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  1. For those with Mono Xs, Anycubic have released a new firmware release (3.5.4) which it is claimed resolves the working of AA. Unfortunately I am not in a position to test this for the foreseeable future so would be interested in any other's experience with it.
  2. The front smokebox door hinges are also missing the distinctive "horns" that limit the opening: In fairness to Gilbert I guess we should be commenting on this model in a Bachmann thread rather than clutter up Peterborough North.
  3. The original Hornby Gresley's were introduced at a time they also introduced GWR, LMS and SR coaches using the same underframes, interiors and bogies. Only the bodies and ends were region specific. From memory the models were all fitted with BR Mk1 bogies. At a later point in time Hornby produced and fitted more accurate Gresley style bogies. I suspect if you search for them on ebay you will find some.
  4. Inkscape never pretends to be CAD rather a graphics program. Having said that I have used it to produce both accurate 2D drawings and etching artwork. @chris p bacon also uses it for etching artwork. At the end of the day use whichever piece of software suits you that can be imported into Silhouette Studio. In Inkscape the x,y location of an object does not appear when you first draw the object but rather when you select it, then the x,y coordinate appears in the toolbar.
  5. Montana Gold? https://www.montana-cans.com/en/spray-cans/montana-spray-paint/gold-400ml-artist-paint/
  6. Harris states black ends were introduced after 1925 so technically teak ends would be valid depending on what time the preserved set is supposed to represent.
  7. Especially when they get the "R" wrong ;-)
  8. I suspect the problem is the sides rather than the transfers. It looks as if the vertical beading on the lower panels is not located correctly.
  9. Fox do some correct size lettering: https://www.fox-transfers.co.uk/transfers/lner-teak-coach-branding-79095 They provide the branding "SLEEPING CAR", "BUFFET CAR" and "RESTAURANT CAR". Providing you choose a Sentinel name that is using the same letters they should provide a solution.
  10. Hard to tell without seeing a larger image but it could be an optical illusion. The prototype was lined with primrose but had a thin red line alongside the primrose which may look orange at a distance.
  11. And these: https://www.mobablog.info/blog.php?id=2643
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