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  1. I know with world logistics still being unpredictable this might be a daft question but do we have an estimated arrival date for these? Its just with Christmas coming up it'll be good for working out budget.
  2. Ah, if that was in the Pullman dinner then it'll hurt having it out of action too long. Lucky we are at the end of the season.
  3. Dapol have just announced they are returning their N gauge Class 50 and highlighted the delays in shipping will push them back to Q1 next year. Not been a lucky few months for them with shipping.
  4. I like the Bluebell approach of two sites running, one general and one more detailed
  5. dread to think the amount of asbestos removal required if they did try to rebuild to run
  6. Wasnt it a class 20 involved last time?
  7. Surprised it had gone that long and not been looked at for preservation.
  8. Making my first trip to the railway this weekend for the Gala so any tips gratefully received
  9. Birdcages for me Lovely looking coaches.
  10. Been a lot of it happening recently at various railways
  11. I also like the fact they have thought of those who would want to rob the running gear for other engines. Shows an understanding of the 009 market (and keeping an eye on how to sell more)
  12. Sadly the aging volunteer base is hitting many hobbies now. A couple of local drama clubs have wound up because no new blood could commit to the rehearsals and I bring the average age of our model club down by a couple of decades.
  13. They do look good I shall have to get on and build the layout now
  14. The photos did their job as i ended up ordering a grey to go with the maroon one :S
  15. Just catching up on this thread which has certainly included some useful bits. Pre orders are now filled out and like others I have re added addresses etc The website is now a much cleaner experience, especially on mobile browsers so well done all at Rails.
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