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  1. They were printed to order, however with the weather being generally colder, printing is more difficult. Requests were made via
  2. Part of the prototype for comparison:
  3. Having checked that Graham was talking about a Mono machine, you are correct, my settings do not apply.
  4. Your problem is likely to be the temperature you are printing at. At times like these I preheat my resin, build plate and VAT on a radiator until nice and warm then use a heat gun to warm up the interior of the machine and screen. I also increase the exposure times of the bottom layers. If you are attempting to print the supplied test file, which I assume is already sliced you may need to open it in the Photon File Validator and change the settings before saving it. For Anycubic resin I am currently using 90s bottom exposure.
  5. A lot depends on what you are wanting to print. I have an Anycubic Photon (Original Generation) hence this thread. I do find the small size of the print volume can be limiting. I managed to print the 4mm LNER V2 body on the Photon but had to split the model into two halves to print. Likewise a 4mm coach might need splitting. This may, or may not, be a bad thing. By splitting in two I can orientate the two halves so the main supports go to the ends at the join leaving the detailed front and cabs requiring minimal support. If I printed the body in one piece then supports might be more difficult.
  6. It is not just magazines that have suffered this "dumbing down" (I think Your Model Railway started the trend). One of my pet hates is TV documentaries which start the episode telling you what is going to be covered for the rest of the program then when ad breaks occur have a "coming up" segment before the break, then a recap after the break and finally a "next time" at the end.
  7. True but there is evidence of other supports already removed so not quite as originally shown.
  8. Lets wait and see how it prints first ;-) One must remember that these are N Gauge so the gap between supports is far less than it would be for 4mm.
  9. Wow, that is putting me to shame.
  10. I note a beta version of Chitubox that supports the Mono X is imminent.
  11. None of the above are correct. Should be like this:
  12. The prototype has a strengthening plate around the axlebox.
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