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  1. Evening all. I've recently built my first signal box kit. I'm wanting to use the signal box in a midland region theme, but don't know which paints and colours match the true midland region scheme. Can anyone help me with this and provide links to products for the paints? Many thanks in advance
  2. Went into Malcs Models in ilkeston on Friday for only the second time. I have to say that it's got to be the best model shop I've been to. The owner is a lovely chap and offers good service, there is plenty of selection and all items are very well priced. Even treated myself to a Hornby Fowler 4F. Really hope there is one equally as good in norfolk when I do move.
  3. Hi all, How did you all go about building your layout in terms of planning? Did you model a real location and do research on the location, or just put the track down and build it? I don't know which way will be best for me with it being my first proper layout I'm building Many thanks in advance
  4. @17A Hi. My mode of transport is by car. Yeah the public transport around Norfolk always seems to be a problem. Especially the train network. I shall check Holt out it's a lovely place to visit. I'm moving to north walsham late September so won't be till then.
  5. @PaulG I certainly will come to Holt station one day. I use to go quite frequently when I was on holiday in the area when I was younger and loved the layout when it was running. Oh nice I'll keep an eye out for your layout feature when it is published
  6. Hi all, I'm going to be moving to north Norfolk later this year, near to the cromer area. Does anyone know of any model railway clubs in north norfolk which are looking for new members? Many thanks in advance
  7. Evening everyone, After an 8 year absence from the hobby, I am finally making a return to this brilliant hobby. I am looking at building a branch line terminus station set in the br blue era between 1970-1980. I'd ideally like to set the location in the midland region but I'm flexible with what region I model. I've got plans to have a goods yard, fuelling point, station (with a bay platform to accomodate multiple passenger services). I was just wondering if anyone could advise me on some typical BR Blue train formations that you could see on a branch line in this era? As well as this, would the station buildings be painted in a blue colour or another colour? Many thanks in advance
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