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  1. I am switching Station signs too to something more traditional looking rather than the Northern Rail signs that were previously in place. This style of sign are still present today in some places and were also present many years ago.
  2. The biggest casualty of my multi era approach to CN is the removal of what was the modern DMU sidings. I really liked this part of the layout and so do many others. Having said that the bigger picture means that it would just not look right in the BR blue era. this means that the cleaning platform, the red walkways and the rows of LED lights have had to go. Something more fitting of an era that may span from 1975 to current day will go into that space.
  3. Good to see this announcement, timed perfectly to coincide with BR an era coming to my layout. I will wait for further information about sound fitted versions before ordering. I can definitely see 3 or more of these arriving at Chesborough North.
  4. A few changes are taking place at CN. I am trying to take a multiple era approach to the layout, allowing anything from BR blue to current day to run on the layout. Detailed planning is underway for this to take place and progress shots will be posted as I go along. Andrew Jebb builder of both CN v1 and CN v2 says I am going through a midlife crisis. Most of Andy’s excellent work will remain in place. Sadly there will be a few casualties along the way including parts of the layout in modern CN that I love. The track plan will remain unchanged on both the scenic and fiddle yard sections.
  5. and another one, I have just received the last 4 so my Steel Coil rake will now be 10 x JSA 3 x BLA and 2 x BZA
  6. Outstanding wagons, A long rake of these are a thing of beauty. one of the best purchases I ever made
  7. 3dprintingcorner.co.uk
  8. That’s right showing in stock on the website
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