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  1. Very much so on the Scotrail Mk2a! Maybe 2022!
  2. I'll guess at a re-arrangement of letters to one of Accurascales existing models. And to carry some more of the black diamonds that powered Britain. The FPA coal container. :-).
  3. I am interested in the Mk3 sleepers but does anyone have any idea how much of an update on the old Lima model they are / are they based on that?
  4. 36 was always the rake length I observed over a number of years on the Yorkshire coalfields (to and from Drax / Eggborough and Ferrybridge) Was sometimes longer I think in Nottinghamshire / Midlands / Toton area (42?). I did visit S Wales (Aberthaw circuit) a few times but can't recall typical lengths there. Hunterston to Ravenscraig used 46 (expensive!). Great era.
  5. Do you model a particular region? Orange and Grey were mostly seen in traffic on flows to Ravenscraig (Glasgow) from Hunterston (longer rakes of wagons) or Hardendale / Thrislington as shorter rakes of around 10 wagons (see photo links below). Still often double headed though because of the gradients and loads involved. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/14138230475/in/photolist-RDSasy-QtNBBF-nxm8mp-26uK8Cs-QWYvxw-2iMYuKe-FckGVt-RZTTuQ-e8FZ3E-XMQwSE-Psdrgr-pj7wCB-dvUBuw-gqDhwn-LwpDtv-LzUFj9-KNmT47-2iKdgTZ https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie
  6. Great announcement Accurascale. A couple of nice images for the Scottish modeller courtesy of John Dedmans collection. https://www.flickr.com/photos/johndedman/44920901394/in/photolist-2brvmXU-ngnDnM https://www.flickr.com/photos/johndedman/13957462651/in/photolist-2brvmXU-ngnDnM Rich.
  7. Great picture. Classic train. If only someone could produce those wonderful bogie cement wagons... ;-))))
  8. Does anyone know which Scottish ones were the first into Dutch livery and when? I have seen 232 was painted and named towards the end of 1990. I am looking at modelling the Motherwell area in the summer of 1990 and was hoping to sneak one in there.
  9. C&M Models still had some today I think but running out fast.
  10. Forget the Cargowaggons. The Tesco bag steals the show!
  11. Hi All, Does anyone have any insight as to when these might be due? I am contemplating whether to put in an order or not. Thanks, Rich.
  12. Hi Fran, Absolutely echoed on VE day. A good decision to run the Inners on these then. All versions look great. For such a heavyweight wagon amongst wagons it's a surprise they haven't been produced to such a standard before now but hopefully you can capitalise. I presume the grey needs to be darker maybe? They look a little bluey on the photos but that maybe just the light. Good luck with their production. Rich.
  13. Yes sorry I did mean Salmons - too much watching dolphin cartoons and lack of sleep with my baby boy these days!
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