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  1. They are probably saving that one for Autumn
  2. With Bachmanns announcement of 20314 yesterday I am sure many others like myself purchased 2 x 311 to renumber one of them. It seems to make little sense to release the 2 separately when these locos normally operate as a pair.
  3. Here’s the video of the speaker upgraded 20s in action
  4. I haven’t seen a thread for the HNRC 20s on here, so I thought I would take the opportunity to start one. I received two 20311 this week with a view to getting one renumbered to 20314. Prior to the renumber and Weathering I decided to upgrade the speakers. I have found that the Rail Exclusive Baby Boomer is a perfect fit and the results have surpassed my expectations. I have previously been critical of the Bachmann for not having working marker lights on this model along with the lack of speaker space, I almost cancelled my pre-order because of this. Whilst I am still
  5. 2 HNRC 20/3s have arrived this week. Prior to them being weathered and one being renumbered to 20314 the speakers have been upgraded.
  6. Thanks for another useful video Richard, whilst I have my issues with this model, like you say there is plenty still to like. Despite toying with the idea of cancelling my order for 2 HNRC versions of the 20/3 I have decided to go ahead. I would be interested to know if you have a personal preference on the different sound files you have available.
  7. I guess this short rake is just going to have to get bigger!
  8. Northern 150205 at Platform 2
  9. I wouldn’t particularly expect to be able to fit an EM1/EM2 within the Class 20 body, I was simpIy trying to point out that the speaker limitations would make this model a poor relation to some others sound wise. I got the impression from your videos that there doesn’t appear to be room for anything much more than the double iphone speaker that you opted for. The Rail Exclusives twin boombox would be my speaker of choice for locos that don’t have room for the EMs. I am not particularly a fan of the double iphone speaker myself. I still think the lighting lets down this model badly
  10. I agree that the detail looks great. I just think the lighting issue and the lack of speaker space means that it will sound flimsy compared to others with EM2s in them. I really want a class 20 to be a beast of a loco alongside 37s etc. I suspect this model would need serious and expensive modifications to bring it even close to what we are anticipating with the Deltics and 37s RTR.
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