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  1. To hold a loose coupling in place. I find a sliver of thin card about 4mm x 3.5mm pushed down between the back of the fishtail and the socket usually works. Used rail tickets make an ideal source of thin card!
  2. Bachmann did actually produce a push-pull version of the 2MT, back in the old split frame days. Though I don't think that it is currently available with the newer updated chassis.
  3. Yes, provided that the external bolt on the gangway doors has been left undone, the guard could open the doors from the inside using his key.
  4. Wickham Green has made a good point, that has puzzled me too, so having trawled a few coaching stock books looking for good photos of the ends of non-mark 1 gangwayed stock, I think I have found the answer. Where there is a gangway, the lamp bracket has been extended outward so as to hold the tail-lamp anything up to a foot away from the end of the coach so that the signalman's view of. the lamp is not blocked by the projecting gangway. It also seems to be a general rule that there was only one lamp-bracket provided which was mounted to the left of the gangway, this certainly seems holds true in my own line of interest of Southern stock.
  5. As the lamp irons are attached on either side of the gangway face-plate and not on the end of the coach body, the left hand bracket being higher than the one on the left. Having this difference in height prevents the lamps being damaged if they are forgotten about when the coaches are pushed together.
  6. A trawl though the Six Bells Junction website has come up with two possibilities. The train could be one or other of two railtours run by the LCGB on 4th April and repeated on the 2nd May 1965. The Wessex Downsman trains were both run over the same route; Waterloo - Reading - Devizes - Bath Spa - Bristol TM - Mangotsfield - Bath Green Park - Bournemouth West - Southampton - Waterloo. The website says that Hall 6963 was used between Reading and Bristol on both occasions. Photos of these railtours show that Bulleid stock was used.
  7. The other locos were a Jinty and 3mt tank, the track was die-cast, I don't remember plastic. Did that come later? Good play value and could be bought from a local toy shop from with pocket money.
  8. I am going to make a huge guess here! The film is Queen for a Day which was based on a American TV quiz show of the same name. The show had contestants who were down on their luck compete to win prizes. The ultimate winner was the contestant whose story was voted as most deserving by the TV audience. My memory of the story is very very hazy but one scene that is stuck in my mind is where the boy is lying seriously ill in hospital with the locomotive tucked into the bed with him. Hopefully this is the film that you are thinking of.
  9. Page 53 of James R Snowden's Metropolitan Railway Rolling Stock has a good photo of the end of a Dreadnought set showing the power jumpers. When Sarah Siddons is in use now there is usually a second loco at the other end of the train, either steam or a Class 20.
  10. A quick glance at Mike King's 'Southern Coaches' book confirms that Bulleid brakes were only ever fitted with one periscope - the Mid-Hants Bulleid has not had one go AWOL as far as I know! The Southern always liked it's coaches in fixed sets with a brake at each end, the guard would ride in the rearmost vehicle. It is the Mk1's that were fitted periscopes facing both ways!
  11. From memory it certainly looks like concrete or some sort of composite material. The wooden flooring is found around the door openings and forms the floor edge that can be seen when the doors are open.
  12. Hi Mier. I am also a forum newbie, one who happens to live about ten minutes walk from the District line. To me, when seen at night, the lights in S stock have a very soft shadow-free slightly yellowish look with no obvious dark corners. Looking at your photos I would agree that the lights could be turned down a shade or two. The headlights ( which are in reality vey bright) and the destination display look just about right to me. Good luck with the layout.
  13. Irwell Press have announced reprint "by popular demand" this month.
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