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  1. I don't have a lot in the way of photos being mainly a carriage person but I do have these if of use: B1: N2: Henry Oakley: A1 GA: J6 GA:
  2. Armed with that information these might help as well:
  3. For the V2s the door stop was built in to the door hinges.
  4. I started a crosskit earlier in the year using Comet Gresely D186 sides with an MJT floorpan. To achieve a removable floor and fixed roof I did the following. Marked and drilled a mounting hole in each end of the floorpan: The ends were snapped off and a length of brass angle soldered on including a brass nut: The ends could then be screwed to the floorpan simulating the original floorpan design albeit with removable ends: The Comet sides had a length of brass strip soldered to along the top edge to act as a straightener and giv
  5. Evostik is usually the glue to use. Beware extremes of temperature as the brass and plastic will expand at different rates and may result in fracturing the super glued joint. Evostik has a bit more give in it.
  6. On the V2 the gap between top of frame and footplate is joined by a "fillet". It is this fillet that has the splashers. So the wheels would not have been visible from looking down on the footplate:
  7. With respect to the ink running you could try cutting the transfers first then spraying (making sure they do not blow away). This should help seal the edges from bleeding.
  8. I think the 'cylindrical things' are the cowls for the boiler and stove. Probably these:
  9. Before people start incorrectly referring to these as Monsoon ventilators this is what an LNER Monsoon Ventilator looks like: The vent you are referring to is a Extractor Fan Zinc Cowl. I have (I think) posted a drawing of these previously but havn't a clue where.
  10. So they are. I did read the earlier posts as well so should have spotted them.
  11. The rear drivers have a different type of spring:
  12. Compared to the photos that cab looks too tall unless it is necessary for clearance. Is the roof profile different from the loco cab?
  13. Photos on Flickr suggest it is a strap that is bolted to the top of the tanks.
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