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  1. Aye, that’s absolutely stunning. Different level. The pub interior too. Wow!
  2. Hi Jim, I scratch built them. They’re cobbled together on photoshop from images found on google. Then scaled and printed onto sticky paper labels. The labels are stuck onto suitable wee rectangles of plastic. I could send you a pdf of them if you PM me. Mark
  3. A couple of 80s Scottish pub signs for the tenement. They’re approx. 12 x 9mm.
  4. Those semaphore signals look great.
  5. Not a lot of progress lately, the unusually dry weather has meant attending to a few outdoor jobs. This evening however I’ve fitted the laserglaze to the cl 37 and I’m pretty chuffed with it. A bit fiddly but worth the effort. Also made a new axle (one of them was slightly bent and causing a bit of a shudder.) I generally cut new axles from 2mm stainless steel rod when I’m doing conversion to EM gauge. Anyway here’s a couple of shots of 37073 idling at the yard entrance.. Mark
  6. My two class 47s have had their chips and speakers fitted, a job I’d been putting off for ages. Decided on mounting the speakers above the bogies on some roughly made plastic strip mounts rather than in the fuel tanks. The grey one will be 47550 ‘’University of Dundee’ in large logo blue. Not usually a freight loco but I’ve seen photos of other 47/4s on freight trains so I’m going to go with it. Mark
  7. This weekend’s progress; the tenement roof has been masked and primed ready for final painting.
  8. Thanks. Aye that was a cracking layout. Just looked it up but none of the photos seem to display anymore, pity. Mark
  9. Well I’d hoped to finally get the tenement finished this weekend but not quite there yet. Almost though. Slight miscalculation on the number of chimney pots I needed so I’ve got to wait on extras coming from smart models. Otherwise just painting then the glass cupola to fit. Then maybe I’ll try to get onto ballasting the track or something. Mark
  10. Slating almost complete. These are laser cut self adhesive strips of slate from York Modelmaking. Can’t recommend them enough - I’ve not found anything that looks closer to Scottish slate in 4mm scale. Mark
  11. Bit more progress, chimneys on - two brick and four with harling.
  12. Thanks, not really thought that far ahead but the layout is portable so I guess it could be at exhibitions. I’d need to actually get it to somewhere approaching finished which is always the hardest part. Mark
  13. Update on the big tenement - basic roof structure now on. Appropriately for a pub roof I had to sacrifice 12 cans on brewdog lager to build it! Just needs slates to the pitches, zinc flat section, rooflight and chimneys now. Mark
  14. It looks great and certainly robustly built! Cheers for all info on materials. Mark
  15. And those rainwater downpipes? They’re spot on.. What scale are you working in? Thanks Mark
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