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  1. had to look twice but i am indeed in the deltic gathering pic at shildon out of all the videos haha
  2. well bought one to shunt stock in my station and i must say disappointed, find there is little weight and wont even pull 4 mk1s on a straight piece of track that's flat so dog doo doo. think one to add to the get rid of pile, must say Bachmann are really disappointing me recently.
  3. im all honesty fran as a pointer i did use to work on 002 and have lots of really obscure pictures of it if there is anything i can help with it in green
  4. so i made a start on the new layout and coming together nicely more to follow, been slowed by point motors the hands arnt as steady as they used to be since ms came along hopfully finish this level and make a start on the upper station and depot sections.
  5. after giving many years, blood, sweat and tears on the real one i can't wait to see koyli in press green hoping you maybe bring it out in blue then i can have all three
  6. some i belive where down to footsteps, again if i remember right it hit a platform at one time or two
  7. remember a tour with 22 where we hit 115 mph so it does happen
  8. so gordon with no engines hahaha and just for record i havn't "heard" anything regarding paint on the dps ones.
  9. so after been told off i thought id give this a start. over the past year we have seen many models come out or be announced some we are very happy about some are well far from the mark so lets have a bit of a Wishlist who knows it maybe helpful to the a team to see what would be liked. ill start with a class 20/3 and/ or class 50 if these came out well i could see 50 50s one my layout
  10. don't mention another manufacturer you will get told that it's wrong to do and don't mention the price thats enough to get you shot
  11. thought a well known company couldn't get them working because of cough cough space, PLEASE FRAN ill even sell my soul to the devil if that's what it takes to get a 20/3 i just want to recreate Malton train station with them chirping away haha
  12. can its be the 20/3 please as another manufacturer seems to think they cant put lights on hahahahahahaha
  13. so i built a layout to just brush up a few skills and well the layout got very boring very quickly, so gone is simpleton jct and now comes well i don't know yet hahahaha just waiting on a delivery of track but a few photos here show some of the working out, i think the incline may need a little work but this is a day to be spent soon to finalise, any recommendations would be helpful, i will upload a drawing of what sections are planned for what.
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