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  1. If i can remember correctly there is a drawing of him, but it was only just a slight advantage compared to the standard class 28s
  2. think the concept of generic bogie stock has come up a lot so i kinda expect that to happen within the next 10 years?
  3. from what i've seen, the hughes locos were for goods work, and you also have to remember how much bigger a pacific or larger engine is compared to the infrastructure the lms had to work with
  4. would a 4-6-0 duchess look much different from a dreadnought?
  5. yes, they are generics meant to represent those coaches, he is asking for what time period would the lettering be from
  6. i mean a 0-6-0 tank engine that doesn't look like it's from any company could work Edit: or pull a Hornby and make a 2-4-0 or 0-4-2 chassis that can take multiple basic body shells
  7. think we had brought up a 4-4-0 made by beyer peacock or sharp stewart to work with some of the under represented companies
  8. nah, you need small 3 or 4 compartment coaches with a similar envelope and speed whiskers to make it go faster
  9. well, it works with a lack of rtr stuff....or you could go the fun route and say it's a preservation thing
  10. time to make a layout based on this now!
  11. wait, lms red was going to be a standard livery for everything?
  12. i predict.......they will release a train but seriously, i would like to see a pregrouping 4-4-0 and maybe a new version of the lanky pug to go with the other recent 0-4-0st's?
  13. ah nice, a better railway than the midland
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