, and particularly maidenhead. Already got some NSE stock, and a motley collection of other diesels from that time. I mocked up a maidenhead station layout from the plans book and it seems to fit! Obviously not to scale, but back of hanky calculations i reckon 5 coaches fit.. I've even got the little branch line! Note: I've had to drop to 2 tracks rather than 4 going right round, but i think that fudge can be made to work? Now; I know nothing about layouts, plans etc, so go easy I do specifically want a circular layout, or at least something that goes round and round - as it's vital for interest for the kids I think! There's scope to add a brewery, and possibly a tmd or something at the top. And who knows what down the sides! For now however; I just want to get the station and main circuit built. b.t.w. i'm not against changing the boards, adding a triangle at one corner etc. May be nice to get some height/elevation in there too, but not sure how yet! Oh; It's OO scale, traditional DC control. Looking forward to hearing of any gotchas/howlers that i've made. Thanks in advance for any and all hints/tips/ideas!
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