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  1. Hi Robert. I think you've been quite rude to be honest. Like others have said, it's not about having the "Balls" but rather you put a vague post out and waited for people to come to you. 'If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain' There are people on here that do commisions etc, you just have to find them.... not he other way around. It's not a hard livery to do. I did it the police 37 around a similar age, ,maybe a tad older than your son. It could be a nice project for you both to do together, seeing as though the paints you'll need are available at Halfords, and some good lining/painters tape. I carefully painted the "Police" on my 37. If I had the time, effort or inclination again, I'd use transfers. Transfers wise there are Fox who do general lettering. I suggest looking on their site for the ones you need. Good Luck "Mallard gets pulled for speeding"
  2. As LMS2968 says, it was a failed 25 and 47 on a ballast train. Knew I'd heard it somewhere, scoured YouTube but eventually found a link to where I'd heard the story. Have included original tweet details, but here's a pic of the event: For those of you who remember the Thomas Series books, a real "Enterprising Engines" Moment!
  3. Thank you kindly! Very useful information
  4. Hi all, Currently researching Conflat containers, and their various codes, simply put, what do they mean, and what did they carry? For instance, I've seen AF, which I'm pretty sure is frozen meat/fish And BD, BK, FM and AX but unsure what they carried? I've looked on Paul Bartletts website and found plenty of examples, and some interesting loads... but none with their doors open so I can see inside! Any help would be appreciated Kind regards
  5. Thanks all for your wonderful pics and replies! Will be taking some inspiration from the track plans too!
  6. Hi all, I'm currently planning a layout at the end of a branchline, and as such, am looking forward to the peco doubleslip bullhead points they're hopefully bringing out later this year A quick questions if I may. as it will be mechanical signalling (with rodding and mechanical box) are there any examples of doubleslips being controlled by a mechanical box? Have seen a picture of ones controlled via a groundframe, but I'm stuggling to find pictures of such an example. kind regards
  7. Thanks for the quick reply! Now to make some out of brass rod (when I get that far!)
  8. Hello all! Hoping to pick some of your brains on a boiler pipe. Very common on the right side of locos, usually above the hand rails. My question is, what are they? Why were they fitted? Mad that I've been modelling for nearly 20 years and don't have a clue what they are! (Currently researching the 812 class, some have them and some don't!) I've attached a pic with an arrow to what pipe I'm on about. Thank you for your time.
  9. I've looked in the suitable place to post this topic - this seemed to be the best place. Admins, please move to a better forum/delete if already covered/not appropriate. Lidl are currently selling this display cabinet, rrp £49.99. Perfect for displaying your models. Shelves are a little deeper than other cabinets I've seen, meaning you can display models at an angle. I finished building mine and mounted to the wall today. 11 shelves means plenty of space for your prize models. The lock is an added bonus to stop little hands getting at your models! I apologise for the pics - my camera isn't the greatest and I didn't have any natural light as it's getting dark so early!
  10. Hi all, Whilst doing some repaints of models, and searching for the correct colour, I had found on this site that people used: Humbrol 133 for early freight Bauxite? (Browny red!) And Humbrol 64 for early freight grey. This got me thinking if there are any other humbrol colours people use (obviously they have the acrylic rail range) that are also "railway" colours such as 64 and 133. Does anyone have a list, or can add to the couple I've got? Thank you for taking the time to read! Kind regards
  11. Hello all, This subject has probably been done to death, but I'd like some information please: I run a small shunting (inglenook) layout, where 5 out of 8 wagons at random are selected in formation to be taken away by the locomotive. Anyway, the layout features old MR wagons, And NE wagons, plus others, which are unfitted and fitted repecitvley. Obviously, if this was a big long train, the fitted wagons would always be behind the loco, and the rest at the back with a brake van. Obviously with an inglenook, if you automatically put the fitted stock behind the loco it sort of defeats the "game". So, providing the train had a brake van, would they mix the fitted and unfitted together? For example, a slow goods where wagons are picked up and dropped off? I realise it's a long winded ways of asking, but I wanted to fill you in on how/why I've come to pick your brains! Thank you for your time!
  12. Hello all! I'm in the middle of respraying one of my Locos, and was wet and dry sandpapering (3000 grit) to achieve a smooth finish for applying transfers after a satin coat. Anyway, for whatever reason, I saw a bottle of t-cut I had used earlier to remove transfers. Anyway, I rubbed the t-cut into the body and have a really nice sheen for applying transfers. I assume this is okay to now apply fox transfers over the top and then varnish with a phoeinx satin airbrush thinned varnish? Has anyone any experience with t-cutting and then directly varnishing over? I don't want to finish the lining for it all to go Pete Tong and mess up! Thank you for your time!
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