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  1. BTW, it's based on Crowcombe station.
  2. I've just started scratch building my station building on Bovey Tor, although in card not plastic. As I was so impressed with the work done at Pendon, thought I'd have a go. Am quite pleased with this first building although it's still only 90% finished. Will leave all the small details till after it is bedded in.
  3. Work has begun on the second building on Bovey Tor. The weighbridge office.
  4. Work has begun on the second building on Bovey Tor. The weighbridge office.
  5. Bovey Tor station. I know this is only 90% done but anyway.
  6. Whether it's train operations, loco construction or scenery. We all live this hobby for different reasons. And we all have different goals and abilities also. This is very apparent in model clubs, where various 'experts' are available. But it's quite challenging when you're tasked with doing everything yourself.
  7. I don't think that is cheating. I'm not planning to build any rolling stock for Bovey Tor. Is that cheating? George
  8. BTW, the backdrop is painted on 6mm MDF. I used bendy MDF just for the corners and then used filler to hide the joins. This was a lot of extra work but I am not a big fan of corners in skies. George
  9. Well I’ve only been using oils for 50 years so I can’t really help you. Joking aside, I appreciate your comments. As you know oil paint is versatile. I use a medium to help speed up the drying time. Something like Liquin by W&N, but there are others. I always work quite thinly and prefer to build up my paintings in several layers. And this doesn’t take an age to dry. I've never experienced sticky-ness this way.
  10. Thanks Terry. White card (0.4 x 630 x 960mm -350gms ) I got from my LMS, 4D model shop in east London. Roughly 90% finished I guess. I still have a long to do list: Gutters, drainpipes, window sills, posters, signage, lamps, planters, benches and of course weathering. But I'll leave all that for after the platform is constructed.
  11. Recently finished painting the backdrop using oil paints. I call it 'after the rain'.
  12. I've just started scratch building using the 'Pendon' construction method on Bovey Tor station building. George
  13. The weathering looks very effective. I had to look twice. George
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