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  1. Time for a positive post. I am absolutely delighted with my 4 locos. here’s a video i made earlier.
  2. In the flesh I just see one as brighter than the other so just the photo I think.
  3. I have received 4 today. First impressions are that this is an outstanding model. Still running them in at the moment. The only slight issue being one missing axle box on 66097. The sound quality is way beyond my expectations and an absolute must have on this model. Well done Hattons.
  4. That’s no longer possible, Hattons have suspended their fitting service until further notice.
  5. Really! is it the wrong colour, never noticed
  6. Do you hope to dispatch pre-orders prior to the closure of your dispatch operation announced earlier today? just preparing my credit card for the hit it’s going to take
  7. Here's my current Bachmann version.
  8. How can you say with certainty that the model will be correct? On the photos supplied so far it appears a million miles from correct. Thats why it needs clarification. I don’t have an issue with it being wrong. i just want to know so I can decide whether to order a different one. I am very much looking forward to receiving my Hattons 66s. I actually have 10 on order. That said any models which appear to have big inaccuracies will be changed to versions that don’t. Hattons have my full support with this fantastic project.
  9. Much has been said in the last few posts about the colour of 66623. paint fade is absolutely not the issue here. 413 has always been a light orange, 623 has always been darker Orange and still is. The question relates to whether the wrong colour has been used or is it an issue with the photo of the production model seen in the Youtube video and now on Hattons website. This can easily be resolved if the Hattons 66623 and Hornby 66413 are photographed together as requested by CairnsRoadWorks.
  10. Thanks to Dave for the updates. can you confirm that this is the shade of Orange that 66623 will be supplied in please.
  11. https://www.rainbowrailways.co.uk/Bachmann-class-network-rail-livery-gauge-p-1393.html
  12. Received my couplings this weekend and I am very happy with them. I will definitely be purchasing more. here’s a video i made testing them this afternoon
  13. It would be nice if it was brought up to the high standards set by the new 158/159s, fortunately I have some repaints with the toilet mods on the 150/1 and 150/2 in the current Northern livery. They may just need the Arriva bit removing as stated by others above.
  14. Interesting is this a new tooling or just a new body?
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