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  1. Northern 158869 at Platform 1
  2. GBRf 66762 with an engineering rake.
  3. another one of 66097 with the MMAs along with a busy scene at the TMD showing 37025, 37099, 70813, 37116 and 56094.
  4. An evening shot of the station building
  5. I have had the RHTT set on the layout today with 37407 and 37405
  6. 66783 with FEA-S and JNA Falcons and 60010 with the MMAs
  7. 66783 having its first run at Chesborough North
  8. 150205 is another addition to the Northern Fleet
  9. A couple of Class 60 new arrivals
  10. Well its been a month since I posted and there have been a number of new arrivals. Starting here with a couple of new Northern Units.
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