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  1. The best just keeps getting bester! George
  2. I will probably get myself banned by saying this. But I am more into modelling than the railway. And a sleepy bucolic scene like this, just does it for me. George
  3. Oh and the cobbled courtyard looks the business too, nicely weathered. Did you scribe it out of Das? George
  4. The rivers look very convincing. Love the different depths of the water and the way the light dances on the top. What did you use for the water effect? The vegetation along the edge works really well too. On Bovey Tor, we have a long canal winding away along the front edge. I decided to use perspex for the water. Not sure if I'll introduce ripples or not. Like the idea of seeing the narrow boats reflected in the water with reeds and shrubs along the edge. George
  5. Some lovely modelling right there. The scenic work looks excellent. Hope I can achieve something as good on my layout, Bovey Tor. George
  6. Welcome aboard Si. This is an amazing place full of so much useful information. It's like a one stop shop for everything you need to know. BTW, you joined up on my birthday George
  7. I really like the overcast back scene. Works really well with the industrial buildings. George
  8. Welcome to the forum Evan. Not a bad bunch here, have found much useful info around.
  9. Hi Mike and welcome to the forum, as Andrew mentioned, there really is a huge amount of research needed before buying the plywood. Personally, I tried to cover all the bases by making sketches and even making a small mock up of the layout out of card. That's because it's so hard to visualise how everything will come together. Have read about so many layouts that had to be heavily tweaked at a later stage. And sadly, some that were abandoned because they didn't work out as intended. I spent so long trying to figure everything out before building baseboards, that I almost gave up. This damn fine hobby requires so many different skills and abilities. For me, I dreaded the electricery but by reading everything on here, plus watching countless videos online, I managed it.
  10. OK so not a building but cobblestones test for the goods yard area at Bovey Tor.
  11. Yes, they do look ungainly as is. Good point.
  12. Just started laying track after many years absence. What would be the best solution with the tie bars clashing with the other sleepers? Would you cut the tie bar or the sleepers or both?
  13. Good to get so much feedback on this, thanks guys. Even though this is not my first layout, it's the second, in many ways I feel like a beginner. Because that was 25 years ago and so much has changed since then. And the last time I used an airbrush was even longer!
  14. Thanks guys. Didn't think about what curving the track would do.
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