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  1. Thanks, david, that‘s the kind of useful answer I was expecting. As to Mr Isherwood‘s needlessly superior and totally unhelpful contribution, wouldn‘t it be normal to assume that I had already scoured the internet sources known to me before turning to this forum? Don‘t you have better things to do than write such impolite, snotty, passive-aggressive comments? Poor guy.
  2. OK so this means that in the whole universe of model railroad suppliers there is not a single one who offers 16mm. wheels? I have to cannibalize other models? I cannot believe this.
  3. I would like to replace the plastic tender wheels with metal ones. They are 16 mm. in diameter, spoked. Where can I find these in metal? Thanks in advance!
  4. As I peruse the mentions (hardly discussions; most are just using the chassis for a model of something else) of the above-mentioned Triang, then Hornby product (which, I must admit, in its latest iteration runs quite well), I am amazed that no-one has addressed the problem of the huge, indeed laughable, gap between the 4-2-2’s bogie and the frame in the model. Daylight under the boiler is one thing, but this ...! Why no protests, while a tiny wrong angle in the Oxfordrail Dean goods leads to hysterical crusades?
  5. I am happy to report that the beautiful Stirling did arrive a few days ago. I am delighted with the model (its instruction booklet is a laff-riot!) and with Locomotion Models’ help with my problem. Thank you!
  6. Yes it‘s joking Neo-Latin, not archaic or classical, quite a well-known scurrilous ludicrosity. illigitimis is dative plural, as is normal for the agent with a gerund. It continues the proto-indo-european thematic instrumental in *-o:ys, itself quite a problematic ending. I must say I like this forum very much and enjoy the members‘ humor!
  7. I was intending to withdraw from this discussion, which I shall anon, but since you people are evidently fans of „close reading“, a few comments are in order first. 1. „A little politeness goes a long way“: in my posts occur the words „please, excuse me, thank you“ and „sorry“ (the last two twice). In the replies occur, referring to me, the expressions „ranting and raving (twice—once referring to my extremely bland first post!), making a fool of yourself, barging in (cough — you mean posting on a topic that has already come up twice before and was resolved, which gave me hope that
  8. Thank you Mr. Lovett, my frown has given way to a smile. As to the two preceding comments, I would mention that the upside to complaints is that problems get corrected. That was evidently the case for the two above-mentioned previous complainants (plaintiffs?), and it was their precedent which encouraged me to rage about a bit here—and lo, I‘ll soon get my beautiful Stirling. I understand the importance of a non-hostile environment and tone, but I wouldn‘t have had to freak out had the normal channels availed. I mean, Locomotion is not Hatton‘s—how many orders can they get per d
  9. It‘s amazing that people reply to a post without reading it. Yes I did mis-state the month, but given that it was followed by „i.e. three weeks ago“, I should have thought the error was self-correcting. Thanks for the info about the website, phil-b, but I have already said twice that I have tried that. I always thought PM meant prime minister, especially in England. Sorry about the ranting, but a look at the posts „Is there anyone there at Locomotion“ and „Ordering from Locomotion“ shows that I am not alone with these problems, which surprise me since I thought I was dealing with some kin
  10. sorry, in my despair I wrongly wrote July 24 when I meant June 24, i.e. three weeks ago
  11. You already have my contact details, both on my order and on the contact message I sent to your website. There are two other posts just recently above on the same problem, that‘s why I decided to write here. I don‘t want to be contacted, I want my Sterling single, which has long been paid for.
  12. Excuse me but as I said I ordered it on july 24, i.e. 3 weeks ago. You acknowledged my order the same day as nr. 51KOXG1T107436. I first queried by replying to the acknowledgement — as the beatles said, no reply — and then again using the contact button on your website. My name is george dunkel. I have no Idea what you mean about 12 months or a PM. Thank you for any help you can provide and I hope the same doesn‘t happen with my order for the Terrier.
  13. I see that I am not the first to complain about this. Ordered the stirling single on July 24. received acknowledgement. shipment never confirmed. two emails not answered, although my payment was speedily accepted. unprofessional. please help!
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