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  1. I do a detailing kit if you want to go that far: https://www.shapeways.com/product/AS9BF4KHM/lima-j50-upgade-kit?optionId=137418314&li=shops
  2. That print looks pretty good. Hard to tell from the supplied image but you might try a couple more supports in the corner:
  3. When you print with supports and get distortions what angle are you printing at? If you are printing at an angle it might be worth printing a cube of known dimensions and then see if some form of calibration adjustment is necessary or try cleaning the lead screw and relubricate.
  4. I would expect the layer lines to be circular which they are not which suggests none are cylindrical. No idea regarding the hole.
  5. A lot of people have problems with photon workshop and don't think a lot of it. Personally I use Chitubox v1.8.1. Chitubox includes some validation capability but UV Tools is worth getting being free.
  6. I think your dimensions are a bit out. LNER cross section below:
  7. You may find that just reslicing it solves the issue but the other aspects are worth checking as they don't take long compared to a failed print. Good luck and we hope to hear of any progress.
  8. Not quite what I said. You need to open the sliced file rather than the source stl. Chitubox, Photon Workshop and UVTools can all be used to do this. THis will show whether the artifacts are caused by the slicer. It might be worth turning off any anti-aliasing/blur settings if used as some slicers are currently having trouble with them. Given the stl slices and prints correctly on other printers why would the problem be in the CAD? Duncan mentions in his query the fact he already printed at 45 degrees. 0.051 layer height sounds odd and might suggest
  9. Very strange. No obvious explanation but in the absence of any other suggestions I wonder if there is a slicing error. Are you able to open the sliced file to check the individual layers for signs of the issue?
  10. I had a look at that and the basic figures are nicely detailed though lost at 4mm scale. To be honest for $68 it did not give me anything more than I could do with MakeHuman.
  11. Are you referring to exporting from Blender as an STL? All objects in Blender will export as a single STL which can then be imported into Chitubox as a single entity. It does not matter whether they are on a layer, the layer is visible or not, or the object is visible or not, they will ALL export. If you want separate objects you will have to copy the blend file and delete all but the ones you want and then export that.
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