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  1. Thanks Steve, those are exactly the tests we need done. There appear to be mixed feelings about the AA feature as it can make detail less sharp so it will be interesting how you get on.
  2. This is the result of applying the high contrast display update:
  3. Well, I have now installed it and can now read the display easily so well worth the effort.
  4. I am sure I am not the only one to find the LCD control panel hard to read especially the time remaining for the current print job. Well it seems there is now a high contrast software upgrade available which I will download and install later: https://github.com/Photonsters/photon-ui-mods/blob/master/README.md?fbclid=IwAR0tQORVO9DKD-RyfRQMDLd5kXEjW2kCrXrM92Jzj1XWtUAlJ-GWPXUsOgc
  5. As you say the mouldings are slightly soft when removed from the build plate. I do find they sometimes flex during removal but seem to straighted themselves out soon afterwards. I use Methylated Spirits exclusively which I find seems to work just as well. Most of my prints stay straight but I have experienced some that warp irrespective of how they are treated post printing. Warping can be caused by inequalities in the volumes of the printed items, or unequal post cure times. Normally I separate the prints from their support structure immediately before final curing but for items that warp it might be worth leaving them attached and post cure first. I have only ever used the plastic spatula that came with the machine to remove prints As an aside I have just ordered my 4th litre of Anycubic resin and Amazon currently have it with £3 off until June 6th..
  6. A couple of years ago I produced 3D models of a Greley Domed Roof end and carriage end. I really struggled with the roof end but recently had a brainwave and finally managed to complete the model. My Photon has been idle for a few weeks so was brought back online and the ends and domes printed: I have some stepping occurring on the tip of the domed ends but this could be sorted with a little filler. At this point in time I have not upgraded my machine with the firmware to include antialiasing. Having printed the items separately the obvious next step was to print them as a single entity and I am really pleased how they turned out: The interior though is not so neat: The ends were designed to match a MJT Aluminuium Roof and the fit is quite good: As an experiment I also tried printing a section of roof but managed to break it separating it from the support. Surprisingly it has not warped so far but it does need to be thickened but I think I will stay with the Aluminium Roof.
  7. The bogie centres should be 9'0" from the headstocks with 43'6" centres assuming I have the right diagram.
  8. Working on them: https://www.lner.info/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2443&start=4875#p132140
  9. I have redesigned the parts to be of even thickness (which has thickened them up in the process) and they are much better. There is a very minor warp which I am sure can be teased out. As you say, this would imply the problem is geometry related.
  10. You are absolutely correct for Full Brakes. My mistake.
  11. I noticed the clever way you did the alarm gear on the roof ends using what appear to be handrail knobs. For reference the gear was only ever present on one end, not both. Nice coach though.
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