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  1. To add to that a little, there are manufacturers who have made things RTR and got them wrong. As a rather extreme (and irrelevant to nearly everyone) example, Thomas has been made by both Hornby and Bachmann and neither got it right with their main range (00). There's also the Oxford Dean Goods and Hornby Stroudleys (yes, I know that was intentional). Also, depending on where you look, kit wagons can be cheaper than RTR, and I actually built my first one ever today because of that. There are still incentives out there for kit and scratchbuilding.
  2. Thanks for the help, everyone! I'm glad that there is a fix for this.
  3. Hi everyone! I recently purchased a High Level gearbox kit, and the worm gear is just loose enough on the motor's drive shaft that I can slide it around. I'm sure that that's not ideal, so I was wondering if you had any advice on how to fix it? I thought about soldering, but I'm not sure if that could cause problems for the motor, so maybe some kind of glue would be better? Thanks for any help you can give!
  4. I think if Duncan's there, Rusty would be, too. I'm pretty sure they were introduced in the same book.
  5. Does this mean it'll be available worldwide? If so, that'll make it easier to get one.
  6. This looks really good! I love the way you weathered the track and the boardwalk!
  7. That last photo with Sir Handel is so atmospheric! Autumn is my favorite season, so seeing the few red/orange trees looks amazing in my opinion!
  8. You're really making me want to get some bolster wagon kits! The whole layout looks great, and it currently reminds me of mountains where I live!
  9. Hey everyone, I noticed that no one has talked about this yet, so I'm not sure how many of you know, but Bachmann revealed their first prototype of Peter Sam in a video yesterday, with better quality pictures today! While he is mostly based on his CGI model, there are some details that aren't on the render, that are on Edward Thomas. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. One thing I did notice was that the rear wheel is forward of where it was on the CGI model, which appears to be accurate for Edward Thomas. He also has added steps under the cab. Also, you can't see it here, but the cab is partially blacked out over the rear wheel (as if the firebox extends to the back of the cab), which is apparently because the rear wheels will be powered as well (it wasn't quite clear in the video). If that's true, it will be nice, because it will help avoid the problem that Skarloey had with traction. What do you guys think of the model? The Facebook concensus appears to be split between "junk toy" and "it'll be fairly good". Most people are upset about the lack of daylight under the boiler. Overall, I like it, because it appears to be a similar style to how they did Rheneas, which is currently my favorite model in the range. Edit: Oh, and the pistons are accurate to Edward Thomas, rather than the CGI render, which is a nice detail.
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