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  1. You can't win sometimes with the modelling crowd as is evidenced by some of the silly facebook comments about the prices! As you rightly point out the prices and features compared to the competition represent great value for money which I think is what most modellers look for. They will pay the money if it is value for money. If you want railroad go buy it, or buy some second hand ones on eBay. For what it's worth I think probably over 75% who know Accurascale models so far will be very much brand loyal and would buy into a 2a product even if it is duplication because they want the higher fidelity and features / compatibility. As you say though the best way is to buy some 2bs (and 2cs!) first!
  2. Tricky one. I am sure quite a segment of customers would love the complimentary 2a's particularly with the new features and close coupling etc. A lot would ditch their Bachmann ones for the extra features I am sure (I know I would). But it comes down to commercials for Accurascale and they probably believe in the short to medium term there is more to go at with other segments of the market where there are no models. The 2a market will by definition be smaller because of other manufacturers previously doing them.
  3. There is certainly some ;-) going on on the Facebook comments when mk2c was mentioned. I don't think you will be far wrong with the whole lot being done in good time especially re; lighting and coupling points.
  4. That's a good library of P5s! Really keen to dig mine out next time I get the opportunity for many bits of info.
  5. Thanks Fran. Echoing SRyans comments from earlier it's this kind of enthusiasm and engagement that really makes Accurascale announcements and products rise head and shoulders above the majority of the competition. These are a wonderful addition. The detail and price is great. Is Wickham Green calling the IS ones into question? But still a few at Polmadie? Ultimately I am not too bothered about strict accuracy but always nice to know the gen! Rich.
  6. Great Info. Still got my Platform 5s somewhere but they are 200 miles away currently. Any ideas if they were still around by 1990? Planning on running all manner of loco-hauled in lieu of the teething problems with Sprinterisation that occurred in 89/90 and wondering whether to get any. Rich.
  7. 100%. About the best looking EMU there is and lasted well too. Some went to GMPTE too as I recall.
  8. Surely the 313/314/315, 507/508 family needs picking off. The Glasgow Blue Train is a great looking unit to model. ;-). I can well think a 40 will be in the mix. A cult and legendary engine.
  9. I'm thinking my largest Fiddle Yard siding can 'just about' accommodate this. 46 of the rebodied required at some stage Fran! (Oh and the 3 x 37 would be nice too!). Complete with an ill health smoking box and badly applied large logo numbers for 145 please!
  10. Totally agree Cameron. I hope this doesn't stop people buying the Cavalex version too as their offerings are top notch. I am sure there is room for both. I used to have 32 Railroad from the red box guys and these were getting quite keen prices last year so I had the foresight to offload them at over £10 a go in anticipation of these. The extra £12 for a Champions League wagon versus a League 2 wagon is a no brainer. Rich.
  11. Yes I am in no hurry and really at £7+ per wagon cheaper than the competition (after the 10% discount) then you are looking at quite a saving if you want the full length rake. More than enough to buy the loco that hauls them anyway! Rich.
  12. They are quoted as 1997 onwards so if @IRC is modelling 89 then he probably needs to wait for a future run of yellow cradles with the sector black diamond logos?
  13. And advice welcome on this topic for 1989 / 1990 too. I can't recall back then seeing too many as-built versions of what became the HAA around at that time i.e. still with the 4 cross bars inside the top of the canopy. (Per packs 2560 and 2561). Had a look around at photos from 89/90 and all the empty views I can make out are rebodied with the rivets on the upper bodyside. A couple of photos below (credit Kevin Payne and Jeremy Gould). https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/41890212335/in/photolist-26PGhGg https://www.flickr.com/photos/jezgould/6581648505/in/photolist-2jqANE6-2kW9YNK-2kUMebr-ytg2Kr-2iiZb67-2kxm1x3-dfavPw-a3Yi1s-9Ms6NL-9Dwu36-gRKPe5-b5XHxk-bMpdWz-bgfChp-PXCRJN-rNdAMJ-9DuQ6D-dqfAAM-9Dznwm-b2AENn-cfzzn5-9q5tTY-9q5JMy-9wu2eb-bsqYLH-9Dzdj9-9q2tnk So any views and help is most welcome. Are those modelling that period really best to wait for the rebodied HAAs in red / yellow coal sector livery? Stunning announcement by the way from Accurascale. The variety and attention to detail is clearly painstaking and at a price point that is excellent in this market.
  14. Thanks Mark. Much appreciated. I am assuming these are examples of the wagons on this photo (credit Michael J Collins) in '89? https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/24442878848/in/photolist-DeW9iE And in 90 at Mossend Yard 11/12 seconds in. (Credit Lowlandlocomotives) Thanks, Richard.
  15. Great announcement. These look really good and are a definite gap for a couple of eras. I am modelling Scotland / Motherwell area in 1990. From the look of photos and video on the WCML at that time it seems the china clay ones in Speedlink trains were probably still a mix of unbranded with a few in ECC blue. Can anyone offer any further insight?
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