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  1. Thanks. Yeah I do have a bottle of that, I used it on the buses you can see in the photos. It’s very good but I still got sticky fingerprints on half the glazing! I think it’s maybe more a technique issue than materials.. cheers, Mark
  2. Thanks very much. The product I used were these; https://www.dccconcepts.com/product/legacy-models-80x-pre-etched-sleepers-1-6mm-4mm-scale-straight-track/ I’d bought a packet a while back for a project that never got anywhere. What I did was break off three sleepers at a time, still joined together - on one side of the join I broke off the ends of the middle sleeper outside the rails. On the other side of the board join I broke off the ends of the two outside sleepers. When you put it together it looks like the sleeper spacing continues across the joint. When I do t
  3. Thanks for the tip, I’ll try with the gloss varnish. I always thought Klear was no longer available? Mark
  4. Thanks very much. Will post more on progress shortly. Mark
  5. And a start made on the Cambrian kit model that will sit on the bogies..
  6. Really nice little kit with good clear instructions. They glide along the track lovely. Just the cast side frames to fit.
  7. This week; progress on a BDA wagon. Some sprung bogies from Stenson Models. Good soldering practice!
  8. Tremendous trackwork and rodding, absolutely stunning.
  9. Yep, that’s just the kind of look I’m going for. thanks
  10. There’s plenty on eBay, not as cheap as it used to be though. I generally use the 2mm thick stuff in A4 sheets as that gives a scale wall thickness of 150mm (6”). I then strengthen inside with scrap card and cheaper stuff. You’d probably want 3 or 5mm for models in O gauge. Carves so easily with anything pointy and the marks stay. There’s usually a thin plastic film on one or both sides, remember to peel it off before you work with it.
  11. There’s a couple of over bridges like that on Gorgie Road. Thanks
  12. The paper shop transfers are based on a newsagents on Broughton St. It still has the old Evening News branding on it.
  13. Lovely photo, gives a good idea of ballast colour in those days. Mark
  14. Should give credit where it’s due, this is where I first read about foamex and modelling buildings with it;
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