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    I enjoy modelling modern image from 2000 right up to the present day!

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  1. North Glasgow layout, modelling between ‘87 and ‘02 (Strathclyde PTE) 3 platform suburban station, small engineers yard at opposite end of the layout. Previously set to be a modern image layout, but changed due to collected thoughts and interests. track is being set down, expect to see some new stuff over the next few weeks. Enjoy aidan
  2. Having trouble with the website currently guys, picture error :\ really frustrating
  3. Hi all, got pics of the yard now, still a lot to do- e.g: cork underlay should have more done soon after.
  4. Howdy folks, been a while got some new content on the progress of the layout. Work is taking place on the 'greenwood yard' section of the layout. Thought I'd start with the most complex bit and work my way into the station. ** just realised the photos have been deleted f in the chat troops
  5. Wow! Real nice work, loving this lots looks the business.
  6. Fantastic work so far, you just can’t beat a good ScotRail layout!
  7. These buses have been kicking about Glasgow for a while, painted to celebrate 125 years of municipal transport, certainly would be interesting to model!
  8. Just testing out the MRAs on the layout, these bad boys sure are hard to get around corners! Hopefully with larger, less aggressive corners it’ll be better!
  9. Looks amazing! Lots of fine detail and plenty of scratch building, one of my favourite layouts out there. Great work guys. Regards Aidan
  10. Buying some more track soon work will follow!
  11. A present day layout based in North Glasgow featuring lots of modern image rolling stock and ScotRail...
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