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  1. Sunset over Bovey Tor.
  2. Not weathered yet, but all the same, my tribute to someone I knew so briefly. RIP Mick.
  3. Last one from today's shoot.
  4. Further work on this little corner of Dartmoor.
  5. Well no need to get suspicious of me. I have the usual claw- ball pein, a pin hammer, a wooden mallet and a rubber mallet for beating up on IKEA furniture.
  6. But maybe a couple of thumbs.
  7. An elderly lady asks a New York cab driver. "Can you tell me how I can get to Carnegie Hall?" "Lady, you gotta practice."
  8. The same thing happened to me recently. On re reading my post, I realised it could have sounded negative. I immediately contacted the recipient to explain. He was not offended in the slightest, but I'm so glad I checked anyway.
  9. After redundancy in 2016 and before full retirement, I did some freelancing and I also worked as a film extra for a couple of years. The majority of extras are hard working people but unfortunately, I saw a number of people who fit that description. The irony is that about 80% of your time on a film set, is actually sitting around doing nothing. So this small group were determined to hide for the remaining 20%. Go figure.
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