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  1. More ADS-SX arriving end August/early September! (The previous batch was virtually all pre-sold to back orders and the remaining few soon sold out.) Best Regards, The DCCconcepts Team
  2. The DCCconcepts ADS-*SX range are entirely suitable for operating Kato motors. (* is 2/4/8 channels) Fitted with a DCD-SDC adapter on the ADS, converting the 3 wire solenoid output to a 2-wire reversing pulse - for the Kato motor. Best Regards, The DCCconcepts Team
  3. Here's a picture of a Digital IP Cobalt with a right angled adapter - DCP-RA3 (3 pack) It shows above board mounting. For under board, use the same wire, but without the 90 degree bend after the adapter. (And obviously a hole in the baseboard!) Best Regards, The DCCconcepts Team
  4. To clarify the above. Part cost replacement: If there is any form of heat or other damage to the decoder heat-shrink, if the heat-shrink is removed or there has been any soldering or modification to the PCB then it will NOT be treated as a full warranty replacement… However we DO want you to be confident and DO understand accidents happen, so we will replace it for a “part cost” of 50% of our current web price (for a single equivalent) plus return post. We would also require to see original proof of purchase as well as the failed decoder. Best Regards. The DCC Concepts Team
  5. You are correct that the Z21 is giving them both the same number. The Z21 software automatically allocates 2 addresses, but when you try to program the Cobalts with the RUN/SET switch, they only receive the higher address from the Z21 double slip icon as it is effectively a two-step macro. You have to create "dummy" points with the Z21 (with the same two addresses) and then program each motor individually. Then fine-tune the Z21 double slip logic (by altering the 1/0 configuration) until they work correctly. The same solution applies to the 3-way point and also setting Cobalt addresses using the ESU ECoS. It's a foible of the Z21 and ECoS - nothing to do with the Cobalt motors Best Regards, The DCC Concepts Team
  6. To clarify switches on Cobalt motors: The original analog Cobalt motors do not have switches. Original Digital have a programming switch (SET/RUN) on the rear of the terminal block Digital IP have a programming switch next to the terminals Analog IP have a reversing switch next to the terminals (Yes - an analog motor can be reversed by swapping the power leads) Omega Classic have a voltage selector switch next to the terminal block - set to 6-12v or 12-18v. Best Regards The DCCconcepts Team.
  7. Hi Ewan We hope our email to you yesterday was helpful in sorting out your addressing issues. To reiterate addressing of a Cobalt Digital IP motor with any DCC system. (And a few other bits and pieces) (The same addressing procedure applies to AD and ADS decoders, as well as the CBSS surface mount) Connect the motor to the main DCC output of your system. Do not use the program track output. Flick the switch (next to the terminal block) to SET - that is away from the body of the motor. Select accessory control on your system and enter the number you require the motor to be. Send a "change point command" for that number (see below) The motor will not move. Repeat the change point command to ensure the signal has been sent - it does not matter if it is left or right. Flick the switch back to RUN The motor should now obey the normal change commands. Note - special address commands.These only apply to the Digital IP and not the older Digital) Using the above procedure: 197 will reverse the operation of direction. 198 will disable auto centre. 199 will enable auto centre. Auto centre at power up is a useful feature to pre-centre the motors - say when you are re-installing them in another location. They will do a left/right/centre shuffle and then await a normal move command. Auto centre is disabled for current production (and has been for the past 30 months or so). Motors are delivered in the central position from new with address #1 and auto-centre disabled - there is no requirement to carry out a 198 command. (However - our "quick and dirty way to re-centre the motors is to command them to move as normal and then pull power halfway across - no need to use 199 or 198 to cancel afterwards!) You can carry out any of the above commands on multiple motors at the same time. Using 197-199 does not overwrite the original address. And there is no reset of CVs for the Digital motor - there are no CVs to reset! The only variable is the address via the SET/RUN switch. From above - using a DCC system to send the point command - a few examples. With NCE - it's a 1 or 2 after entering the number via the SELECT ACCY key Hornby Elite - use the two large buttons for direction after selecting the accessory number Digitrax - "t" and "c" using the SWITCH to select accessories Roco Z21 and other screen based systems - you will have to configure the point and give it an address in track configuration mode. Then operate the point on the screen - making sure the icon changes left/right. With our own ALpha Central - use the relevant pair of buttons that you want to "pair" with the motor. Roco Z21 (and a couple of other European systems can use an offset of 4 with accessory addressing - RCN213 mode - this normally isn't a problem, as far as the motor is concerned it has seen a valid address - even though it has an offset. It may be that you have to use 201-203 for the special address commands to work. Or select RCN-213 addresing in the setup of your system. Turn Railcom off for addressing - the Railcom pulse can affect the procedure. Also note with Digitrax, we sometimes see irregular programming as the DCC waveform has a slightly rounded leading edge - this can be made worse if there is a lot of equipment connected to the DCC bus. The solution is to address the motors with nothing else connected to the DCC bus. Then they will work perfectly OK when the bus is reconnected to other equipment Please note - any technical queries can be answered via the contact from/email on our website
  8. We strive to improve the product based upon user feedback. (It doesn't always happen immediately, but is taken into consideration when producing the next iteration) The lifetime warranty only applies to the original purchaser on Cobalt motors (the blue ones) with "fair and proper use". It is not always an exchange - we will repair if we can. We will ask for proof of purchase. Note: the lifetime warranty is only applicable to Cobalt motors - not our other products. Second hand and motors and those that have been used with incorrect wiring are not covered for example. We even had a motor with a 6mm hole drilled through the casing as a "warranty claim"! Not true - we have not changed factories. We did see a delay due to Covid-19 hitting the factory at a critical point in production. There have been substantial numbers of Cobalt motors through our hands recently - but all were sold out to pre-orders and dealer back orders. The same is true of a batch due quite soon, such as been the increased demand as people have had more time to build model railways! We have already allocated a proportion of the batch after that to pre-sales. Contact our sales team to ensure your supply! We did have a part batch of Digital IP with an out of specification component that could sometimes cause a loss of address - that is documented elsewhere on RMweb. Reliability of the Analog IP is more to do with the use of regulated power supplies. (It's quite surprising how many people will quite happily spend £100s on new equipment, but insist on using a fifth-hand transformer/rectifier unit from the 1960s that gives out weird and wonderful voltages)
  9. Please note - the above information is out of date. It was based upon a communication from January! The current batch of ADS-8SX has now sold out from ourselves - some will still be available via our dealers. We do have some ADS-2SX and ADS-4SX left, but they are selling rapidly. Regards. The DCC Concepts Team.
  10. As above, there was an issue with the internal motor supply that caused issues last year. This has been resolved. The last batch of 4000 or so that arrived in January 2020 sold out with 2 weeks - catching up with back orders and also new orders once people learned that they were available again. The current batch of 4000 has been delayed by Covid-19, but isn't too far away. Note - due to increased demand with people having more time to build their railway (probably because of Covid-19), we have almost pre-sold/allocated all of this batch! The DCC Concepts Team.
  11. Hi Will, We notice from your Bisley thread - you were using the original analog classic motor - 8 terminals - powered with a DR4018/DR4101 combination and it was "buzzing". It is possible that there may be an issue with the output from the DR4018 and it may have damaged the Cobalt. (overdriving the gears) It is noted that you now use Digitrax DS64s instead to operate your analog motors. We are officially closed over this weekend, but still keeping a lookout! Contact us via our email next week and we'll see what we can do to help - gear issues are usually fixable. Best Regards, The DCC Concepts Team.
  12. Because many (if not most!) track shorts are caused by accidental run-through at points, adding an inductive load between the frog and the frog terminal on the Digital IP - will reduce the instance of the spike in this instance and thus "protect" the Digital IP that have the memory issue. A 21w filament car light bulb is a very suitable device! Best Regards, The DCC Team
  13. Hi All, Trust you are keeping as well as you can under the current lockdown. DCC Concepts are still trading via online and telephone orders. Please bear with us if your order takes a little longer as we are operating under minimal staff levels and in accordance with distancing/isolation policies. Note: we will be closed over the forthcoming Easter Weekend. Keep modelling. The DCC Concepts Team
  14. We currently cannot give a date when the next batch will be with us. But we will publicise it when they arrive. Best Regards, The DCC Team
  15. Hi Russell, Yes - a DCCconcepts AD8FX can accept 2x Tortoises on one output for a crossover pair. It is also 8 discrete channels - all individually addressable. It does not have Railcom capability, but if you change the point from your ECoS, the ECoS display will mirror that command. If you are not using Railcom, then no issues anyway. Best Regards, The DCC Team.
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