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  1. Forget the Cargowaggons. The Tesco bag steals the show!
  2. Hi All, Does anyone have any insight as to when these might be due? I am contemplating whether to put in an order or not. Thanks, Rich.
  3. Hi Fran, Absolutely echoed on VE day. A good decision to run the Inners on these then. All versions look great. For such a heavyweight wagon amongst wagons it's a surprise they haven't been produced to such a standard before now but hopefully you can capitalise. I presume the grey needs to be darker maybe? They look a little bluey on the photos but that maybe just the light. Good luck with their production. Rich.
  4. Yes sorry I did mean Salmons - too much watching dolphin cartoons and lack of sleep with my baby boy these days!
  5. Super times for a Tractor modeller. I think Bachmanns days look very numbered for the new class 37 market with these sorts of models coming on stream. 051 on my radar... if we could just complete the rest of the ML Dolphin era fleet I would be most grateful ! 010, 037, 049, 099, 111. 145, 370, 373 and 379 at some stage too. ;). Then we can move onto ED 37/4's !
  6. Key question Simon is can you basically have a couple of trains running all the time while you work now?!
  7. Thanks Cav, useful to know. Just wondering whether to stagger purchases over time to lighten the immediate load. (Not too concerned about running numbers although the variety of different decal combinations on the Rails editions is a nice touch). Hope you are seeing some decent demand for what looks a great model.
  8. These look super. I too have acquired a handful of BAAs on the cheap so am looking to overrun them in numbers with BBAs. Just need a layout next! Could one of you chaps tell me the specifics of the production run. Are you looking at doing one run or more? I can see I can get 6 different running numbers from Rails but are there going to be other wagons in the run too or is 6 different as good as it gets? Thanks, Rich.
  9. Plenty of photos of 47063 in TLC livery on Flickr at the top of ARC pga wagons so must have found it's way on top of PTAs whilst in that pool too.
  10. A third vote for that. Someone really needs to do a Class 303 in this new decade. I'd buy a pair that's for sure, not that I even have any wires up yet!
  11. It wasn't me that gave you the lead for the 124, that credit goes somewhere else. But I did kick off that important discussion regarding the rolling stock. ;-)
  12. Wow... didn't realise how much work you had to do on the basement.... building the walls etc. Great spot you found to house it all though. As always I am in awe of your dedication over 4 years. It will all be worth it. That pointwork on the main junction is something else. What's the biggest highlight and low light so far would you say? Any joy with the Class 110 or 124 enquiries? They would really compliment the era of running.
  13. I know this is the scenery section on the RMweb Simon but as you are starting to see the end in sight and mentioning the rolling stock then is there any sneaky insights into the stock that will be running? Is it too early for that or is it largely to remain under wraps? We've had a little glimpse of the MGRs and Cargowaggons and you've mentioned the double headed 56s on tanks? I am intrigued to know just how many vans will be on the Heaton - Red Bank?! As per comments before the scale and detail of this is immensely impressive and the dedication even more so. It really is coming together now with the dive under taking shape. Rich.
  14. Been following this thread for a while now and this shot really does bring it all together. The crossovers alongside the other 2 track section together with a few freights in the distance really does do this justice now. It is looking awesome and I have nothing but huge respect for your dedication to this Simon. Is the decision a recent one to run 2 eras? I thought you were always dedicated to the mid 80s (which by the way most suits this location I would say). I grew up with memories as a young kid of Healey Mills and Tinsley in the early 80s. Class 40s in their twilight years and all that. Having enough stock choices for 28 or more train lengths in one era (including shorter formations) could be a challenge mind?!
  15. Thanks! I am a bit of a wagon geek but not enough of one to know if they were on both sides on the prototype. I suspect not as photos seem to contain a mixture. Will be popping along to the GETS to have a look in the flesh. :).
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